Dame Dash Details Experience Selling Crack

"Having more money than older people, it made me kind of arrogant 'cause they didn't have anything that I felt I didn't have," Dame Dash says. "I just felt I was living in this square life."

In a new interview with VladTV, Dame Dash addressed his history dealing crack as a young adult in Harlem. “I don’t advocate it,” he said when asked about his first job, “but it is what it is, it was crack.”

When asked about a possible history in higher-level crime, Dash admitted that his dealings elevated past the street but spoke instead about the experience of having large amounts of cash as a kid.

“Yeah, but, at that point you can’t really be talking about it,” he said of his drug dealing past. “Having more money than older people, it made me kind of arrogant ‘cause they didn’t have anything that I felt I didn’t have. I just felt I was living in this square life. I definitely think it gave me a certain mentality. Also, the concept of taking your money and reinvesting it and also having to pay people to sell it. And understanding that you always have to have a team and that you lead by example. But the difference with crack is [that] there’s violence involved. If somebody doesn’t pay you, even at that level, you gotta put your hands on them or else  you can’t really do that game anymore. Everyone’s always watching. So, there’s also different stakes and there’s different repercussions of disrespect. The only reason why is because the survival aspect of it, not for the glorification of it. In order to survive at that street level, it involved being violent at times. You know what I mean?”

Comparing his life now with that of his early years in Harlem, Dash admitted that he was immature as a child with a pocket full of money.

“Everyday was crazy compared to what I go through now,” he said. “Again, I was young. My brain wasn’t completely developed. I wasn’t so into my future as I am now. And I also wasn’t so into leading by example, I didn’t have kids at the time, I was just a child. It was like a child that had a lot to [peers his age] would look very evolved but amongst a bunch of adults would probably appear very young. So that’s how it always was. I always had more money than everybody my age so I always had to be around people that had what I had but I think I was always a little immature ‘cause I was young for what I had.”

Referencing the 2002 Roc-A-Fella Films movie Paid In Full, Dash explained what made him turn away from drug dealing.

“You saw Paid In Full, that was a very personal experience for me,” he said. “That scared me, that experience, because I saw it. I saw a kid die that had nothing to do with what was going on. It made me think that the game was disgusting and unfair and I didn’t want any parts of it but I didn’t want to have a nine-to-five job so I was trying to figure out how to live like a hustler but without really doing anything illegal. I had went to a party with my cousin and it was an industry party. Everyone was really pretending to be hustlers but none of them really were hustling. I was like, ‘Oh, I could do this all day.’ I felt like this was a good place to make money and not feel like I was a nine-to-five square, you know? And also use it as a platform to do other things. I never wanted to just do one thing, I wanted to do everything.

“Which is what I’ve been doing,” he added. “I like to live. I’ve never been worried about money or security because I’ve always had the ability to earn. I’ve always been worried about not living which is probably why I do so much of it. There’s an insecurity there for some reason where I feel like I must need to be great at everything. I can’t just stop at one thing. And I’m having too much fun doing it. It’s not even a competitive thing.”




  • Anonymous

    "Broke?... How many millions do you have stashed Anonymous?" I don't discuss my millions with broke peasants. Go open something other than a bank account at Chase then pop off.

  • Anonymous

    don't do drugs. lol

  • Anonymous

    lmao c'mon Lame, now all of a sudden you used to be a crack dealer? Why you wasn't tellin this story back then? lmao you ain't about that life boy, stop lying

  • euro

    that ain't gangsta braggin about your criminal activiti

    • real

      You young dummy, he isnt bragging at all about selling drugs. he is discussing what he learned from the experience. And this is not the first time Dame has made refrence to being in the game before.

  • euro

    white ppl seling meth and black ppl sellin' crack, am i right?

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ this old hemroid azz nigga. At least he has his free bus pass LMAO

  • CAL Boss

    Aint shit this nigga sold crack. C'mon mane, name a nigga in the hood that didn't sell crack! Especially if this nigga was slanging in the 80s and early 90s, when so many niggas was in the game it seemed like niggas would join two gangs an shit!

