Kanye West Compared To Kobe Bryant, Drake To LeBron James By Charlamagne

Charlamagne says he hopes "Yeezus" was Kanye West's "Electric Circus," calls Drake's Macklemore diss "corny."

While speaking on Kanye West versus Drake, radio host Charlamagne compared the two rappers to professional basketball players. The Breakfast Club personality made the comparison when he was asked what his thoughts are on Kanye sharing his belief that Drake has surpassed him as the most popular rapper.

He revealed that Kanye West is comparable to Kobe Bryant while Drake is the LeBron James of his era. Brooklyn rapper Jay Z was also brought up and dubbed the Michael Jordan of rap.

“See the difference between Kanye and Drake is Kanye is at that table with the G.O.A.T.s,” Charlamagne said during an interview with Vlad TV. “He’s at that table with the Jay Zs, the Biggies, the Pacs. He’s at that table. He’s in that discussion. He is for all intents and purposes the Kobe Bryant of his era. If Jay was Jordan, Kanye would have had to been Kobe. And now Drake is LeBron, you know? And you gotta throw Wayne in the mix somewhere with that situation. But Kanye’s at that table, man. He’s absolutely at that table. Drake is still working. Will he get at that table? I’m sure he will.”

Charlamagne also spoke on Kanye’s most recent studio album, Yeezus. He compared the album to Common’s Electric Circus and shared his hopes that Ye’s next studio album will be more along the lines of Be.

“Without question,” he said when asked about Kanye commenting on Drake surpassing him as the most popular rapper. “I don’t think he can get it back. When people move on they move on. And that’s not a knock to anything that Kanye’s doing cause Kanye—I’m hoping Yeezus was Kanye’s Electric Circus. And I’m hoping his next album is his Be. Remember when Common came with Electric Circus? That shit was crazy, all over the place. Then he got back—He got with Kanye and made Be with ‘The Corner’ and all that. Dope. I’m hoping Ye does something like that.”

The radio host also criticized Drake’s comments about Macklemore at the ESPY Awards, a move he says was “corny” since Drake already “gets his just due.”




  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is the Kevin Durant of hip hop? lol Then why did his album only sell 1.3? He's strictly a bench player.

  • Heh

    It can go even further than that: Jay Z = Michael Jordan Kendrick Lamar = Kevin Durant J Cole = Paul George (get it?) And my favorite: Tupac = Wilt Chamberlin,

  • Anonymous

    Im hoping Yeezus was Kanyes Electric Circus. And Im hoping his next album is his Be. - I agree.

  • Anonymous


  • sizakhoza

    Who is Charlamagne and why do we care about his opinion?

  • Sham

    If this was for mainstream rap from 2008-2014 then yea maybe those claims are not terrible but calling drake anything close to a legend is ridiculous. Jay in his prime is a great but not Mj, and Kanye is only considered a great because of His amazing production before yeezus and College dropout.

    • Sham

      I love Kanye don't get me wrong, I think he's easily one of the GOAT producers, but in my opinion in terms of rapping College Dropout is his only lyrically classic albums.

    • Anonymous

      GTFOH Kanye has arguably more classic in his catalog than any of the greats.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is the Spud Webb of hip hop.

  • Angel

    Yo is Charlemagne really that fucking stupid. The fact that he put Ye over muthafucking NAS, RAKIM, KRS, and fucking EM is retarded. What a big nut hugger. At the same time no suprise tho. He once said Rick Ross is the Biggie of today. Charlemagne a fucking troll. Even if he talking bout today, Em pisses all over Kanye & mos def. Wayne. The MJ of rap- Rakim, Kobe- Nas, Lebron- Em (or Biggie, Em is kinda going mainstreaming even tho his lyrics still kill). My opinion of them, lyrically and respectively. Kanye not even top 20.

    • bewitness

      Dude stop being a groupie and check your emotions, he was just trying to find an analogy to use to relate todays artist in a historic view, it wasn't meant to mean that x artist was better than y artist.

    • Anonymous

      There are some greats in the rap game that do not need to be mentioned, their place is already cemented so calm down. why are ya'll so moist?

