Freeway Ricky Ross Says Supreme Court Case Against Rick Ross Is "A Long Shot"

"I gave it a valid fight and I think in the end the courts are gonna rule in their favor," he says.

Speaking with President Bejda and Mac Jay of the Murder Master Music Show, Freeway Ricky Ross detailed the status of his court case against the rapper who co-opted his name and also spoke about his recently released autobiography.

Asked if he’s ever encountered MMG founder Rick Ross face-to-face, Freeway Ricky Ross explained having seen him once at a court deposition.

“Yeah, we did,” he said. “One time in Miami during a deposition we were face-to-face. Never on the street. We haven’t had an encounter on the street yet.”

While on the show, Ricky Ross also updated the interviewers on his court case.

“We filed to the Supreme Court but that’s a long shot,” he said. “I gave it a valid fight and I think in the end the courts are gonna rule in their favor. You know, I did  everything I could. Right now I'm focused on this book. The book is out, it’s sick. It’s starting to get the kind of attention that I knew it would. I knew that everybody wanted to know the real story, what really happened and not some made up cartoon bullshit that people been putting out. Right now, I’m behind my book wholeheartedly and not really caring much about the lawsuit anymore ‘cause it’s hard to get the Supreme Court to hear your case let alone rule in my favor.”

Speaking more generally about Rick Ross and the industry at large, Ross went on to allude that the rapper “can’t even be [himself].”

“No homage is ever being paid,” he said. “It wasn’t like that when we came up. When we came up our stars always said good things about the guys before them. Jordan talked about Dr. J and them and shit. Now, you got the new attitude like, ‘Fuck who was before me, I’m better than all of ya’ll.’ It’s all me, me, me now. When you steal a motherfucker’s identity, that’s when you really crossing all the way over. You can’t even be yourself. If you a fake motherfucker you just fake. But when you impersonating somebody else, you the worse kind in my eyes. You faker than a fake motherfucker.”

Promoting his recent biography, Ross said that supporting the release is a fight against “fakism and fraud.”

“Believe it or not, when you buy that book, you’re fighting against fakism and fraud,” he said before describing his current speaking circuit. “I go to high-schools, colleges, junior high-schools, churches. I ain’t holding no punches because I believe the truth can set us free. With them extorting the truth takes away. We got a lot of guys in prison right now from that game. When you go around boasting and bragging about how much money you made selling drugs, it makes it hard on the guys who are actually in jail selling drugs. People, they don’t feel like they should give a guy a break ‘cause they heard you brag about how great the business is and how much money you make.”

Ross also announced a planned October release for an upcoming documentary.

“The documentary will be out in October...we thinking October 17,” he said. “We still have a little ways to go. We got a few things that we working on to get that stabilized. Once we get that stabilized hopefully in a year, maybe a year and a half, we’ll be on the big screen.”


  • Anonymous

    "chased out of detroit scared for his life by trick trick.... gunplay stomped out and robbed at BET awards while all of MMG is there" Scared for his life? He drove away lol If 100 people were crowded around your mom's Audi, I'm sure you'd have second thoughts as well. As for Gunplay, that was his fight not Ross or MMG's. Plus where was Curtis when the fight broke out? Hiding in the car lol

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Yes scared for his life. That's why he went all the way back to Miami before he said shit about it. " As for Gunplay, that was his fight not Ross or MMG's." How was that GP's fight when the only reason he had beef with 50 and G-Unit was because Ross dissed them for no reason after getting his feelings hurt that Curtis didn't wanna give him an autograph at the award show. Curtis is on video getting his licks in the whole time stompin that nigga out until security saved Gunplay's life with that mace.

  • Anonymous

    "If William Roberts really made anything trafficking drugs or had a rep in the streets he wouldn't be a 2nd tier rapper stealing another mans name and identity, he would have his own!!!" You could say the same thing about Jay Z. Supposed big time drug dealer my ass.

  • Anonymous

    Over the last several years he has tried sueing him. Keep up, and Ross has never said this man was a legend. He liked his persona and used his name as his entertainment moniker. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Anonymous

      "Ross has never said this man was a legend." He doesn't need to it's obvious he thought he was thats why he took a legendary street niggas name instead of using Tephlon.

  • Anonymous

    One problem Freeway, you weren't ever a star. William Roberts might have owed you a shout out as a form of respect, but when you try and sue a man don't expect him to feel motivated to meet you face to face and iron shit out.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt try to sue him for years after Ross came out and failed to shout him out or acknowledge him Obviously he was a street legend if chubby prison guards from Miami are naming themselves after him and tattooing his name on their hands.. not to mention Philly Freezer.

  • Anonymous

    When the real Freeway Ricky Ross was sitting in a prison cell William Roberts took an oath to shoot any inmates trying to escape prison.


    Real Drugdealer who killed real people with real Crack. Now a fake Drugdealer took his real name. Real shit.

  • Anonymous

    Don't fall for the oke doke

  • Wash My Car

    Go home old man.

  • Truth

    "People, they dont feel like they should give a guy a break cause they heard you brag about how great the business is and how much money you make. THIS RHYME RIGHT HERE IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING OFFICER RICKY'S GHOSTWRITER COULD EVER COME UP WITH!#RealShit

  • BOY

    At the age of 17, Wayne was in the mean streets of New Orleans gangbangin and living the life of a true thug. At the age of 17, Tupac was in a fancy rich snob school, takin ballet classes, prancing around like a ballerina in his tu-tu. At the age of 17, Kendrick was getting bullied by all of Compton's true blood niggas (which Wayne has connections with) & was a NERD in high school. Nuff said. Lil Wayne is the KIGN of HIP HOP!

