Vin Rock Says Treach Dictates Naughty By Nature's Future

Exclusive: "He doesn't want to tour with me anymore," Vin Rock says of Treach.

Vin Rock says that Naughty By Nature’s performance at the Masters of Ceremony Hip Hop Reunion concert at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles last month was among the final ones it appears the group will perform together.

“This is one of our last few dates based on Treach’s mandate,” Vin Rock says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX that debuted in the DX Daily today (August 12). "He doesn’t want to tour with me anymore. You’ll see attempted configurations, [him] out there by himself, some with Kay [Gee, Naughty By Nature's third member] and let’s see how it works…This is beyond us. Naughty By Nature is like Frankenstein. You can’t control it. We put this energy out there and the people embraced it. It’s not just ours anymore. It’s for the people, so the people have the ultimate say.” 

Vin Rock, whom Treach accused of sucker-punching in a meeting several years ago, says that the group is not treating its fans appropriately in its current state.

“It’s crazy, man,” Vin Rock says. "The energy is crazy. It’s really disrespectful to the fans, man. But I’m in pocket, man. I’m a professional and I’ma do my best to keep this brand together and give the people what they want. There’s no fraction in this thing.”

To watch the Vin Rock interview, watch the following DX Daily: 



  • craig dyer

    Treach is a dope rapper he can it on his own period

  • CAL Boss

    I dunno man. On the Breakfast Club, Kay Gee kinda vouched for nigga Treach on the whole beef shit. I've always liked Naughty by Nature, even though I thought nigga Vin Rock was kinda pussy (no idea why though).

  • RGeezy

    Treach should of went solo years ago. What a missed opportunity..

  • Anonymous

    lmao who are they trying to fool ain't no future for these has been's

  • joe blizzy

    You guys post up the worst video updates. Always have to try buffering and even then it's Still a problem, you guys really need to update the technology on your site.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Treach do you know how many groups hate each other guts, but still perform for their fan base. You can't do it alone Treach. If that's the case retire the brand!!!!!! simple as that

  • minnesota slick

    yoke tha joker

    • minnesota slick

      i bought the tape in 92 at the base px. i remember cause my brother bought house of pain thinkin it was a metal band and he was so fuckin heated that it was rap haha. thanks hater for bringin that memory back. good times

    • RealTalk

      same. one of the first rap groups i got into to. treach one of the greatest to do it. and anon, go n live off the grid in a forest somewhere. world doesn't need racists like you.

    • Word

      That's weird cuz I'm white and been down with opp since 19 naughty 3, never heard of eminem til around 97. First rap concert I ever went to was naughty by nature in the early 90s, hooked ever since, seen them again in 2012 and 2013 they still kill it live even tho there beefin

    • Anonymous

      you white pussys only know about treach and nbn because eminem name dropped him. suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    Whether Treach realizes it or not he needs Vin to keep the product going.

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