Common Details 5 Favorite J Dilla Beats, Revisits Ice Cube Beef

Common questioned about those in Chicago suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, refers to the city as a war zone.

As an up-and-comer in Hip Hop during the time he was dissed by former N.W.A rapper Ice Cube on the Mack 10 track “Westside Slaughterhouse,” Common says he felt a variety of emotions following the diss. While speaking with Devi Dev of 93.7 The Beat, the Chicago wordsmith revealed that he was both mad and happy upon hearing the record.

He says he was happy because of the recognition he got from Cube on the song, but felt he needed to respond and did so with the diss track, “The Bitch In Yoo.”

“I’m a warrior at the end of the day,” Common said. “At the point it was just for me one of those things where if you continuously diss me then I’m gonna have to come back at you. And when I come back at you I’m gonna come like for real. And that’s really—First of all, I loved Ice Cube and N.W.A. I grew up listening to them. So, when I first even got dissed by Cube I was mad, but I was kinda like ‘Dang, he know who I am.' I was like ‘yo.’ I was kinda happy that he knew who I was cause I was just getting out there. But I felt that it was necessary for me to do that cause you just can’t walk over me.”

Common later spoke on the late J Dilla after being asked why there are two different versions to the Dilla-produced track, “So Far To Go.” After speaking on the song, he then revealed his favorite Dilla beats, which include “You Know What Love Is,” “Thelonious,” “E=MC2,”and “Afrodisiac.” “So Far To Go” was also mentioned as a Dilla favorite.

“Well, because—First of all I love that beat. J Dilla is just—Man, he’s one of the greatest to ever do music ever,” he said when asked about the two versions of “So Far To Go.” “But I just wrote the first version and then I just felt like I could do better. So, I wrote a second version and then we just put both of them out…This time we was like ‘Man, let’s just let ‘em both ride.’ Some people—I appreciated some of the stuff I did in the first one and I appreciated some of the stuff I did in the second one. So, we just let it ride.”

Before addressing J Dilla and Ice Cube, Common spoke on the violence prominent in his hometown of Chicago. He compared residing in the city to being in a war zone and added that before children have to go through both physical and emotional war they should be given a proper education and take part in programs that encourage them to pursue other endeavors.

“It is war,” the rapper said. “To think about this—If you coming up at a time where your parents are not there and then it’s just people that you know are getting killed. You dealing with fear of your life and then you gotta like combat somebody with maybe taking their life. That’s war. It’s war, mental war. It’s like—Sometimes it becomes physical war. It’s emotional war. And you right, kids go through that and they don’t have proper treatment or counseling, whatever. My thing is before they have to go to war give ‘em programs and give ‘em the proper education. So, before you even start that path you can be like ‘Man, you know what? I want to do something with my life.’ Whether it be an artist. Be an engineer. Whatever it may be. A radio personality. Whatever your dream is…I feel like those things need to be put in front of our children. In front of kids, so that they can be like ‘Okay, I got some hope. I see something at the end of the road.’”

Common’s interview with Devi Dev comes days after the rapper released his tenth studio album, Nobody’s Smiling.

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  • Anonymous

    Two Can Win has always been my jam.

  • Anonymous

  • tmosbeatz

    I can see why people loved seeing him work but......his beatz aren't unlike you basic hiphop head.

    • R.Pgh

      I think when you consider some of his earlier stuff under the name Jay Dee and his work with the Ummah, you can see how he helped shaped the creativity in production for hip hop. His early work with Pharcyde, ATCQ, and De La Soul are some of the best beats I've ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this war zone shit. Seriously. Everything happening out here is happening in any other big city, yet everybody wanna make Chicago the poster child for fuckery

  • Hermione Granger

    I Don't Know 1nce Again Got Till I't's Gone (Jay Dee The Ummah Remix) Think Twice Soul Power these are my OMG favourites

  • Hidden By Leaves

    Dilla's 5 beast beats were all on Champion Sound.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    "The Loneliest"...LMAO!!!!

  • Nas - Nastalgia Tracklist

    1)Intro 2)Snowflakes ft Your Old Droog (prod. by Salaam Remi) 3)Generic ft Rick Ross & DJ Khaled (prod. by The Runners, co- prod. by DJ Khaled) 4)Groupie* (prod. by DJ Premier)*contains sample of "Surviving The Times" performed by Nas 5)Booty Calls ft R'Kelly (prod. by Trackmasters) 6)Half* ft Keri Hilson (prod. by Polow Da Don) *contains excerpts from "Raw" performed by Eddie Murphy 7)Nastalgia (prod. by Large Professor) 8)From Rags 2 Riches* ft Game, Jay Z, & Chris Brown (prod. by Rick Rubin)*contains sample of "99 Problems" performed by Jay-Z 9)No Saint (prod. by Eminem) 10)Turn Up My Headphones* ft Waka Flocka Flame, Plies, & Lil Jon (prod. by Lil Jon) *contains interpolations of "Turn My Headphones Up" performed by Dave Chapelle 11)Nowhere Ta Be Found ft Soulja Boy & Bobby Shmurda (prod. by Zaytoven; co-prod. by Soulja Boy) 12)Trouble* ft Ludacris & Miley Cyrus (prod. Mike-Will-Made-It)*contains sample of "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" performed by Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff 13)Rubbers ft Destiny Jones (prod. by Big K.R.I.T.) 14)Ugly* (prod. by Timbaland)*contains sample of "Ugly" performed by Bubba Sparxxx 15)Chick Fil A Skit 16)Revolutionary (prod. by RZA) 17)Let Freedom Reign ft Lauryn Hill (prod. by Trackmasters) 18)Blood Of A Slave (prod. by J. Cole) 19)Outro

  • Zoj

    whoever wrote this article is dumb! the beat's name is "Thelonius" not "The Loneliest". it was both on Common's Like Water For Choclate album and Slum Village's Vol.2

  • Anonymous

    Is Elam Ferguson really dead or will he be making an appearance next week?

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