Freddie Gibbs Refutes Eminem Claims Jeezy Made

Freddie Gibbs clarifies that he never took any money from Jeezy, says he didn't want to appear on Jeezy and Eminem record.

After informing fans via Twitter earlier this week that he would soon “put all the lies to rest,” Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has addressed the recent comments made by Jeezy, during an interview with Hot 97.

In regards to Jeezy’s claims that he ruined the Atlanta rapper’s relationship with Eminem, Gibbs revealed that he’s unsure of how he could have ruined the relationship between the two artists. He then addressed Jeezy’s “Talk To Me,” a record that features himself, Jeezy, and Eminem.

According to Gibbs, he never wanted to appear on the song in the first place. He informed those listening to the interview that he wasn’t a fan of the song and felt the move to place him on a song with Eminem, an artist he had little to no interaction with, made him seem “thirsty.”

“He also spoke on something about an Eminem song,” Gibbs said. “And I want to clear that up. Because I didn’t—How did I mar your relationship with Eminem? I didn’t do anything of the sort. I wasn’t involved in that whole process. I got—He brought a song to me. Asked me to get on it and I got on it. I was just doing what my superior at that time was telling me to do…I actually, honestly was against it. To be honest. I didn’t want to get on the Eminem song because that isn’t the approach that I wanted to [take]…For one, I didn’t like the song. I’mma keep it real with you. Let’s just be real. I didn’t like song. So, I ain’t want to get on it…I told him I didn’t want to be on it. It wasn’t my thing. And it’s something else under that, but we ain’t gon’ speak on that. But I just didn’t want to—I wasn’t comfortable being—I’m not really comfortable with being on records with cats really if we don’t kinda like talk. So, I kinda wanted to establish that first before I—Cause to me it kinda looked like you thirsty.”

Prior to speaking on the record with Eminem, Gibbs said the rift between himself and Jeezy, who he said he still has respect for, stemmed from their varying approaches to the music industry.

He later revealed that he began to lash out against the CTE World emcee when he felt that Jeezy made it seem that he was a charity case and began to make false claims.

“Well, yesterday you heard the movie version of that,” the rapper said when asked about Jeezy’s appearance on Hot 97 earlier this week. “And I’m about to give you the real version of that. Well, first and foremost, there was a—Let me say this first, I have a respect for Young Jeezy. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have decided to—I wouldn’t have decided to go over to CTE to try to further my career over there. So, let me get that out the way first. But the reason that things didn’t work out between me and Young Jeezy was I mean, just because our approach to things, to the industry…My approach to the industry was a tad bit different than his is. So, I wanted to approach my career in a different way. He wanted to go a different way. And us not seeing eye to eye is eventually what happened. The reason why I lashed out the way I did with the records and the words I said is truly because of—I mean, because of what was said yesterday.

“He made it seem like he saved some little, poor Gary boy. To the rap game. And that definitely isn’t the case,” he added. “Before I got with Young Jeezy I was on the cover of XXL. Before I got with Young Jeezy I was on tours. Before I got with him I was making money. I didn’t take a dollar from Young Jeezy. So, that 300K, 400K thing, that’s a total lie. I’ve never took a dollar from Young Jeezy. No advance, no anything of that nature. We shot one video. That video that he spoke of. And that video got trashed because it wasn’t to my liking. So, there were no videos…This the business. We all do things that lose money. I shoot videos all the time out my pocket. And if I don’t like ‘em I just trash ‘em. You know what I mean? And go back to the drawing board. So, he might have took a loss right there. But any other losses that he was speaking of that was totally untrue.”

During his interview with Hot 97, Jeezy blamed Freddie Gibbs for ruining his relationship with Eminem. He also stated that Gibbs was late for various video shoots, which resulted in him losing money.

"When the whole ordeal was going on, I was more disappointed than anything," Jeezy said. "I messed up a lot of relationships, even with Eminem, just by me putting Gibbs on the record that was for me and, trying to convince Em to do the record, and the record leaking in the process. That burned a great bridge for me. Eminem is my dude. Me putting [Gibbs] on song with T.I. - putting him on three or four of my mixtapes - and me paying for videos that he didn't use because when he showed up to the set too late for them to shoot, and it's all my money."

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  • jamesj

    Who the fuck Is Freddie Gibbs??? Fuck outta here!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy is wack as fuck

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs signing to CTE was a mistake because of the differences in styles and that CTE has been a graveyard. Im a fan of Jeezy and Gibbs and neither side is going to tell the whole truth. I doubt Gibbs was showing up late and shit but I also doubt that he didn't take money from Jeezy. He also failed to mention that he was signed to Interscope at one point and that's probably why he didn't like the track with Em on it. Damn DX, y'all even talked about that in an interview with Gibbs.

