De La Soul To Record DJ Premier, Pete Rock Mixtape

De La Soul is set to work on a mixtape comprised of DJ Premier and Pete Rock beats.

De La Soul is planning a mixtape that could feature beats from DJ Premier and Pete Rock.

“Right now we’re just accumulating beats,” De La's Dave says to XXL. “[DJ Premier and Pete Rock] have been sending us beats. No real idea of what the theme is gonna be, the theme behind the title [Premiem Soul On The Rocks], what that’s gonna be, if it’s gonna be skits, if it’s gonna be songs, remakes, whatever it is. Right now we’ve just been accumulating beats and waiting for Premier to handle some stuff as well." 

This year was the 25-year anniversary of 3 Feet High And Rising

Earlier this year, De La released Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. which was made with J Dilla beats. 

In June, De La spoke with HipHopDX about the formation of the Native Tongues movement

This year, DJ Premier and Pete Rock have done a slew of interviews discussing their work on 1994's Illmatic. In April, the two producers spoke with HipHopDX about this.

There is no release date for the potential DJ Premier, Pete Rock mixtape that De La is planning. They will reportedly begin working on it in September.  

Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. can be streamed below.

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  • Anonymous

  • PAhiphopFAN

    They been working on this for like 2 years now.. still hyped!

  • Anonymous

    I think I just pissed Myself. This gonna be the shiznit.

  • son of sax

    OH BOYEEEE!!! This mixtape will make everything better: If you're going thru a divorce, this mixtape will make everything better. If you found out that KRS-One decided to call it quits.... If you found out the legalization of weed was the biggest SIKE!!!! Ever..... If you found out the kids wasnt yours.....

  • reggie_chicago

    De La Soul = grandpa rap at it's worst. BTW Premier and Pete Rock are washed up and haven't beat a worthy beat for ever two decades. We are in 2014 now, not 1994, these old washed up rappers/producers need to be kicked out of the game.

    • Dave

      I have lost all faith in everyone a favour and go buy a horse, move to the mountains and never bother anyone ever again

    • Anonymous

      Yeah same goes for your momma fa not suckin dick correctly she should have just swallowed you and done us all a good favor lol.

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