Young Jack Thriller: T.I.'s Guns Won't Stop Floyd Mayweather From Pursuing Tiny

Exclusive: Jack Thriller: "I wish Floyd would let Tiny go. Leave her alone."

Jack Thriller says watching the T.I. and Floyd Mayweather feud unfold is "tough" for him because he respects both people. On one hand, Thriller says T.I. gave him his nickname. On the other hand, Thriller says he wins money every time Mayweather boxes and that he's also a "really good guy." Nevertheless, Jack Thriller says Mayweather should leave Tiny alone. 

"Floyd be doing too much," Thriller says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "Floyd, he know how to get in a motherfucker head. And I think they been doing this shit for years. This shit is deeper than just the surface situation. But I think that, you don’t mess with nobody’s woman. Guys can’t take that. You can mess with people’s money. It don’t matter how many hoes you got on the side or whatever, you don’t mess with nobody’s woman. People will kill you over their woman."

Still, Thriller says, T.I. will likely not be able to hurt Mayweather in the future. 

"It might be kinda hard to kill Floyd, being that he got like 20 juggernauts traveling with him everywhere he go, that specialize in catching bullets and whatnot," Thriller adds in an interview with DX's Editor-In-Chief, Justin Hunte. "So I don’t even think the guns that T.I. has will be able to stop Floyd’s advances towards his woman, but I wish Floyd would let Tiny go. Leave her alone. Leave Shekinah alone. Now, I wanna fuck Shekinah. I wanna fuck Tiny’s friend Shekinah. She’s kinda bad. One of the baddest fat...she’s like fat-fine. But, yeah, Floyd, leave that man’s wife alone. Let that man live." 

Thriller isn't the first to tell Mayweather to leave Tiny alone. 50 Cent has also expressed similar sentiments

"Champ, what the fuck are you doin'?" 50 Cent said when news of feud between T.I. and Mayweather first surfaced. "You better make this shit make sense. You must think this nigga a bitch. You don't play with a man wife like that, man. Man, you gon' get shot over this shit, man. Man, even a bitch-ass nigga will shoot you for some shit like that." 

Yesterday (July 31), Tiny said there's "hopefully" a chance for reconciliation with Mayweather

For more on Tiny, T.I. and Mayweather, view the DX Daily below.



  • Anonymous

    Whats he mean leave her alone?

  • Hustle Gang

    Lmao Mayweather can't be protected forever. TI got like 100 street niggas looking for this nigga. #HustleGang #Winning

  • da Mayor of MN

    SHE LIKE FAT FINE yooooo jack thriller you stupid lmao!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Thriller says he wins money every time Mayweather boxes" at this point who the fuck is betting against Mayweather? how much can you really win

  • Anonymous

    This one-eyed Thiller guy is one of 50s paid minions so he is just trying to fan the flames. Tiny is a married woman and not the least bit attractive according to majority consensus you see online so I seriously doubt Floyd with all his millions would be chasing Tiny when he could have a Brazillian supermodel with an ass like a donkey.

    • Anonymous

      "This one-eyed Thiller guy is one of 50s paid minions so he is just trying to fan the flames." Bitch STFU he was just photographed with Ja Rule and DJ Vlad hes going to be unemployed any day now./

    • Anonymous

      Damn you need money....I thought it only took presentation and approach.

  • james L brooks

    Anybody can get touched- 2pac

  • Edubb

    When this nigga bullshit first happened didnt Tiny admit that it was her and her friend and they kids that wanted to see Mayweather fight. Didnt Tiny admit that her and Mayweather was just cool like that. It was T.I.'s insecurities about his woman that started all this nonsense. Maybe it is more to it but I highly doubt I just cant see Mayweather wanting Tiny all like that. Tiny is cool and all but really not all that attractive, so i dont understand why everyone keep telling Mayweather to leave the woman alone. It really doesnt seem like Mayweather is really sweating any of this bullshit anyway. But everyone wants to keep falling for this divide and conquer nigga bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Man, too bad TI has kids with that broad. I would've been like "yo, kick rocks!"

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