Dame Dash Sues Lee Daniels For $25 Million

UPDATE: Dame Dash says he's suing for what he's owed.

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder and Hip Hop entrepreneur Dame Dash offered words of praise for Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, during a newly-published interview with Complex. He gave credit to the lyricist for being on his “fly shit” and not caring what others think, a trait he attributed to those from Harlem (himself and Cam’ron included).

“I been fuckin with A$AP Rocky a little too…I like these young Harlem niggas cause they on some fly shit,” Dame said. “These niggas like ‘Yo man, we on some Harlem shit.’ I just came back from London and they’re like he be stuntin. So, I like A$AP Rocky. The way he be stuntin and shit…I love what he doing. He do whatever he want to do. He don’t give a fuck. So, I like it. And when I speak to him he says intelligent things. He’s not about doing no negative shit. He’s about really being artistic and pushing the bar. He actually—The things he does is similar to what I would do if I was a rapper at his age. Being an individual and being confident in what you believe in and not giving a fuck about what everybody thinks is complete Harlem…He’s that generation of Harlem. Cam’s that generation. I don’t dress like A$AP Rocky. I don’t dress like Cam. I dress like Dame…All of us are completely different. From completely different generations, but have a complete, strong point of view.”

Dame later revealed that film producer Lee Daniels, who most recently directed the film The Butler, owes him $2 million for a film he funded years ago. He said that in addition to not receiving his money from Daniels, he wasn’t allowed to have any say in how the film was promoted because they felt he would take the attention away from Daniels.

“I was funding my own movies,” he said. “So, I funded The Woodsman for Lee Daniels. He really asked me to do him a favor and take the two million from The Woodsman. And I got what I needed out of it. I got the perception. I brought Kanye. Went to Sundance. Did everything I wanted to do…The money was coming back and he asked me to do him a favor and help him do his movie to showcase him directing. And I was like—The script was crazy to me. And I was like ‘Dawg, this my money for movies. To put in to flip. The same way I empowered you I’m using this to empower other people.’ He swore to God I was gonna get my money back. Like ‘Don’t worry about it. You’ll get your money back next week’ type shit. ‘I promise you.’ This, that, and the third. And the movie ended up costing like $12 million. And I had no say in how it came out. They didn’t want me a part of the perception of the marketing of it…And I ended up never getting my money back.”

Among the projects Dame has recently taken on is working with four different clothing brands, which he says will be introduced at New York Fashion Week and at the Capsule Show in Paris, France.

“I’m launching four brands…So, I’m gonna introduce like four brands [at] Fashion Week in New York,” Dame said. “And I’m gonna show at Capsule in Paris. So, you’ll see all of that and whatever antics I have. But you’ll see the fashion. It’ll be mens. It’ll be bikinis. It’ll be swimming trunks. And then fall, which I’mma show in February is retarded. And I’m very cocky about it. So, I’m getting that Ralph Lauren, you know? That’s who’s my next—That’s the guy in fashion that I probably think whose title I need. We’ll see what happens…I’m trying to make better shit than him. But that’s what I mean. I respect him…If I want to be in the game I gotta put myself against the best. The person I respect the most to the extent that I’m wearing it.”




  • ole olsen

    Dame is a conman. Hope he get nothing. Pay your taxes loser

  • Dutch

    Dame Dash sounds like one lonely nig with all this female gossip hes been shooting around lately. I doubt his derp lookin ass could read a film script and actually understand what all the terms mean

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Dame has 'produced' so much in the last 15 years, I don't know where to begin, his 'body of work' is so immense. Almost as big as the fucking hole in the head that makes one 'cultural' retard never shut up. Hey, Dame why don't write a book? Or, better yet, READ a book-- that might help get you started.

    • MORON

      He helped produce one of the biggest dynasties in hip hop, Roc A Fella Records, fool. Not to mention a number of clothing lines, films, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Dame Dash is cornball bitch who produces NOTHING but bullshit, lies and complaints. Best thing he could do is kill himself but he doesn't have even the creativity for that.

