Danny Brown Criticizes French Montana's Commentary Regarding Lyrical Rappers Being Broke

Danny Brown says Hip Hop should be lyrical in order to preserve the genre.

Although Detroit rapper Danny Brown has shifted his music towards electronic dance music (EDM), the lyricist says the upcoming Bruiser Brigade album will not take the EDM route. Instead, Brown says the Hip Hop collective’s album will take it “back to the essence” of Hip Hop.

He revealed that he hopes the album will bring back the essence of albums from groups like Wu-Tang Clan and Boot Camp Clik.

“I mean, that’s just me and my love for it,” Brown said. “The whole EDM scene. And just me going up into electronic music. And at the end of the day I was honored to get all those deejays to be able to remix my music…I mean, I would say probably not. Cause at the end of the day that’s me. That’s Danny Brown. I’m a fan of that. And the Bruiser Brigade is mostly about Bruiser Brigade. It’s more—it’s just more about getting back to the essence of what Hip Hop [is]. And the albums that I liked when I was 13-years-old. That’s what I was trying to recreate with Bruiser Brigade. Wu-Tang, of course. You know what I’m saying? Boot Camp Clik. I mean, like real group albums. I wanted to really make a good group album. Everybody trying to be a solo artist right now. Not too many people trying to gel together artistically as a group.”

The Motor City emcee did not reveal a release date for the Bruiser Brigade album, but did share that the project is “pretty much done.” He also added that the album will consist of 14 tracks and will not include any guest features.

During his interview with Complex, Brown continued to speak on Hip Hop after being asked to share his thoughts on non-lyrical emcees following French Montana's recent commentary about how lyrical rappers are broke. Brown explained that it’s vital to put an emphasis on lyricism in order to preserve the future of rap music.

“To the French Montana thing, my whole point of it is just that I wouldn’t want to promote that to the kids,” he said. “Cause what does that leave for the future of Rap music as a genre if you tell them that ‘You don’t have to be good. You don’t have to be a great rapper to make money out of this.’ You know? And I think that’s just a total wrong way to look at it…For the most part, I would wanna promote at the best that you have to be really good. And you have to be exceptionally talented to even step your foot into this ring of rap music. You know what I’m saying? It should be that competitive. We have Kendrick Lamars. We have Danny Browns…You gotta know how to rap.”

Following Montana's comments, Brown hit Twitter to mock the "broke" talk.

Danny Brown’s interview with Complex can be found below.




  • Yonkers Dark

    half the time I don't know what danny be sayin but I know he 100000x better than that fraud frenchie

  • Khloe K.

    French Montana is, has been and always will be GARBAGE!! His music is not worth the time to throw away.


    the fuck this weak ass suburb nigga talkin bout? He aint lyrical neither

  • AFM999

    Montana is a shit rapper only reason he even sells is Diddy probably paid for the average beats he got. Wanna know if he's any good ? put him on an average beat and watch him spit you WOULD NOT want to hear that shit for more than 5 seconds. Many rappers todays sell cause they have good beats but they're not talented though..

    • Anonymous

      "How many records have you sold?" Aw, here we go again with this bullshit. He has to be a rapper/singer in order to critique someone else's music? So he can't say a movie sucks because he's not a film director? Or he can't like a certain dish at a restaurant because he's not a chef? You see where I'm going with this?

    • ^

      He's not a rapper, though.

    • Anonymous

      How many records have you sold?

  • A lyrical Rapper

    I agree with what Danny. Why would I want to go into something and do not want to be good at it! Rapping is a lyrical form. Without the Nas's and Jay Z' of the world that is still pushing their superior rapping ability to our Genre of Music, the rap music category would be gone. Through them we have the Kenrick Lamar's now. We don't need a sorry as French Montana in this rap game. Dude, sucks so bad he will go down as one of the worst of our generation or maybe the entire rap music industry. In matter of of the guy is not a rapper at all. Again, rapping is a skill just like any other musical gift that you may have as a artist. So French, blow what you have heard fat boy! Like Nas and Jay said, it not about one record, it is about albums that will stamp you at their level. No one talk about a French Montana album, dude get the "F" out of here. Way to get him Danny!!!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree broh! Well stated!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thing is a lot of fans use a rapper's wealth as an argument for how talented the emcee is. Record sales define an album's quality. Comments always go back towards financials and net worth. It's a culture that's so wrapped up in numbers

    • PATHH88

      Record sales do not define an album's quality- if that was the case then MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice would have some of the best Hip Hop albums ever made GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    French montana is sleeping with a transgender name khloe... wtf he talked about!

