Jay Z, Beyonce Attend Rapper's Mother's Restaurant Opening

Jay Z and Beyonce join Gloria Carter at her new restaurant, Diamondz N Da Ruff.

Jay Z and Beyonce reportedly attended a restaurant opening for Diamondz N Da Ruff, a new establishment recently opened by the Roc rapper's mother, Gloria Carter in Newark, New Jersey. 

The couple attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and the champagne toast at Diamondz. They reportedly stayed in the building for 15 minutes as Beyonce and Gloria Carter got along well, according to TMZ

The publication didn't get the photograph below because of a paparazzi they hired. Instead, they say they got it "by chance."

Gloria Carter's been mentioned in several Jay Z rhymes throughout the rapper's career. 

"I was conceived by Gloria Carter and Adnes Reeves," Jay Z raps on "December 4," "Who made love under the sycamore tree / Which makes me A more sicker emcee / And my momma would claim / At 10 pounds, when I was born, I didn't give her no pain."

Gloria Carter appears throughout the song, detailing stories about Jay Z's life, from childhood bike riding to rapping while beating on the kitchen table.

Carter has also worked with Jay Z on his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation



  • Anonymous

    All I see in here is racial comments coming from a bunch of white nobodies! Jay's mom is getting paid much more than any of your rich daddy's and whoever else got money stupid ass behind the screens white pussies!

  • Anonymous

    What was on the menu, grilled betrayal?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I give this shithole maybe 2 years before it's closed.


    Wasn't Diamondz In Da Ruff the name of one of the first groups signed to Rocafella? Interesting.

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    "Diamondz In Da Ruff"?... The fuck kind of name is that, it sounds like the name of a pawn shop, a jewelry store, a smoke shop, a strip club. Who the fuck wants to eat at a restaurant called Diamondz In Da Ruff? Ghetto dwellers? Fried chicken enthusiasts? How fucking hood is this restaurant, you think middle class or upper class earners will want to eat here? Fuck no, it doesnt even sound appealing, what a zero class establishment title, I assume her target consumers are black folk, I doubt whites, mexicans, italians, whoever the fuck lives nearby would eat at this ghetto zoo. SMFH

  • Anonymous

    can't help but hate, the message of jay z is material wealth which sums it all up and dumns it right the fuck down, what a clown, every move he make gets covered and force fed to the population as if the struggle is dead and over, what a bunch of crocadile

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the idiots saying the "rumors" aren't true, they are fucking done! You queerboys can continue believein what you wish though. DX is always 1st to get the scoop.......

  • Anonymous

    "Diamondz N Da Ruff" It's sad to see a 60-70 year old woman spelling like shit a teenager. Why couldn't it be Diamonds In The Rough?

  • Marcus

    maybe because the divorce rumors aren't true, go watch tmz if you wanna hear gossip

  • Way Behind Others

    Interesting that DX is the only site that is not reporting the imminent divorce that is scheduled for after this tour.

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