  • DD187

    *sigh* A bunch of broke nobodies dictating what's in the next man's pockets. Like, shut the hell up already. You don't know what his net worth is and you don't need to. It's none of your god damned business. Who knows,maybe the nigga Dame might even have multiple offshore accounts in Switzerland? Or shares in a company? If you don't know Dame, or his business acumen, then it's best to shut the fuck up and stop speculating as if you have a clue about his financial doings when you peasants don't know shit. Pay more attention to his interviews and the knowledge and game that he's spitting instead of his bread. Let him get what's owed to him; it's the American thing to do. If people feel that they are owed something or are being treated unjustly, why not take them to court to see that justice prevail and let the law settle the matter?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he's a secret billionaire! That's why shithead is always complaining about $$$, whether he has to pay or get paid. You figured that one out, now solve #MIKEBROWN Dame = ashy twig legged bitter fuck.

  • Anonymous

    "Mogul"?! Mogul of fucking ** what **?? Die already Dame, you're human dogshit.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck has this clown actually "done" is the last 10 years? 15? couldn't happen to a biggert asshole either.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ONLY thing Dame could do to redeem himself in 2014 is to follow Robin Williams into the grave-- but at least Robin Williams was a generous person, beloved by many. Dame is a delusion bittery cornball fuck; worse than Ebola and genital warts combined. And hey, Dumbass Dash, put some fucking pants once in a while you ashy bum.

  • Anonymous

    sue him and take all his money and properties!

  • Anonymous


  • Pause

    Love when this man speaks and it is recorded. Hip Hops Ivy League Business Professor for real! Respect.

    • Anonymous

      Dame's the witless Cornel West alright-- Henry Louis Gates in a coma is less stupid than this fucking retard.

  • Anonymous

    All Dame does is talk now. I never see him making moves. He's constantly complaining and bringing negativity. I respect his legacy and impact on the genre but now he's just shitting on it

    • Anonymous

      What's his "legacy"? Memphis Bleek? Dame is straight dogshit, always was, which is why Jay (whom I dislike) left him behind. Now ya'll see who was the BRAINS.

  • kill fags

    I been fuckin with A$AP Rocky a little too.. Fucking faggot

  • Anonymous

    Broke ass bum. Dame and Lawd Jamar should move in together to save rent $$$, talk bullshit about nothing all day every day.

  • im@thW

    im from haRLem.................................................................................giva fuck bout no deez

  • Kareem niles _89


  • Anonymous

    Dame you go way back. When did fly become borderline gay. Which is what ASAP and them on.

  • DAB

    Asap Rocky is nice to look at but he aint doing no ground breaking shit for hip hop! He running around carrying clutches and wearing skirts what about that is hip hop? Dame Dash is old and full of shit, he still mad cause Jay making money and he chasing it! Dame need to sit his old ass down he will never amount to Mr. Lauren no one even takes this cat serious anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Good to be confident and cocky, but you will never catch RL.

  • Anonymous

    Damn son I didn't think Dame would be co-signing this dress wearing homo. " Hes not about doing no negative shit. Hes about really being artistic and pushing the bar." Didn't Rocky beat up a girl?

    • Anonymous

      Asap Rockey is from Harlem, so is Dame Dash. That probably has something to do with it.

    • Anonymous

      "The rapper has faced a number of assault claims over the last couple of years. Video, which appeared to show the rapper slapping an Australian fan after she blew him a kiss, surfaced in June 2013. One year earlier, in December, Rocky pled guilty to attempted grand larceny after he allegedly beat up two men who took pictures of him yelling at another man; they accused him of trying to take their camera during the incident. In October of the same year, he and a group of people allegedly attacked a stagehand at a New York City venue, complaining about the size of the stage and reportedly putting him in the hospital. He was also arrested that July for fighting with a man inside a New York clothing store after the man confronted him for using drugs in the shop; Rocky struck a plea deal, getting probation and three days of community service."

    • Anonymous

      "A$AP Mob kingpin A$AP Rocky is facing a lawsuit after he allegedly slapped fan Lisamarie Wade at last September's Made in America Festival so hard that she hit the ground. The incident supposedly occurred as Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, made his way through the crowd. Wade reports that she still suffers from "muscle spasm, migraine headaches, intense pain that radiates from her shoulders and into her arms and fingers and exacerbation of pre-existing conditions," as a result of the alleged altercation, according to the suit as reported by Courthouse News Service. Wade previously filed criminal charges against Rocky, but the case was dismissed after a state witness failed to appear."

    • Anonymous

      he beat you up? i wouldnt be putting that out in the streets

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