Dame Dash Criticizes Kanye West For Not Helping Kareem "Biggs" Burke

Dame Dash criticizes Kanye West for the way he's treated Biggs and says that he can't stand quiet while this goes on.

Dame Dash says that he is unhappy with the way Kanye West is treating Kareem "Biggs" Burke, a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella who is in prison on drug charges. 

"I just think that Biggs did a lot for Kanye," Dash says in an interview with Complex. "He went out on the line, he fought for him. He was the one that made me fight for Kanye and I just hate the fact that people use us to make their dreams come true and then they act like they got so much respect, but in the times that count, what we were invested in, it was more than just music. It was about our support as a crew. That's why we went all out for Kanye. We went all out for Kanye. I put Kanye out of situations where motherfuckers was going to straight rob him and I'd be like, 'That ain't happenin',' and walk out, and he can keep his chain out and everything, with no guns on us or nothing. There'd be people that really aggressively wanted to stop him from doing what he's doing and we made sure that didn't happen. And then we also made him go to Europe and all of that foundation, everything, every awareness he has is because me and Biggs made him aware of...even the asshole thing. So the fact that, when Biggs is going through a defining moment, that he's just completely not there is something that I just feel like...I'm seeing him everyday spending dough, but he's not, just lookin'...and complainin'. And I'm like, 'Yo man, you not lookin' out for...' This is the DNA of Rock-A-Fella. It was looking out for the people that were looking out for you and you ain't done nothin'. That man has children and I guarantee you Biggs is mad at me for goin' out like that, but I don't care 'cause I'm sick of people doing that man and actin' like its aight."

This isn't the only issue Dash has with West. He says he will handle other issues off the record and in private. 

"Again, the proper respect's not paid but again he might not know no better," Dash adds. "Maybe nobody's teachin' him, but I don't wanna hear nothin' about his problems unless he's lookin' out for the people that looked out for him. I don't want him to give me no props, unless his actions need to speak like that. If he's gonna be so vocal about what's right or wrong then he needs to lead by example. Don't be mad about the way you treated when you not treatin' people right...That's why nobody's fuckin' with him, if they not. I wouldn't turn my back on any one of those people that didn't look out for me because I'm not built like that. It's not the gentleman thing to do. If that man was in trouble, I would still help him, but I'm not gonna sit here and not say nothin'."

While he has these gripes with West, Dame Dash says there is no beef between the two. 

"I ain't got no beef with him," Dash says. "I'm just sayin' that's just how I feel. That's all. Ain't no beef. Don't turn it into that. It's just how I feel about that, but I think the way he's carried Biggs has discredited everything that he's ever said in life, period. The way he carried Biggs. Fuck how he carry me. But the way he carried Biggs is not honorable. So I don't wanna hear about nothin' else he got to say and that's how I feel."

This is not the first time that Dame Dash has criticized people for not supporting Biggs. In May, Dash said, “[Biggs'] doing time. And he’s doing it like a gentleman. I’m not too satisfied with the support of other people that he’s looked out for over the years. I’m not happy with that. It doesn’t matter what people think. I just project it. I don’t project for that. I just project. Like if the shoe fits it has to be worn. If I have an issue with Jay I’ll step to Jay about it. You know what I’m saying? But my point is overall it ain’t Jay. It’s a lot of people that I’ve seen him look out for that are expecting him to ask for help. And he’s not gonna ask for it. He gon’ do his time like a man. He’s not gon’ tell on nobody. And he’s not gonna complain."  

According to the NY Daily News, Burke was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilos of marijuana. 

Biggs and Dash worked with West as part of Kanye's early work with Roc-A-Fella Records.




  • IRO

    Kanye is part of the industry just like Jay z once Jay z got on the inside he dropped Dame and the rest of the Roc crew they didn't fit the upper class jay z is running around wit Dame will forever be talking about who not doing what for those who have fallen off including himself ,Kanye is on that level he will not be caught hanging wit Bigg's he is consider a low life the elites tell this guy who to roll wit ,stop talking tough Dame they already took your money next is jail or death you know the devils game when you out your out

  • LOL

    Muthafuck Kanye! What do you expect from this mf? To make some rational common sense decisions? This muthafucka married THE BIGGEST HOE IN USA! A white slut that fucks only black dick, she fucked every black dude in California and this nigga married her! The game been fucked

  • Anonymous

    Hasn't this article already been posted???

  • Fifthave

    Heard mur'fuckers sayin' they made Hov/ made Hov say okay so make another Hov!!!

    • Bobbylang

      Exactly and if dame is so concerned then Kareem "Biggs" Burke don't need anybody but Dame because he should be holding him down. It's just sad because Biggs was arrsted for drugs and was making a lot of money doing that and he was not asking for money or help from anyone. Biggs is not complaining because Biggs is a real dude that know you don't worry about what the next man is doing or getting. In this world you only owe yourself and are responsible for your actions. Dame blew his money and now is so concerned about another's. Jay Z also put dame to the side and look how that worked out. Dame claimed he was the brains and if that is so then he should be able to put another empire together but as you can see he's more mouth then actions.

    • Anonymous

      He didn't just make hov, he maintained him.

  • Anonymous

    Ye don't owe them nothing. For more entertaining videos Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good ones on there too

  • Not Impressed

    I feel like Dame is upset because Kanye left them and he's using this issue as an excuse to let his anger out on him publically. Do I think Kanye is wrong for shitting on the people who put him on to follow around a camel? Of course. But Dame needs to just swallow his pride and say why he's really upset. Kanye West is one of the biggest hiphop artists in the world, but Dame knows damn well that can't do shit for Biggs. Is Kanye supposed to go to his cell and hold his hand through the bars? Nope, tell them why you're really mad. I'm not impressed

  • hiphoponline

    Biggs and Dame made a lot of $ of of Kanye so their even. They weren't doing what they did out of the kindness of their hearts. What could kanye do for a man convicted by the feds in a major way? Wear free biggs t-shirts? GTFOH! Kanye has a life and a brand and both dame and biggs made $ off that when they were still at rocafella

  • HTG

    Lack of loyalty is a female trait

    • @HTG

      Lack of common sense is a sign of your stupidity. No grown A$$ man owe another man Sh*t Biggs and Dame made money off of Kanye. Kanye's loyalty is to his family...period!

    • @HTG

      What loyalty? You make it seem like Ye and Biggs been together since they were kids lol, at the end of the day their relationship was based on business period, Ye don't owe shit to nobody at Roc a Fella

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