Jay Z Comments On California Proposition 47

Jay Z mentions California Prop 47 during "On The Run Tour" stop in Pasadena, California.

Jay Z commented on California Proposition 47 during his On The Run Tour stop with Beyonce in Pasadena, California Sunday (August 3).  

“Prop 47, California: Build more schools, less prisons,” the rapper said before performing his 1998 single “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).” “More schools, less prisons, California. They’ll never be able to stop us."

Proposition 47 is scheduled to be featured on the ballot of California’s November election. The propositions’s supporters say that it "will improve public safety, reduce prison spending and invest hundreds of millions in K-12 schools, victim services, and mental health and drug treatment,” according safetyandschools.com.

The site also says the reform Prop 47 would initiate would reduce some non-violent crimes to misdemeanors, among other things.

An Instagram post of Jay Z’s statement is as follows:

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