  • Anonymous

    To compare two average rappers in the history of rap. To two of the top 10 in the NBA is silly at best. Jay z isn't even in my top 10. Let alone comparing him to MJ. I could actually argue that with Kendrick's limited library song for song. Subject for Subject. He's better than Jay Z now. Since he's touched on so many subjects than Jay Z has in his entire career. Since 90% of his career all he was trying to be was a fake ass drug dealer. Not to mention a 2Pac or KRSI or the lyrical beatdown he took from Nas. MJ don't have any losses on his record when going toe toe with the best.

    • Anonymous

      Jay got bodied in that verse.

    • Come On

      I'm sick of these kendrick Lamar Dick ridering fanboys it's bullshit he brought out ONE FUCKING album and people are lable him better than Jay-z? and the King? This is exactly what I was talking about in my other posts these new fucking rap fans are ruining are music. I gaurantee you your a white talking that stupid shit that he's better than Jay-z kendrick will never have the amount of hits Jay-z has had or ever match his accolades. I'm sick of you fucking people hoping on trends and acting like you know everything when you've been listen to hip hop for 5 years if your lucky.

    • Anonymous

      [Big L] The Big L be lightin' niggas like incense Gettin' men lynched, too intense, I'm killin' infants for ten cents Cause I'm a street genius with a unique penis Got fly chicks on my dick that don't even speak English I'm makin' ducks shed much tears, I buck queers I don't have it all upstairs but who the fuck cares? I'm grabbin' brews takin' fast swiggas I get cash and stash figures and harass them bitch ass niggas After you your man'll get scarred next And if your squad flex I'm lettin' off like Bernard Goetz A Tec-9 is my utensil Fillin' niggas with so much lead they can use they dick for a pencil I'm known for snatchin' purses and bombin' churches I get more pussy by accident than most niggas get on purpose I got drug spots from New York to Canada Cause Big L be fuckin' with more keys than a janitor [Jay-Z] The way I rock no way you could stop I shock pop and drop when Jay gets hot When I'm in the zone better hold ya own Cause I like to break when I finish a poem Pound for p-p-pound the best around No way you can get up when I get down I shake rattle and roll and wreck shit like none And beat a nigga ass half silly on the one Fuckin' A fuckin' Jay ill with skill So ladies step up I get around like a wheel I'm never chokin' off chronic skills are bionic Bitches are screaming like Onyx Respect that I'll peel a punks cap back and sign it Creep through your block fuck a Glock I step Through your neighborhood armed with nothing but a rep I'm giving these ladies something they can feel cause I'm real Ya man get outta line and it's kill kill kill So who got bodied? Which verse did The Source give a Hip Hop Quotable to?

    • Anonymous

      he bodied him on the graveyard?..whats is your defintion of sombeody getting bodied?

    • Anonymous

      Nice try dick dont even bring up big l in the convo if you compare them big l would body jay on any track not just a freestyle

    • Anonymous

      i feel what you saying..but i what i could not agree with you when said jay not even top 10 like my dude you don't have to like his music but atleast give him his due...jay been putting in work since 1996 and kendrick just came in the game ..this is just like when people put big l over jay because of that one freestyle they did..smh how you put one freestyle over 20 years of shit?

    • Anonymous

      Lyrically, I wouldn't even say Drake is on Big K.R.I.T. or Kendrick's level lyrically, but he is a dope artist. Just not the best.

    • Anonymous

      Technically K dot has two albums and a few mixtapes and you can compare the content of Kendrick's to Jay z's, but there's just waay more content to sort through. A better comparison to Jay would be Nas in my opinion because there is more content to compare. But alas, I sure as hell wouldn't say Kanye is like Kobe bryant. He is a good rapper, but to say he's like Kobe is to call him one of the best.. Ever. That's a too large a statement. Same for calling drake Lebron..

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot your comparing kendrick one album to 20 years worth of jay z material?...and jordan did take losses you forgot when jordan was crying on the back of the bus after losing year after year to the celtics and bad boy pistons?...and i dont know what's more overrated tupac as a rapper or tupac as a person

  • San DIego Negro

    Hahahahaha! This nigga's stupid as hell. Talm bout "1 ring in that third world country is worth 6 rings anywhere else." He has a point about no one touching Jordan's UNDEFEATED finals appearances.

  • Shooks

    J. Cole, Kendrick lamar, Big KRIT>>>>Drake

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