    • Anonymous

      But he's got pull. Go look up the interview. If Jeezy did know about the rift, that was dumb on his part.

    • Anonymous

      " He also failed to mention that he was signed to Interscope at one point and that's probably why he didn't like the track with Em on it." that seems a little crazy. em dont run interscope.

  • Money First

    Gibbs should have stayed on that independent grind he was on in the first place....Jeezy got signed to a major and came up in that system.....Although it was BMF money behind it he still had that major look....Gibbs was on a different path and those two philosophies are always going to be different. When you have majors that couldn't even start their own spotify or itunes before those came to prominence and control the game clearly shows they have no vision or foresight. So how could you expect the industry to understand your grind?!!

    • Money_Gho$t

      That was really insightful, and i never thought of that myself. The majors could have started their own iTunes, Spotify, and Rhapsody's a long time ago and still had ALLLLL the money in their pockets. Old white men never learn though..

  • 901DATSME

    I Fucks With Gibbs

  • Vel

    Mr. Matters isn't the genesis of hip hop but he is a big part and being on a song with someone Who is one of the Greatest mc's ever can only help your career. In closing you have to play The game if you want to make money. What good is having the streets love you and being broke. Get your paper while it's there, don't let trying to be real or anything for that matter fuck up Your money. That is hustling 101.

    • Edubb

      Some of you dont get it. Would probably suck dick and eat out ass for a few dollars. Hey fuck my self respect and pride as long as I got money in my pocket Im cool. GTFOH I rather be broke doing it the right way than be rich doing it the wrong way. Thats why society will be forever fucked cause people have the wrong type of mentality these days more so than ever before!! But hey to each his own!!

    • drastik13

      true that, this nigga trynna stay real and whatnot, he gon remain broke. an eminem co-sign, means exposure, which means money

    • Anonymous

      Edubb said it perfectly. Enuff said!

    • Anonymous


    • Edubb

      Self respect, pride, and not selling out comes before any of that shit you just mentioned. Thats the problem in todays world so many people wanna take the easy way even if it means selling there soul for short term glory. Man makes the money money dont make the man.

  • LOL

    These 2 fuckin bums fighting over eminem on separate articles...desperate A BIT MUCH!?!!?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      ^ Thats what he says. Truth is, he was probably pissing his pants like a 12 year old groupie when he heard he could be on a song featuring EM.

    • Anon

      If your dumb ass actually read the article or watched the interview you could see that Gibbs clearly doesn't give a shit about Em

  • Anonymous

    lol at the wordt spaghetti employed by the hack authors at HHDX jusst to give eminems name a more prominenmt spot int he title. goons.

    • DX is GAY


    • DX STAFF

      Stay off the drugs, loser.

  • Anonymous

    That track is wack anyway, when it leaked i was mad disappointed.

  • XcvX

    I doubt he turned down a track with Eminem like he claims...if he did its his loss even though Em would have bodied him on the track

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is only a big deal to his dickriding fans and industry opportunist rappers SMH

    • Edubb

      LMFAO Some of you ride so hard for that white dude like you know him personally. Hip-hop did noty start with Marshall and it damn sure wont end with him either. Gibbs get props from me for turning it down and not being an ass kisser.

  • TrexSmallz

    nigga how u goin turn dwn a collab wit EMINEM? THE HIGHEST SELLING ARTIST OF ALL TIME this dude gibbs retarded i dont care if u dont kno EM or dont like the song or not sometimes u have the opp to take it to the next level and he blew it... when keeping it real goes wrong.....

    • Culls_C9

      Are you guys retarded? He DID get on the song with Eminem and Jeezy despite his protests and as he mentioned, the song is Eminem - Talk to me. Y'all can barely get through half an article without posting your opinions.

    • Anonymous

      THE HIGHEST SELLING RAP* ARTIST OF ALL TIME The highest selling artist of all time is the The Beatles you f*ckin idiot

    • Anonymous

      hes not opposed to getting on a track with em but he thought that song was wack

    • Anonymous

      "not everybody wants to be an industry slave" then why did gibbs get with cte in the first not get major distribution and stay independent?

    • Anonymous

      not everybody wants to be an industry slave, we need to get rid of the corporate politics in hip hop. You talking like em created the whole genre.

    • drake runs rap

      Let keep it 100. Freddie Gibblets is a straight up goon from the hood. He knows nothing of the politics that goes on in the industry. That's why it must have been tough for Jeezy to market Gibbs because he's a disagreeable creature of habit who's stuck in his project ways. A song with Eminem would have catapulted his career into the next level, but he refused and now he's stuck doing unknown songs as an unknown rapper.

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