Dr. Dre Among Billboard's "Surprising Artists Without #1 Album" List

Dr. Dre joins Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner on the list.

Dr. Dre is among the acts listed in Billboard's list of "Surprising Artists Without a No. 1 Album." 

The list, which also includes Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, among others. Dr. Dre is the only Rap act on the list. His 1993 album The Chronic reached its highpoint at #3 on the chart while the producer's 1999 album, 2001, reached #2 as its peak position. 

For the full list, visit Billboard

Dr. Dre has been in the headlines this year for his work outside of making albums. Earlier this year, Apple confirmed a multi-billion dollar deal to acquire Dre's Beats

“I’ve always known in my heart that Beats belonged with Apple,” Jimmy Iovine said in a statement. “The idea when we started the company was inspired by Apple’s unmatched ability to marry culture and technology. Apple’s deep commitment to music fans, artists, songwriters and the music industry is something special.”



  • Anonymous

    Dre is number one in our hearts though

  • Anonymous

    lol even Scarface irrelevant ass has a number one album

    • Anonymous

      which proves how much a number 1 album means. Dr Dre is the richest man in hip-hop while Scarface spent time in jail for not paying child support LMAO

  • Anonymous

    This guy should be on the list http://www.datpiff.com/Lungs-Labotomy-mixtape.622105.html

  • Anonymous

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  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Dr. Dre never deserved a number 1 or any success period. He's overrated as a producer and never writes his own raps. He's a no talent pop artist, masquerading around as the face of gangster music, yet was never in a gang and has never busted a gun or sold drugs. Fuck Dr. Dre and Aftermath. #Souljaboyhasmorestreetcredthandrdre #Drdreisazionistwhosupportsthegenocideingaza #Eminemisthewhitedevil #Benzinogoonsquad2014

  • Anonymous

    still good albums

  • Geez up

    Album sold 8 mil in the u.s. School boy Q just had a number. One album.but barely gold Now doesn't tell u a number one album does nt mean you're on top, ironically. Or does it actually matter in true success sense.

  • Anonymous

    #1 album dont mean shit... fucking Rick Ross has like 5 of them but zero platinum albums.

  • dashing28

    It's not THAT surprising for a dude with 2 albums. The first album dropped when rap wasn't really getting number albums, it didn't have the audience it does now. And 2001 just had bad timing. coming out at the same time as Carlos Santana's highest selling album which was number 1 for ever.

  • Mitch

    Guarantee if he drops Detox, he'll get that #1... But he's business minded now Can't fault him though - look at how much money he's made off Beats

  • Anonymous

    the chronic was released in 1992, not 93

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