Remy Ma Discusses Prison Infractions, Big Pun's Faith In Her Skills

Remy Ma: "Of course I was getting into it with people. If only you could see my list of disciplinary infractions."

Remy Ma, who was recently released from prison after serving more than six years on assault charges, spoke with Fader about what it was like when she was first incarcerated. 

"You go from a nice house in Jersey—'Oh, my Benz is parked here, my Jeep is parked there'—to a cell where you sit by yourself and a door you can’t walk out of when you want to," Remy Ma says. "Those first days, I didn’t want to hear anything from anybody. I just wanted to be by myself, but people were like, 'So how is Jay Z? What is this person like? Is it true that that person is pregnant?' I wished I could just be regular and anonymous. And of course I was getting into it with people. If only you could see my list of disciplinary infractions from those days. People try you, like, 'Oh word? She’s a rapper?' But I met so many great people, too, and got close to so many girls here." 

Remy's incarceration followed a blossoming career in Rap that featured a co-sign from Big Pun, an emcee who guided her through early experiences in the industry. In this interview, Remy reveals how she found out the late great emcee had passed. 

"I found out that Pun passed in a cab," she says. "They were saying it on the radio, and I’m sitting there, like, 'Pun is gon' curse them out like a dog when he hears them saying he passed.' I had just seen him, and he was fine. He was actually talking about how he lost mad weight and showing old pictures of when he was cock diesel. So I called him and didn’t get an answer. I couldn’t believe it. When I had shouted Pun out on the 'Ante Up' remix, it wasn’t to get any type of brownie points. He was the person that believed in me so much and had made so many plans for me, and he never got to see it happen." 

Remy's initial release from prison was reportedly delayed due to an infraction, but she was released a few days later. The emcee also released her first song the day after her release, a track outlining her return in "They Don't Love You No More (Remix)." 

Since her release, Remy has also said she would want to record with several acts, including Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Meek Mill.

For more on Remy, view the DX Daily below.



  • Anonymous

  • POPE

    I remember back in the day my cousin used to manage her. she used to be in the crib all the time. remy was always nice on the mic and she can beat a bitch ass lol

  • Papoose

    First time back and I made the bitch do the motherfucking dishes.

  • Anonymous

    "it was fat joe/scott storch. she merely had a verse on a song that would have been hot without her" Exactly. She got a little shine off it, but Fat Joe already stated she like the other Terror Squad bums, didn't want to put in work on their own albums. They expected Joe to do everything for them, so in the end they got dropped. Her freedom is good for her family, but she's not coming out to a career.

  • myanameisill

    rappers go here

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  • Anonymous

    No one cared about Remy when she was free and making music before or while she was locked up lol


      New niggas always resort to sales figures, relevancy, and net worth to prove a point lol. Fuck up outta here with that bullshit. you're talking from a new aged pop perspective. There's Something About Remy showcased her lyrical abilities and quite frankly, it was a decent album. She was/still is the last of a dying breed of femcees.

    • Anonymous

      lean back was not her single, idiot. it was fat joe/scott storch. she merely had a verse on a song that would have been hot without her. do you know how discs her first album sold? I bet you don't. her first joint was aluminum. who is her audience going to be, the women incarcerated at bedford hills - you are truly an incapable fool

    • Anonymous

      u must be 12. lean back was a number 1 single

    • Edubb

      Then you 2 are fucking stupid. If you knew anything you would know Remy ma is the shit but you 2 stupid niggas dont know shit. You are right about lil boosie he is hot garbage his stupid ass should still be locked up. But Remy ma is a whole different story she actually has lyrical skills. You 2 lil baby ass niggas should look up some of her music.

    • Anonymous

      same with Boosie. Actually no one cares about Boosie again, same thing will happen to Remy in another month.

  • Anonymous

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  • jimjim

    lets see what she does

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