Loaded Lux Denies Busta Rhymes Beef, Says Diss Track Is Old

Loaded Lux also says he's spoken with Busta Rhymes following the diss track's release.

Loaded Lux's Busta Rhymes diss track was unveiled during his Total Slaughter battle against Murda Mook, but Lux says the song is old and that he didn't sign off on it being leaked. 

"I had seen Busta [Rhymes] right after the whole performance and everything,” Lux says to VladTV, as per BattleRap. “Expressed to him, I said man, ‘My sincerity and my callousness…’ I apologized to him and everything and expressed to him that however it may seem, man to man, this wasn’t nothing I co-signed. But I apologized for my callousness. It was my vocals and everything. I will say this though, first and foremost: when we did it in its initial it wasn’t done with malice intention. I don’t know anybody on the record personally, for anybody I named on there. And I don’t know them personally to go there in that regard. I come from a competitive background. I battle. That’s the whole thing. We did it in the position taking lyrics, lyrical exercise. The whole thing with the record came around with the spin of the Kendrick Lamar verse on the Big Sean record. All of that was happening. This is old...I did the record around that time, but never released it. Then I’m hearing word, they saying I did release it. If I would’ve released it it would have been out then, when that was all going on … but I never signed off on that."

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  • Anonymous

    Pathetic... Though if you count Boosa as 300 pounds of has-been closeted shit in a 175 pound bag, yeah, that's 'beefy' alright.

  • Gluver

    How did Loaded Lux go from possible next Farakkan to straight up clown ass buffoon?? The mighty have fallen and it is getting sadder by the day.

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