Dirtbag Dan Discusses Canibus' Battle Rap Impact

"Canibus scared away industry rappers," Dirtbag Dan says, "for like two or three years."

Dirtbag Dan says that Canibus’ performance in a battle with Dizaster, in which Canibus relied on a notepad for some of his lyrics, changed the course of Battle Rap.  

“I think Canibus scared away industry rappers for like two or three years,” Dirtbag Dan says during an interview with BattleRap.com. "And then they finally stepped back into it. Ab-Soul is the man. That battle is great, he has great bars in it, and I think it’s clear when the battle rapper comes in who the battle rapper is. He’s louder [and] the bars are more present. And that’s why I think anybody who thinks Joe Budden is gonna walk in there and be able to just go with the best in what we do? [No], not gonna happen. Joe Budden is gonna start strong and by the time the battle is over, everybody’s gonna know who the battle rapper is. But I think as long as he doesn’t pull a full-blown Canibus, we’ll probably see more of these guys coming in. Why not? We’re a huge market of hip hop so if you’ve got an album coming out—Slaughterhouse—it’s a great way to promote it, you know what I mean?”

Dirtbag Dan also says that the recent Total Slaughter event had both positive and negative elements. 

“I love that they’re shining a light on battle rap as a whole,” he says. "I like that it’s very focused on battles. I don’t think they give enough information about the tournament…On the same token, we’re barely getting glimpses at these characters…We haven’t really figured out how crazy Daylyt is, or how crazy Dizaster is, or how much Dizaster and Math [Hoffa] don’t like each other. That kind of shit I feel they probably could have spent a lot more time on.”

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  • Anonymous

    These mutts wouldn't get any publicity if not for Canibus. To flip things I dare any of those maggots to diss Canibus on wax. Watch how quickly the tables will turn.

  • CAL Boss

    Breaks my heart every time I think about Canibus against Dizaster. My reaction is the same as Swizz, I just try to remember Canibus the way I remember him.

  • Anonymous

    this fool needs to realize bis set it off. and hhdx wouldn't even be covering kotd if it weren't for bis

  • drone killa

    this dude can talk all he want, but canibus has some good to great tracks on wax. these guys are yelling acapellas in front of a bunch of nerds. who is the real winner?

  • CapitalP

    Was this article written months ago and just released today? The guy is talking about the event as if it didn't happen. Come on DX, don't try to pull a fast one on us. Step your Article game up(Nas voice).

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