Dame Dash Says Lyor Cohen Negatively Impacted His Relationship With Jay Z

Dame Dash details why he believes former Def Jam Records executive Lyor Cohen is bad for Hip Hop culture and claims he ruined his relationship with Jay Z and Curren$y, among others.

The history of Dame Dash's time at Def Jam Records and his relationship with former label executive Lyor Cohen is long and storied.

Recently sitting down with Complex TV, Dash talked about why he believed Lyor Cohen is bad for Hip Hop culture and claims his decisions have hurt certain situations.

"I personally don't like how he interfered with my personal relationship with Jay Z and the history that could have been made had he not did what he did and the way he did it," he said. "I think he should be questioned for it. I'm not usually one to speak on other people's business... like I've seen the way he's treated friends of mine. Irv Gotti, I feel like he robbed Irv Gotti of DMX and Ja Rule and I didn't see them support Irv when he was having his defining moments. No one sent me any kites in my defining moments and I just don't think it's fair to continuously make money off our culture, not make money off your own culture, not use any of your money to help our culture but use the money you make from us to help your own culture and then not to give the respect to the people that are the DNA of the culture and to instill a mentality that we need to ask another culture to put out our own music. I don't like who he empowers and how he empowers them."

Dame Dash Says Lyor Cohen Hurt His Relationship With Curren$y

He would later describe his distaste for Lyor's decision to hire Todd Moscowitz as head Asylum Records and claimed Moscowitz had no musical background making the move non-sensical. He also said Lyor was destructive in Curren$y's career as well.

"I don't like when he hired Todd Moscowitz to run Asylum," he said. "I don't think Todd as a lawyer knew anything about music. It just seemed like complete nepotism using other people's money. And the 360 deal is dangerous and they invented it and the little that the artist has left, which is his show and his merch, now they're justifying taking it from them. So I don't like the way Joie [Manda] and Lyor and Todd played with my relationship with Curren$y, I think they did a lot to hurt that kid's career... I don't like all the lawyers who made money off him by putting him through the ringer."

I want the creative to be able to roam free and not having to worry about being manipulated by somebody that's smiling, pretending that he's with you but he's robbing you because when they rob you, they don't come as the enemy, they come as a friend."

Finally, Dame claimed that it was Lyor that ruined his relationship with former business partner Jay Z and said Cohen always made it look like the two were fighting.

"I don't like they way they made it look like I had a problem with Jay, I never had a problem with Jay, he's an artist," he said. "My beef was always with Lyor. It was never what they tried to make it look like and they always do that."

Dame Dash also recently sat down with Vlad TV and talked about Lyor Cohen at length. He claimed Cohen ruined Roc-A-Fella Records, calling him "a fake CEO" and a "culture vulture."

Watch the full interview segment below: 





    "...they come as a friend. Pause" lol

  • Fifthave

    Stop your bloodcloth cryin'/the kid, the dog everybody dyin' no lyin'

  • HUH

    Explain to me why we should hate on Dame,just because these companies do. He's their problem, not ours. I'm enjoying him getting at people myself.

  • the broke nigga

    Sounds like DX is a board for old bitter ass men to complain and bitch everyday

  • Anonymous

    isnt this nigga broke?

  • Wash My Car

    When Dame was with Jay, he was brash, arrogant, and an all around butthole. Now all he does is whine and complain, since he's broke. Don't want to hear it. What comes around, goes around.

  • Ole Droog

    The music industry is full of this stuff...culture vultures...even back with rock & roll and how it was once white washed... Lyor Cohen isn't the first, nor the last of these types, he's just the one that most irks Dame, given his experience. But they also enabled him to the point of millions at one point via partnerships. But since the well has run drier than some may wish, it hurts now more than it did before, cause before the money made it hurt less.

  • kennyken

    Man believe that if you want. No man as smart as jay z gonna let another man tarnish his friendships. Jigga made that decision. Face the facts bro, jigga is smart, but very selfish shady too.

  • Frosty

    Just go away Dame, straight up. You bitch and complain, seems like this dude just puts the blame on everyone but himself.

    • Anonymous

      Dame might sound bitter, and he might not be 100% right. But that doesn't mean he's completely wrong, either. Dame isn't innocent. He's been accused of shady shit too, for example, stealing $11 Million from Beanie Sigel. But we all know that Lyor Cohen and all these industry people do SHADY SHIT to exploit artists who don't know better. I say, why NOT let Dame expose these dudes? Hell, I want somebody to expose the shady shit that DAME DID TOO!! More transparency should be welcomed as a GOOD THING. It's only bad for the thieves and vultures.

    • Anonymous

      Like Lyor is hip hop? if you got over being melanin recessive "being" you'd probably listen to dame right?

    • Frosty

      Stop regurgitating wack ass Dame Dash lines and grow a brain.

    • Anonymous

      stop defending that dusty jewish white culture vulture

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