Tupac's "All Eyez On Me" Earns Diamond Certification From RIAA

Tupac's "All Eyez On Me" goes ten times platinum 18 years after its release.

Tupac's 1996 album, All Eyez On Me, has earned diamond certification, according to the RIAA. 

The album, which features "California Love (Remix)," "How Do U Want It," "Life Goes On" and "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted," among other hits, has gone 10 times platinum 18 years after its initial release. 

When it was released, All Eyez On Me earned less than perfect reviews. Rolling Stone awarded the album a 3 out of 5. "Even as a garden-variety thug, 2Pac shows more skill than most," Rolling Stone said at the time. "He deserves to have all eyes — and ears — on him." 

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+. "Shakur has often made more compelling courtroom appearances (and movies) than records, but All Eyez on Me changes that dramatically," EW said at the time. "Shakur belongs on Death Row — the rap hit-factory label, that is, which is also home to Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. With a slew of producers, including Dre and nearly a dozen disciples of his g-funk sound, the album swings nonstop for over two rambunctious hours."

In 2006, HipHopDX called All Eyez On Me Tupac's definitive album. 

"More than any of his other efforts, 'Pac contradicted himself like crazy here," HipHopDX said at the time. "But it was those contradictions within himself that made him the icon that he is today. Hip Hop has always been about the good, the bad and the ugly and Pac showed us the full the spectrum here. To this day is remains his definitive work." 

For more on Tupac, view the DX Daily below.


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  • John Davidson

    Free 2pac celebration with (Only God Can Judge Me Producer) https://www.facebook.com/events/709026959169228/

  • Anonymous

    2Pac, OutKast, and Biggie all needed double albums to go diamond, otherwise they would only be 5x platinum. Complain all you want but it's true. Eminem went diamond twice with two single disc albums.

  • Anonymous

    First of all it's counted as 2 because it costs more then a single album. Biggies life after death when it came out cost almost double every other album Biggies life after death went diamond 15 years ago. It has sold 17 million copies which is the record for hip hop alongside mc hammer and OUTKAST. Technically yes it only sold 8.5 million physical copies. But when your paying more and getting a double disc your paying for each disc separate that's why it's counted as double. Biggie, mc hammer, outkast, Eminem and now 2pac are only rappers to go diamond in the u.s

    • Anonymous

      17 mill? Source or GTFO And 2Pac already went diamond years ago with Greatest Hits (also a double album)

  • niga

    All Eyez on Me is a double album, so for real this sold 5 million

    • Anonymous

      Back in 96 I payed $40 dollars for it. Double what every other album cost. That's why it's counted twice. Your getting twice the material and paying double the amount. It can't be counted as one album when it's 2.

  • Anonymous

    I seen a troll say 50 is not diamond.50 was in the 8mil since 2008 dat nigga been diamond since 2012

  • googleMYname

    I would normally say for someone that has dies R.I.P but I'll just leave it at R??.I???.P???? ;p he is def imho the G.O.A.T though, much love.

  • Anonymous

    Some niggas are alive and barely go platinum, this nigga 6 feet deep and already have 2 diamond albums lmao

  • Boston hip hop fan

    The hiphopdx trolls won't let up for nothing and that's why this site is notorious for it's awful comment section. Salute to Tupac one of the greatest ever.

    • Michael

      Your damn right salute Tupac Amaru Shakur. He had meaning to most of his songs. Nowadays rappers talk about bullshit. I only listen to Tupac, DMX and Biggie. He was bigger than rap he was a revolutionary. in a short amount of time this guy accomplished so many things. He got shot, send to prison, had to go to court cases, movies interviews etc.

    • A

      suck on a nigga dick white girl

  • A


  • A


  • geminiman7

    This nigga 'Pac staying relevant...consistently, 18 years later LOL. #TheBarCantBeTouched

    • A

      shut the fuck up. everybody wants to dick ride him cuz he is the first big-time rapper that got shot and murdered which they all idolize. THIS IS A DEATH CULT!! THEY ARE IDOLIZING DEATH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Crazy that Eminem and MC Hammer are the only two to go diamond off single disc albums. The rest were double disc albums. Can't even imagine double disc albums nowadays with the quality of hip-hop albums being so low. Only a couple rappers that could really pull it off. Hopefully someday "Licensed To Ill" will hit diamond

  • Mortis

    10 mic album fuck a iggy izela

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Greatest Ever!!!!!

  • Johnny-Storm

    ANDRES TARDIO is a complete fool for the way he wrote this article, "earned less than perfect reviews" stupid, in stead of celebrating the achievement. Also someone should remind Mr Tardio, in 2004, Rolling STone awarded the album 5 stars in an updated review. It also recieved 5 mics from the source and numerous Great Reviews. On a side note the album sold over 10 million almost a decade ago FYI. It was 9x Platinum in 1999 for gods sake. Its sold closer to 15 million by now. The label just never paid to receive the certification.

    • Anonymous

      This album most definitely sold 10 mill by at least 1999. they only certified it diamond now cuz of the movie

    • Anonymous

      labels do pay to get certified and they often won't do it because they see it as unecessary. bone thugs is another group with an uncertified diamond cut

    • A

      dont know the fuck yall talking about it's been selling a mill a week since the broadway musical dropped

    • Anonymous

      The Soure is wack ass shit. AEOM is filler. Do you homework. Magazine like the source are bitches. Best Pac work is MATW and the rest of Pac was mediocre.

