Capone Details Tragedy Khadafi's Involvement In Upcoming C-N-N Album

Exclusive: Capone says Tragedy Khadafi will bring his Intelligent Hoodlum insight to C-N-N's upcoming Penalty Entertainment album.

Capone and Noreaga are back as C-N-N and they've also linked up with Tragedy Khadafi for the duo's upcoming album on Penalty Entertainment

"Yeah Trag my bro, man," Capone says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "Trag is the reason I got into music and I'm the reason N.O.R.E. got into music. It’s like a chisel effect, a chain effect." 

Capone says he met Tragedy in the studio one day, while he was with Jayo Felony and Jam Master Jay. 

"He was freestylin and I was upstate New York hustling," Capone says. "Trag was like, ‘You should leave that shit alone. You should get your money. I could get you a record deal.’ And then the rest is history. 

"Me and N.O.R.E. was locked up together," he continues. "We tried to be rappers together. We never even thought about it and when he came home, I seen an opportunity where I could get my brother some money, too, and we could make it happen. So that’s we were going to do. We grouped up and became a team as C-N-N and then Trag took it from there. He molded us 'cause we wasn’t seasoned. We never been in the studio, so he really molded us and taught us how to make records and that’ll always be my brother."

Capone says that same type of influence that Tragedy had on earlier works is revisited on the group's upcoming effort. 

"On this album, same thing," Capone says. "He's giving us an insight as being the Intelligent Hoodlum and all of them different alter egos he got. He’s giving it to us on this album. He’s definitely involved in this album." 

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  • Anonymous

  • PATHH88

    ABOUT FUCKING TIME, TRAG IS THE REASON THE WAR REPORT WAS AS HARD AS IT WAS, THERE IS NO CNN WITHOUT TRAG. NORE whole style changed up, not necessarily for the better, after that first album-hopefully Trag gets em both back on that real grimy NY soundscape shit. Tracks like Iraq (See The World), T.O.N.Y., Driver's Seat, Halfway Thugs, the joint Lord Finesse produced(track 8 on album), Black Gangstas etc etc FUCKIN CLASSIC ALBUM from start to finish (ok one track is garbage Capone Bone, didnt fit in with the rest of the album, but can forgive that cos the rest of the album is fuckin hard).

  • drake wonder

    nore is one of the realest thugs in nyc, or at least was. dude totally killed prodigy's career lol!

  • Back Block

    Capone could of been talked about like nas n cormega if he had of stayed out of prison cause he is one the best mc's outta queens listen to how he kilt nore on every track on the reunion album. If capone had of been given the beats noreaga has had over the years shit he would of kilt them cause to be real nore is pretty average banned from tv is a classic but you get to nores verse after the what what what what hype shit he spits garbage. Nore better businessman with better ear for beats I guess

  • Anonymous

    Mega ya album Maga Philosophy still flopped.

  • kevin smith

    praise the lord its about damn time these cats should of never broken up trag capone and nore bring the best out of each other and they better go back to war report the whole album i cant wait for thie new joint to come out word up

  • Anonymous

    I expect nothing but classic!

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