Nicki Minaj Calls Beyonce Collaboration "A Life-Changing Experience"

"She is the Queen," Minaj says. "I was so honored to work with her. She's somebody that I've looked up to my entire career."

In a new interview with “The Rickey Smiley Morning ShowNicki Minaj opened up about working with Beyonce on the remix to “Flawless” and reactions to her “Anaconda” single artwork.

Speaking briefly on Remy Ma’s return from prison, Minaj again paid respect to her fellow New Yorker.

“I just think she was such a dope emcee while she was here,” she said. “And she was definitely one of the females I looked up to at that time. More power to her.”

Declining to talk about the singer’s rumored divorce from Jay Z, Minaj instead spoke about the opportunity to work with Beyonce on the remix to “Flawless.”

“She is the Queen,” Minaj said. “I was so honored to work with her. She’s somebody that I’ve looked up to my entire career. If anybody that knows anything about me knows that I’ve been literally probably shouting Beyonce out in every interview since my mixtape days just ‘cause she’s so driven and I love her drive. I love what she means for women. She’s an inspiration to women who wanna get out there and bust their ass and work hard. This has definitely been a life-changing experience for me. Shout out to B.”

The rapper also responded to the flood of “Anaconda” artwork memes, saying, “they been crossing the line.”

“They been doing the craziest stuff,” she added. “I done seen Princess Jasmine, Kermit the Frog, Peter Griffin. Everybody you could think of in that pose.”

Asked about the inspiration behind the title of the single, Nicki revealed that “Anaconda” was a last minute substitute for a different name.

“Well, it was always one of my favorite lines from the song,” she said of the “Baby Got Back” sample. “So when I was in the studio with the producer I was like, ‘You know what, I wanna sample the anaconda part of the Sir Mix-a-Lot song.’ Originally the song was gonna be called ‘Big Fat Ass.’ At that last minute I changed it.”

While on the radio show the Pink Friday rapper also mentioned putting further acting roles on hold until the release of the new album.

“You know what, there’s actually something that I’m working on that I don’t wanna say too much about,” she said. “That’s something that’s definitely on my radar but every time I’m working on an album I just try to make that the focal point...I doubt highly that I’m gonna do a real movie role again before that album is completed. But after it I would love to because I had a lot of fun on the movie set.”

On her transition away from the colorful wigs that defined her public image throughout part of her career, Minaj suggested her more recently “scaled back look” is more relatable.

“I just always felt that by the third album I would be wearing my real hair,” she said. “It was something that I had discussed with my team a long time ago which is crazy. I think that the scaled back look makes people relate to me a lot more. So I’m definitely loving that part about it.”

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  • Anonymous

    Nicki and iggy are the 2 female Mcs leading hiphop. Nick I has a top ten single with bang bang and iggy has a no. 1 hit with fancy and a no.2 hit with problem. Her black widow song is also making its way to the top 20. Rappers will crawl to them for features while missy Elliot and lol kim stays losing.

    • Anonymous

      Both of them are pop artists, not hip-hop. Those songs suck and they crawled to other people for hits. Everything you say is all a lie.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    rap music is the only avenue where these damaged goods bitches like nicki minaj and remy ma can become multi millionaires. it really makes you think when you realize that complete jackasses are rich. maybe wealth isn't the measure of a person. but if not then what is? how you are treated by your community? that can't be it either because many people are surrounded by sycophants. we truly are wandering directionless in thiss void known as space.

    • ^

      No, your response full of shit.

