Nicki Minaj Responds To Miley Cyrus' "Anaconda" Memes

"No chill ZONE!!!" Minaj writes in response to Miley Cyrus' Instagram posts appropriating the "Anaconda" imagery.

Nicki Minaj responded negatively to a series of images posted by Miley Cyrus over the weekend. On Thursday and Friday, Cyrus posted three images superimposing her own face onto Minaj’sAnaconda” single artwork.

Yesterday (August 10), Minaj reposted one of the images and seemed to chide the young singer for using it as the profile photo on her Twitter account. “Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi,” she wrote (before hashtagging a promotion for her single on iTunes).

Minaj reposted another of Cyrus’ images with the caption “No chill ZONE!!!” after the singer's first post quoted the original lyrics to Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back."

Despite the rapper’s obvious annoyance, Cyrus reposted one of the images today (August 11) while promoting her upcoming running in the VMAs.

Minaj's latest "Anaconda" art releated complaints come just days after she told "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" that some of the memes have "been crossing the line." “They been doing the craziest stuff,” she added. “I done seen Princess Jasmine, Kermit the Frog, Peter Griffin. Everybody you could think of in that pose.”

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  • Anonymous

    nicki is jealous and racist as a KKK member who gets mad when a minority makes the same joke

  • Anonymous

    she knows her ass is flatter than a pancake that's why she photoshopped her head on nicki's ass

  • Sammi

    LOL Nicki is a damn fool, how do you pose like that and in this day and age not expect the internet to run with it? Granted she's done poses just like that but she needs to chill.

  • LMAO

    Crossing the line? Holy shit. Her dumb ass makes that photoshopped bullshit the cover of her single and, people re-photoshopping it is crossing the line? Wow. She's actually dumber than I thought.

  • Custo

    Yeah your a$$ is finally famous, finally famous.

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    the infiltration continues of black popular culture.

  • Anonymous

    What's that sticking out of Miley's ass? Oh, that's just Robin Thicke's dick.

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  • Anonymous

    it works because Nicki was happy for her skin to be lightened for some reason on the cover.

  • Anonymous

    damn these white trash wiggers are wildin'

  • int'l J

    You ain't lying cuz. When are devilish, *like Andre said they call it horny because it's devilish* I love them and can't live without them but these bitch work my nerve

  • Anonymous

    These arent memes they just PARODIES of a picture

  • Watah Melon

    I's doesn't undah stands whys ya'lls sayin' she mad cause she don't seems mad tuh me but what does i know so ima juss sit back an eat dis here watah melon i done bought myself and read some more awticles peace ya'lls gawd and jeezus bless ya'lls

  • Johnny

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    • Anonymous

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    • solofromtoronto

      Are you serious bro

    • Anonymous

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    • white women are the right women

      I agree with the first paragraph Johnny. You lost me with the rest of your post. But the take away from all of this should be you are better off with fit, educated, White women everytime. Stay away from the hoodrats.

    • anon

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    • Anonymous

      shut up white boy.

  • Anonymous

    She wasnt annoyed. WHo writes this. Yall dont get Nicki's sense of humor at all.

  • L

    Miley just needs to go ahead and spend the money on that and a set up top. She need all the help she can get... lol. Everybody looked at her w/ that body and second thought about hittin'... hahhaa

  • Anonymous

    "I done seen Princess Jasmine, Kermit the Frog, Peter Griffin. Everybody you could think of in that pose."

  • Anonymous

    proves that white view blacks as caricatures.

  • Anonymous

    It's ass envy from Miley. She wished she had a booty like Nicki.

    • Anonymous

      she wishes she had enough money to buy a fake ass? lol dumb ass

    • CAL Boss

      Can't even disagree. I hate both these bitches, but I'd lick either of their asses til my tongue get sore. Any nigga who say they wouldn't is straight lyin.

    • can't disagree

      Meat Man aint never lied.

    • Meat Man

      Miley just needs her booty licked. That's how you have to do females when they act like that. Nicki needs her booty licked too because she has issues too. All problems will pass when you lick her ass.

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