Charlamagne Says T.I. Is "Gucci Mane Crazy"

Charlamagne advises Floyd Mayweather to leave T.I. alone if he wants to "stop them choppas from flying."

While addressing Atlanta rapper T.I.’s recent run-in with boxer Floyd Mayweather, radio host Charlamagne shared his belief that the Grand Hustle lyricist may in fact be “Gucci Mane crazy.” Charlamagne spoke on the matter during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV and went on to explain the reasoning behind giving T.I. that label.

According to The Breakfast Club personality, T.I. is willing to “die about his” when it concerns his family.

“T.I.’s Gucci Mane crazy, ya know? I’m telling you,” Charlamagne said. “I think T.I.’s as crazy as Gucci. And I’mma tell you why I think that. His track record shows it. His track record fuckin shows it…T.I. ain’t never been afraid to die about his. He’ll let you know ‘I’mma die about mine.’ I really, truly believe T.I. will die about his. T.I. said ‘Yo, you disrespect me or my family I’m down to die about mine.’ T.I. wants to die about his. He’s just looking for a reason. Looking for a reason. He wish a mothafucka would. And putting the choppa to the Money Team is probably one of the ways he would probably want to go out. Leave that man and his wife alone…I bet you ain’t nobody ever thought about running up on Floyd and his security guards anywhere.”

Charlamagne again encouraged Mayweather to leave both T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle alone if he wants to “stop them choppas from flying.”

“I think Mayweather need to leave T.I. the fuck alone,” he said. “That’s what I think. I think that he needs to leave that whole situation alone. If you say you don’t sleep with married women, don’t even address that situation anymore. When the dude yelled out ‘What about T.I.?’ He should have ignored him. You the best defensive fighter in the world, but you don’t know how to duck a fucking question? You didn’t have to answer that. You let that fucking question hit you right in the face. ‘Boom!’ ‘I fucked his bitch. I fucked his bitch’…I watched that video about 100 times cause I was on a plane. I didn’t see no ‘He thinks I’m fucking his bitch.’ All I seen was ‘I’m fucking his bitch. Fucking his bitch.’ Let me tell you something, man. You can be the greatest defensive fighter in the world. You can roll with 30, 40 security guards. You playing with a man’s wife ain’t none of that shit gonna stop them choppas from flying, dawg. And if it’s one mothafucka that we know is crazy in Hip Hop—He actually don’t get enough credit for how crazy he is. T-I-mothafuckin-P.”

During a recent interview with Vibe magazine, Tiny spoke on the status of her relationship with T.I. The former Xscape singer revealed that they’re currently “working on” their relationship.

"Will our music affect our real-life relationship? I really don't know," Tiny said last month. "I mean if it does, I hope it's in a good way. Hopefully, it works out in our favor in the end. All I know is that I'm working on it. We're working on it."



  • Cohiba C

    Snitch or no snitch, this is still the person responsible for unleashing Iggy Azalea. That's far worse than snitching!

  • What

    No where is T.I as crazy Gucci Mane, not even close that nigga Gucci is straight 7:30, the nigga Gucci got paper son, T.I and the other hand is a Fag

  • Anonymous

  • Lothario

    Damn rap is fuckin' corny now. The artists, the fans, the gay ass gossipers, the music, the whole culture. Shit is for kids and immature adults. It's like wrestling, minus the talent and imagination.

  • D-Block

    you the best defensive fighter in the world but you cant duck a question LMAO He right TI is one them niggas he went to lil flips hood in the middle of their beef to start shit. He had beef wit shawty lo so shot a video in the middle of bankhead waiting on him to turn up. Thugs in sum club had wayne n 2 chainz shook tip pulled out a knife like wuz happinin patnaaa lmao

  • Anonymous

    T.I. a 5'4 pop nigga n dont want it w money

  • Atlanta's Own

    I can't believe how misinformed some of you people are. T.I. did serve time for them guns, and the only reason it was only a year and a day is because he hired not 1, not 2, not 3, or even 4 or 5, but SIX lawyers to fight his case. The best of the best. Lawyers that play golf with the D.A. on the weekend. And he's even posted videos saying "Oh I heard I'm a snitch, if I snitched on somebody, please, I'm asking the person that I snitched on to make themselves public and let it be known who I snitched on". That was over half a decade ago, to this day, no papers have surfaced, and nobody has come forward saying "HEY I'M THE PERSON THAT T.I. SNITCHED ON!!" It would have happened by now don't you think?

  • Guwop

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep were 12/14 years old when they met at the school of arts, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - snoop was never a crip - ice cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a G? - Eminem says he hate gay people but did a song with Elton John??? Gucci aint nothing to fuck with!

  • International J

    @daddyfatsac Here's another Stan. How do you know Gucci is the realest? You don't even know this dude. He might be faker than you. Yak don't know these cats. Just say you like his music and leave it at that. I got a question also, who has TI fingered? Who's goon to jail because TI "snitched" Where's the paperwork? That's like saying Gucci snitched when dude tried to Jack him and got shot. C'mon stan? P.s. is hay to take another nigga name as your screen name. You and "big gucci" need to get together your both some groupies.

