Wu-Tang Clan Reunion Project Suggestions Detailed

Green Label has compiled a list of "15 Things That Would Make The Wu-Tang Reunion Project A Success."

The Wu-Tang Clan has announced that its A Better Tomorrow and its The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin albums are in the works.

In a new list, GreenLabel.com names “15 Things That Would Makes The Wu-Tang Reunion Project A Success.”

One item on the list is to “bring the competitiveness back.” 

"When the Wu-Tang Clan released Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 1993, the group became legendary for its recording technique,” the Green Label story says. "The members would literally battle for a spot on a record based on how good the verses they recorded for the beat were. This brought out the best in all of the members. The Wu members could use this technique again to galvanize their sense of competition and urgency, and once again make sure that every bar spit is a killer one."

To see the full list of “15 Things That Would Makes The Wu-Tang Reunion Project A Success," visit GreenLabel.com.


  • drake runs rap

    is this the 100th time these irrelevent niggas have a reunion. No1 cared the last 99 times so give it up you washed up hasbins. Get a drake feature or stay irrelevent. Drake gave these bums their 15 minutes of fame when he made a song to give them a shout out.

    • Lol

      It must really bug the shit out of u that drake and lil wayne and all ur favorite "lil" rappers and "young" rappers that grew up in the 90s grew up listening to wu and they all love wu tang. The children are the future and wu tang is for the babies!

    • Fry

      lol @ "hasbin". I'm assuming you meant has been? These are your fans drake...

    • Fry

      They've had over 15 years of fame. Most Hip-Hop heads heard that whack Drake song for a few seconds, then stopped the ear bleeding. We were just checking to see if it gave the name justice. Nope.

    • anonymous

      lets see whether you'll still be supporting Drake when HE'S 40 somethin years old,

  • Flanagan

    True Master and 4th Disciple like on Forever, and yeah throw in Bronze Naz and Mathematics, sheeit, there you have it! and of course maybe two or three Rza beats lol

  • Rapunzel

    I agree, Bronze Nazareth absolutely came with the fire on his and Willie Da Kids joint album.

  • Flanagan

    less Rza production and more Wu-elements

  • Anonymous

    Blogging about a different blog. HHDX takes the Biggest Possible L

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