    • Real Talk

      @OP^ cool story bro, haha i like the essay form as well. Well shit since u wrote a very intelligent response, lets take it back to the original post. You say "rap music is the only avenue where these damaged goods bitches like nicki minaj and remy ma can become multi millionaires." What the reason for calling them bitches, so they had a bad up bringing and made it out the ghetto, and even if they fuck up now, their not perfect and never will be. U know how many females admire Marilyn Monroe? Her and Elvis are in the top dead celebrity money earners. Your mom, sister, Niece, and daughter one day will like her. U taking ish way to serious, What u doing in Life? What makes you perfect? No one is asking for your pitty. Matter a fact why even comment? How can u respect yourself knowing your on the computer talking behind someones back, and criticizing them, since your high and mighty? U would think with all that u said, u would be above trolling on the internet. This is entertainment, Nikki knows how to entertain, whether its her ass, lyrics, acting, performing, she is a entertainer. Obviously shes done a good job because she has u typing a whole story on her life, doing research looking up wiki.... hahaha So a football player who idolize Oj Simpson for his football skills, means he like murderers? People who love pink floyd, Led Zeplin mean they love heroin? People who love Tiger woods mean they agree with adultery? But because Nikki admires Marilyn Monroe she now supports abortions, shes actually prolly having an abortion as we speak with that logic. So when cameron diaz gets naked on film, its because her dad molested her right? When Kate Upton is topless on a photo shoot its because her dad was a drug addict right???? Maybe Demi Moore was having daddy issues as well during strip tease film? hahaha although i will admit your response was well thought out its still full of shit.... Welcome to the entertainment world, u sound depressed and shit. U actually dont even sound like someone who listens to rap, because every rapper raps about struggle and money, hoes, drugs, whose your favorite rapper? U must not like 2 Pac, biggie, Jay Z, Nas.... Cuz none of them would fit in your perfect little world....

    • Anonymous

      people should earn admiration through authentic merit, instead of through pity and sexuality.

    • Anonymous

      OP here. Just because I don't act hood doesn't make me white. There are actually a lot of white people who act more hood than ODB or DMX whether they are actually ghetto or just learned it from rap music. Nicki Minaj openly admires Marilyn Monroe, who is the epitome of "damaged goods slut", who had more than a dozen abortions, the latest just 15 days before her OD death. Women who have severe emotional trauma such as molestation or some other kind of abuse are emotionally numbed, and then overcompensate by exposing themselves sexually or being promiscuous, thrill seeking (just to feel the same level of emotion as a normal person) drug abuse, or making other bad decisions. Damaged women hold up Marilyn Monroe as some kind of icon, and generally act insufferable and uppity to the average sane person. look at her autopsy photo, that is your damaged goods icon. When I say damaged goods I am referring to someone who has an emotional disorder or some kind of unresolved trauma who then has her decision making flawed by it resulting in attention-seeking behavior. Nicki Minaj has openly talked about her abusive crack addict father (burned the house down) and has also referenced herself having a (paraphrased) look in the eye that she just need attentions. Then not being apologetic for it and using it to seek pity. I don't pity someone for that, I look down on them for using their weakness to gain sympathy. That behavior makes her a "jackass" and it is also what drives her to expose herself sexually and compromise it for the purpose of making money then pushing her agenda as women being "boss". Plenty of "boss" women are not insufferable. She has also openly said that if she taught a school on how to become a pop star, lesson #1 would be to "push your ass and tits out". Is that a brilliant person worthy of admiration? are your standards for giving someone respect low enough to be "made a million dollars"? She was providing for herself just fine before she waS A MILLIONAIRE. For Remy Ma I quote her wiki article "Remy Ma and sister Kristin Devereaux grew up in Castle Hill Projects in the Bronx, New York and often saw the consequences and terrors of her family's drug abuse with her own eyes. She was forced to take care of her little brothers and sisters at a young age and retreated from her home issues by writing poetry". If you look at that, you see why she behaves the way she does, and does not carry herself with dignity. So to summarize, damaged goods is someone who has unresolved severe emotional trauma (often sexual) and then has flawed decision making resulting from that injury. The distasteful "jackass" part stems from using it to seek pity instead of shying away from that particular "card". All of this makes me think that beyond allowing personal agency money really means very little in terms of a persons actual worth, if even such a low person can become a multi millionaire. Thank you for your time and attention.

    • Real Talk

      @OP HIphop Comment sections is the only avenue where disgruntled white people can air out their feelings and feel safe. Calling them "damaged goods" and "complete jackasses are rich" sounds like a very bitter person. Just cuz they figured out how to provide for them selves your gonna hate? Please answer: what makes them complete jackasses? Cuz remy caught a case? Cuz Nikki shows her ass? What is it?

    • Anonymous

      I don't advocate anarchy, but I advocate not sweating the small stuff. Anarchists go way overboard and become destructive when they should just not care about the stuff that don't matter.

    • Anonymous

      goodbye booty shot. hello anarchist reign

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      nothing means anything.

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