  • DhaBrainiac1ne

    I don't stand you niggas...smh Worried about another man's pockets. You'll never have you own

  • broke ass dame

    these days, i heard dame dash sells his ass. i just checked his net worth is NEGATIVE 2 million dollars. Lol. That's funny.

  • Anonymous

    "And just what do you have? Do you have the money he has now? Did you ever have the money he had?" What money does he have now? I'm curious. As for me, I'm doing just fine. Thanks for asking. Tell me what homeless shelter you live in and I'll send you a care package.

  • tigerking79

    This motherfucker got a good education from a private school, and this joker is going to claim he was slanging rock as a kid, when his ass was in an expensive ass private school. Those Rocafella motherfuckers always were the biggest liars.

    • tigerking79

      J. Cole should have been an R & B singer. I can't through his songs, female pandering bullshit.

    • fuccya

      That looks like 5 tracks of straight bullshit

    • J. Cole - A Cole Day In Hell EP

      1)Intro 2)Heaven & Hell (contains sample of "Heaven or Hell" performed by Raekwon & Ghostface Killah) 3)Born Sinner 4)Sanctified 5)Pearly Gates 6)4Give Me ft Rick Ross (contains sample of "Suicidal Thoughts" performed by The Notorious B.I.G.) 7)Outro *All tracks produced by J.Cole

  • tigerking79

    Violence, as in Jay Z and Damon Dash running scared from Big Pun and Fat Joe.

    • tigerking79

      Lmfao, that's a real thing that happened. Damon Dash and Jay-Z ran scared out of club by Big Pun and Fat Joe. It happened, and if you actually kept up with hip hop, you would know that Jay-Z was terrified of Big Pun. Jay-Z doesn't come anywhere close to Pun's level. Jay-Z didn't sell crack you dickrider, he was living off of Jaz-O from the mid 80's until the mid 90's when Damon Dash and Kareem Biggs resurrected his failed career.

    • Lmfao @lyingking79

      LMFAO. WHy would they have to run frm two big fat Puerto rican slobs. They could walk and those 2 fat pieces of shit still wouldn't be able to catch up. Selling crack is no big deal of course dash and jay sold crack. You a dumb fucker acting like crack dealing is good. WHat jayz is doing now as a business man is a million times better than selling poison to the hood. Lastly Jayz is a million times a better rapper and more important than fat hoe and big jabba the hut looking pr slobs put together. That's why jayz had fat hoe leave his own bday party and Memphis bleek took one of those weak terror squad chains

  • tigerking79

    Lyin ass motherfucker. Dash didn't slang crack, just like Jay Z didn't sell crack. Dash got in the hip hop business because he already had an entertainment connect, in his cousin Stacy Dash. And Jay Z wasn't slanging crack, he was living off of Jaz O since the mid 80's until 1996.

    • tigerking79

      Billiaire, I'm right about Jay-Z. Jay-Z didn't have no money until Hard Knock Life came out. He was living off of Damon Dash's money on his first two albums. If your a big time drug dealer, you have money. Just go look at the pictures of Jay-Z before Rocafella records, dude was broke and living off of Jaz-O. If he slanged anything it would just be like the poster 2 lames stated, he may have sold a little, but not anywhere close to making any kind of money. I followed hip hop for a long time. I remember Jay-Z being Jaz-O's hype man. I remember Jay-Z having to eat out Foxy Brown just get a song on the radio.

    • 2 lames

      Jay sold a few dime bags, not exactly Pablo Escobar lol.

    • Billiaire

      ur wrong about jay champ

  • Anonymous

    He needs to sell crack now. Broke ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Broke? How many millions do you have stashed Anonymous?

    • Anonymous

      And just what do you have? Do you have the money he has now? Did you ever have the money he had? It's funny when some nobody that ain't done shit in life criticizes a person that accomplished something. Check yourself you bum.

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