Jay Z Comments On California Proposition 47

Jay Z mentions California Prop 47 during "On The Run Tour" stop in Pasadena, California.

Jay Z commented on California Proposition 47 during his On The Run Tour stop with Beyonce in Pasadena, California Sunday (August 3).  

“Prop 47, California: Build more schools, less prisons,” the rapper said before performing his 1998 single “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).” “More schools, less prisons, California. They’ll never be able to stop us."

Proposition 47 is scheduled to be featured on the ballot of California’s November election. The propositions’s supporters say that it "will improve public safety, reduce prison spending and invest hundreds of millions in K-12 schools, victim services, and mental health and drug treatment,” according safetyandschools.com.

The site also says the reform Prop 47 would initiate would reduce some non-violent crimes to misdemeanors, among other things.

An Instagram post of Jay Z’s statement is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    Never be able to stop us? From what, selling crack?

  • NotAhater

    I swear i really love Jay-z but that name and voice is super annoying to me since Magna Carter lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Shawn Carter Foundation is a mothetfucking fraud, wake up, schmuck, and pay attention to the last 15 years of NYC history.

  • Anonymous

    Shawn Carter is human dogshit; if the scumbag cared anything about "education" he'd have stepped up long before this in Brooklyn, for starters. Hell, he might even read a book himself someday!

    • dashing28

      NYC, used to work in Teach for America. And I know kids who got scholarships from the foundation. So shut the fuck up and don't speak on what you don't know about...

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^ dumbass, you're not from NYC are you?

    • dashing28

      Oh you mean like the Shawn Carter Foundation established over a decade ago that gives $ for education to kids in poor communities, including Brooklyn? http://www.shawncartersf.com/about/mission-statement/ Do some research before you spout some ignorant shit. One man, no matter how rich, will never have the reach of the govenrment to have an impact on the education spending. Why not rep him when he tries to do something positive instead of just saying it isn't enough?

  • tek

    my azz, if he wants more skool why don't he build sum or invest in programs that do? Such a fraud smh

  • Anonymous

    You know the audience got pissed off when they Googled Prop 47 expecting to find a new clothing or liquor brand.

  • SMFH

    I can't stand when this moron tries to comment on political issues. Only hood rat idiots think he has valuable information to pass along. He is a part of the reason so many kids choose the street over school to begin with!

    • singlehandedly

      yup, jayz is the reason why crime and violence exist in black communities. If only he didn't exist, black plight would be completely vanquished....smh, niggaz is dumb

  • A

    fuck school the only life for a nigga is prison. i aint going to no educoncentration camp

  • Anonymous

    Jay gettin involved? Mayor of NYC? Who knows?

  • Anonymous

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