  • Anonymous

    french has less money than kendrick and mac miller

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick was top 20 on forbes last year, French was not even at the bottom of the list or an honorable mention like Ross who tied Mac Miller for earnings.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick is way richer than that arab faggot

    • kay29000

      I highly doubt that. Because he sold less than them, or Forbes did some networth calculation from album sales don't mean they are richer than him. That dude gets his money from several ways. I ain't a fan of his music, but dude is def richer than Kendrick and Miller.

  • Anonymous

    this is lyrical http://www.datpiff.com/Lungs-Labotomy-mixtape.622105.html

  • Anonymous

    Fact is that montana kills danny in every way. No ones checking danny out.

  • X-Pac

    also, what happened to Chavis Chandler and Chip$?

  • X-Pac

    Nice Dead Boys shirt Danny!

  • r9400@yahoo.com

    French Montana said that because that is exactly what he is. Even with the law enforcement agent writing his rhymes he album didn't sell.

  • Anonymous

    "Chilling in Australia ... Lol like a broke lyrical rapper should be" Ether! French Montana needs to rethink that statement of his, if he's capable of doing that.

  • njknjn

    French is a dumbass. If he doesn't marry that Kardashian he's gunna go broke within 10 years, spending his cash on hookers and blow

  • Anonymous

    "That was a dumbass comment by French Montana; and even if it's true that more lyrical rappers tend to make less than non-lyrical rappers it's not a fact we should just accept, we should try to change that, especially if you're a well-known rapper like French who could use his position to help bring back lyricism to mainstream Hip-Hop." - some dude on HipHopDX FB I agree wit that

  • Anonymous

    French Blowtana sucks. Period.

    • ^

      You're a moron for that dumb comment.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Whatever asswhole, thats your opinion on good rap, but everyone is entitled to their opinions, that does not exclude you, but do not act like a rapper is worthless because you do not like him, rap is changing, just like anything else in the world, get out of your time warp.

    • Phreaze

      ^^ No, GOD NO. It's honestly too late to say biggie and tupac are turning in their graves at this point, solely because rap has been slowly turning to shit since the early two thousands. Both Tupac and Biggie were praised for their lyrical and relevant content. Yes there were party tunes and tracks that today would be considered reminiscent of slander rap that's projected towards women and money, but they still had some solid hardcore raps about the struggles of the common man in the streets. They rapped from experience and using that experience they were able to shape some of today's more lyrical rappers. To say French Montana is anything like them, other than maybe physically like biggie, would not only be spitting on the image of pioneers in the genre but also on the genre itself. Get educated and listen to something actually good. Like for example... Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Hi Tek, Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and well in my opinion almost any rapper on the Real Rhymesayers label, they're pretty good, but if you want some hardcore gangsta rap that actual has weight and meaning, start digging cause if your on French Montana, you got a long way to go to the underground

    • french vanilla

      French Montana is the modern day version of 2Pac & Biggie combined.

    • short bus shawty

      French Montana is the Gucci mane of New York

    • French Montana

      Damn french vanilla you suck dick better than Khloe!

    • RealSpit

      Dude you are totally correct!! Since when did French Montana have a unique style? Sound like some 1990s Houston shit to me! lol Danny tell it like it is!!

    • french vanilla

      Fuck you, bitch made nigga. French Montana might not be anybody's idea of lyrical, but he runs the streets of NY with his unique style. Funny thing is. he's lyrical AND rich, NOT TO MENTION HE'S GOT A PIECE OF ARMENIAN EYE CANDY BY HIS SIDE! FRENCHIE STAYS WINNING WHILE YOU SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER GETTING FAT WHILE PLAYING WORLDS OF WARCRAFT! HA HA!

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