    • True Story

      At the age of 17 Boy got beat up by a bunch of black goons when he was trying to buy some weed in the hood. At the age of 17 Boy realized he had strong feelings for the high school jock. At the age of 27 Boy finally came out of the closet At the age of 33 Boy realized he had a special talent for trolling and decided that was he's true calling in life !!!

    • Anonymous

      At the age of 17 Wayne was giving up his booty to Birdman and shoving his tongue down his throat for the opportunity to put out solo records, notice how all the other Hot Boyz fell off and left Cash Money? They didn't want to sacrifice their man hood for money and fame.

  • Anonymous

    u pussy ass white teens bitch about everything. go to another website fuckboys. yall so addicted to this site, yall cant stay away from it. if u hate this website so much y the fuck are u here. Matter a fact pick a different genre of music to listen to, there is no such thing as real hip hop, if im correct the only murderers in the game are Gucci Mane and Game, name another rapper thats actually killed someone, therefore all your so called hip hop legends, are lying about what they rap about. Nas raps about shooting niggas using his gun, but never has, same with Jay, Biggie, Wu-Tang clan, Eminem constantly talks about crazy shit hes never done, so with that being said find please inform me of a "Real Rapper" whose actually spitting their life, please define what "Real Hip Hop Is" k white boys, ill wait.

    • reinhold akambo

      you fuck niggaz better preserve humanity than bullshit-Freeway is tryna finda solution here-stability

    • oldschoolz

      Moment Of Truth - Gangstarr real hip hop ^ for the retard who didnt kno

    • Anonymous

      I see pedo guy is back talking bout them white teens.

    • Anonymous

      Game never killed anyone wtf u talkin bout. Snoop, RZA and C Murder all caught bodies. Lost of rappers did dirt and never got caught so they're not going to snitch on themselves to make you happy.

  • Dave

    When I think about the best rappers, Nas, BIG, and 50 come to mind. But you gotta put Drake up there. People always make the case that he's a "simp" or "soft"... But he tells the truth. He talks about what he knows, which is mostly love. But when he starts sending shots everybody calls him fake. If somebody was coming at you, would you just stand there? Drake never claimed to be something he's not and continues to be on top of the game. Top 5 in the game right now !

  • Anonymous

    im gonna buy his book just so show support to a real niggas, fuck officer tRickys hand cuffing, booty searching snitch ass!!!

  • International J

    Rapper Ricky ain't sold no millions of dollars in drugs, if that was the case he wouldn't have to shop his early albums on slip n slide and suave house, he would funnel some of that alleged drug money into a label. This nigga got you fooled.

  • Anonymous

    i find it funny that both are called ricky ross, have a shaved head, the same beard and both made millions of dollars trafficking drugs lol. anyone can see william thought rick ross was gonna be locked away for life, probably read his file, because he had access and thought ha i'll steal his identity.

    • Anonymous

      "and both made millions of dollars trafficking drugs" WTF are you talking about? If William Roberts really made anything trafficking drugs or had a rep in the streets he wouldn't be a 2nd tier rapper stealing another mans name and identity, he would have his own!!!

    • Anonymous

      Highly doubt it, anybody with an ounce of street knowledge or street history knows the difference between Freeway Rick from California and Rick Ross the rapper from Miami but maybe the suburbs are really that stupid.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Dat nogga is a fucking fraud everytime officer ricky open is mouth a lie come out

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that fake nigga Ross is getting bodied one of these days. He done go too deep

    • Anonymous

      shot up on his own birthday in his own city while driving around dolo with his girl chased out of detroit scared for his life by trick trick gunplay stomped out and robbed at BET awards while all of MMG is there only a matter of time

  • truth

    Officer Ricky wish he was the real Rick Ross, making 3 million a day off of cocaine... but hes not. Anybody listening and supporting Officer Ricky is a fake motherfucker. You mfs like frauds. Skinny jeans saggin homos

    • Anonymous

      ^ You homosexual right ?

    • Anonymous

      Bruthadee is lying he dont listen to Em. LOL Rozay spent years in prison just like the real Rick Ross, only he was on the other side of the cell and making young black males spread their anuses so he could fist them in search of the drugs he raps about selling...

    • Anonymous

      I doubt Tupac wanted to be the real Machiavelli who spent years in prison and I doubt Rozay wanted to be the real Freeway Rick who spent years in prison, it's a lot more fun to recite rhymes for millions while using the stage name of a notorious person. I support any music that sounds good to my ears even though the people making the music might be drug dealers, murderers, robbers, rapists, and other assorted criminals, I even still listen to Emenem after his racist rap songs were exposed.

  • rgawd

    you did that to yourself, you could have speak to him and see how things could be fix... but naw he wanted to be with 50, trying to destroy rozay... ross can change his name to rozay as diddy did it many times ago

    • Anonymous

      he did what to himself? he made William Roberts steal his identity and fail to acknowlege his existence? he even once denied knowing who Freeway Rick Ross was and said his stage name came from mistakenly hearing class mates calling him big boss.

    • LOL

      LOL We got one ^ faker than a fake motherfucker @rgawd How did he to that to 'himself' Rick Ross is HIS original name and the COP Rick Ross stole his name. This new generation is full of imbeciles, you have zero common sense and logic.

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