  • Anonymous

    "T.I. aint never been afraid to die about his. Hell let you know Imma die about mine. I really, truly believe T.I. will die about his. T.I. said Yo, you disrespect me or my family Im down to die about mine. T.I. wants to die about his." So... T.I. is gonna die for his? Just want to make sure we're on the same page.

  • Anonymous

    all these rappers are fake and the real niggas are in jail

  • Anonymous

    ya'll niggas idiots talkin bout he snitched fuckin' what he sered a year in jail your talking about a goddamn music star in the UNITED STATES fame fuckin wins over most of the time he aint snitched shit y'all just start bullshit to make a spot fo otha niggas

  • Kev

    Ya'll forget about TIP in Houston brawling with Flip..... Ya'll forget about TIP getting at Shawty Lo, recently getting at Apollo, etc. TIP got the whole Bankhead behind him!


    How dare this fuck nigga disrespect the emperor. That snitch shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the last of the real niggas Big Gucci. How many bodies has T I caught. How many beer bottles has t i smashed. He aint on guccis level snitch ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      @ Big Gucci The Ruler Seriously dude why are you so far up Gucci ass hole. Is one thing to like the cat music but you take dick riding to a whole nother level. Gucci balls gotta be sore as fuck. Gucci mane don't even know you, I don't understand why cats be groupis. Smh. This article could be about chips and sodas and you'll be like 'Gucci like chips and sodas' gtfoh

    • ETK

      beer bottles smashed don't mean shit you troll Chris Brown got em bottles flyin he ain't hard

  • stfuuignants

    Who cares who's the hardest. Discussions that only take place about black celebrities. smdh

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    TI is a whit attention whore grouped in with Game bipolar mofuckas

  • daddyfatsac

    Charlamagne looks like he be getting his fact from AOL News. bruh.T.I. is far from Gucci crazy.Gucci a real nigga;T.I. a rat and he even knows it. No one can be able to serve no jail for having caught with weapons enough to start a little war in the back of there trunk, without ratting someOne out.its just impossible come on Charla- look at the bigger picture man Charlamagne wouldn't know a real n!gga if he came and decked him in his jaw.

    • Walter White Here is proof it was more than silencers, you dumb fuck

    • Anonymous

      lol how did they let a silly nigga like you own 3 assault weapons? they should have said this nigga is too silly to own a weapon but he has all the legal paperwork so we'll haze him and give this fool one that jams easily so he doesnt shoot himself hahahahahahah bitch. tell me where you live ill come to your door with a full vest and impregnate your dauighter.

    • Anonymous

      @walter white He wasn't purchasing assault weapons dumbass, he was trying to purchase silencers. Assault rifles are legal, I know because I have three. The silencers was what's illegal. And you can get 6 to 18 months for possessing a silencer. Know what you talking about before you dirty that man name. You wouldn't like it if ppl were spreading rumors saying that you WEREN'T GAY!

    • Anonymous

      lol talk bout charlotte burying his crack cocaine

    • A

      charlamagne talked about how he got too high one time and now he looks down on all niggas and advocates being scared of everything. thats his thing he love being afraid and telling other niggas to be fearful

  • Bluecheezeitz

    Instead of worrying about two grown a** men, listen to this quality music! They got too much money to be fighting over a women. I'm trying to be in their position, not talk about what they doing on the daily! Blue Cheeze: EP Purchase/Stream iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: #COOL

  • mynameisill

    go here. h ttp://

  • Walter White

    LOL Charlamagne talking about TI is hard because of the assault weapons he was caught with, but what about him serving no jail time? Sounds like a snitch not a hard ass nigga. How can you be caught with assault weapons, trying to purchase assault weapons, and not go to jail???? He talked to the feds

    • Walter White

      You dumb ass niggas, here is proof dumb fucks, he was buying more than silencers, try reading

    • BP3

      one year in the pen is not not going to jail mo'fucka he's got money for pro bono lawyers. he got a celebrity deal thanks to paper trail going double plat. I thought that was fuckin explained already. this snitch talk is old af

    • Anonymous

      White: Hein? Regular tough guy, rightttt. Killed a thousand people, rightttt, you walk around saying 'whatsup my nigga' and think you are black, yeah.

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    • Anonymous

      If Nas was ever on a Zaytoven beat id shit myself. it would be like doves being released by an ocean view

  • Big Bad Eighteen Gangsters, E'z up!

    No doubt, TI is no joke. Floyd needs to step off before he and his money team eat hollow points.

    • HK

      look what up nigga there's never been any proof he snitched

    • Walter White

      How is TI hard? He was a snitch in his assault weapons case, look it up. No one gets off with no jail time for owning and trying to purchase an assault weapon.

  • Big Bad Barrio 18, so fuck you!

    I posted the comment on another news article. Floyd definitely better be careful. Messing with another man's wife is a really bad idea, homie.

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