    • Anonymous

      No it went diamond this year. Not sure why you're making up numbers. It did sell 9,000,000 copies by '98, 2 years after its release. Between then and now it sold another million copies and went diamond. You sir, are the fool.

    • A

      you're not the first to point out that the label didnt pay for certification until recently. they're doing it to promo the upcoming movie. ive seen sales figures of this album a few years ago and it was still selling tens of thousands a week.

    • Im smarter than Johnnystorm

      Labels don't pay for certification bud. You are just typing out of drunken emotion. You look like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta give credit were credit is due. This was a great album.

  • Leona

    yes, All Eyez on Me is a classic! I just couldn't get down with his group the outlawz. I was never feeling them.

  • Anonymous

    wow even a retard crack baby can go diamond

  • jay

    man all eyez on me is church for real I was only 9 or 10 when it came out but listen to that shit when you hit your 20's or 30's and you b like damn

  • Tony Montana

    PAC is the greatest I'm high watchin Goodfellas

  • San Diego Negro

    That's love. Still selling records to this day. Hoping Afeni is getting her cut though. Bout to play the Cali Love remix to salute.

  • Humpty hump

    Tupac was a excellent dancer.

  • RR

    To this day my favorite album, in any genre, of all-time.


    RESPECT THE GOAT MUCH LOVE PAC!!! Fact out of all niggaz that came out 2005 and after Besides Drake and Kendrick GAME and Jeezy and even C.O. ROZAY are the only niggaz puttin out quality music since. The internet Totally Fucked Music Up. Now a days any wack ass Chief Keef or Lil Durk Or soulja boy can get a fuckin record deal make videos with a 1080p camera phone and put fake money up in pics claimin its they shit. Niggaz makin songs bout new buggatis and only worth a total of 2 million dollars (future, Ace hood), there used to be a realness to hip hop or ur bitch ass got exposed, Im from ChiRaq and i will no longer even remotely pretend to like the fuckery ASS drill music scene!!! wack muthafucks who cant rap to save they life chief keef lil durk, Twista and them real dudes showed these half retarted little fucks nothing!!! Fuck Rap!!!!!! and I was only referring to niggaz who came out 2005 and after everyone know Eminem and Jay Pac and big are monsters,,, GAME should actually be included with them legends Cause Doctors Advocate, Documentary, and all games albums are Classics or damn near classics FACT: nobodys Dropped a hip hop album as hard as the documentary or doctors advocate besides eminem since 2005 Jeezy 102 Recession Dope Kanye west fell off when 808 came out that wack shit and that dark fantasy shit was not no fuckin classic by my standards! But ever kanye album before that classic wiz rollin papers was decent Jadakiss is just a dope ass nigga ID RATHER LISTEN TO GAME NAME DROP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE THAN TO LISTEN TO ANY NIGGA BELOW!!! RAPPERS THAT SHOULD BURN IN HELL BEFORE THEY FUCK UP ANYTHING THAT HIP-HOP HAS LEFT Chief Keef LIL DURK lil reese fredo santana young berg...least he had a small hit and i only know them niggaz cause im from chi raq GUCCI MANE... and GAME would beat the fuck out of this fat flabby jail bird LIL SCRAPPY MEMPHIS BLEEK MIGOS lil B...itch OJ THE JUICE MAN SOULJA BOY WAKA FLAKA trinidad James pretty much every nigga from the south and new chicago fuck em and they bitch ass record deal cept... scarface bun b tre the truth outkast and the nigga above YOUNG JEEZY

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about music today but Drake?? the guy that played jimmy in degrassi and grew up with money? and he claims to be a "real nigga" ha common man. Idk about all being quality music its just music thats in right now because we have dumbass kids gangbanging just because they feel cool.

  • the realest

    Not only was the rapping classic but the MUSIC was also amazin and the hooks really dig in. All you cats ignoring your music and spitting over some sampled loop are MISSING HALF the equation. Pac and Big handed you the book on the game and most of you no talent copycats have been complete failures since

  • minnesota slick

    he still enjoyed dick

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Pac! Definitely a classic. Play any of their joints anywhere, and people will recognize. We miss you Pac!

  • Anonymous

    fuck this old head it'll be a great day in hiphop when young thug, french montana, rick ross, meek mill, and joey badass go 10 times platinum. those niggas are real hiphop not this former tu tu wearing backup dancer foh

  • Daniel

    The best rapper ever! he is one of 2 rappers to get this twice.

  • What

    I love that nigga pac songs man, the nigga was representing and bring it from the dark side of a poor young black man

  • Anonymous

    Eminem stans...Are you ok with making room for the GOAT?

  • Anonymous

    Garbage album full of filler. MATW is 10 times better.

    • Anonymous

      he got 17 year old kids off teh streets and put them on the spot just cuz they were all garbage dont disrespect the come up by calling it filler

    • Tony Montana

      Book 1 was the shit "Ambitonz as a Rida" kickin shit off skip to "How do you want it" then more classics Book 2 was alright but never is Pac overrated every album he came out with was the shit

  • Anonymous

    Me Against the World > All Eyez on Me I ain't hating tho both albums are hot

    • RGeezy

      I agree, Me Against the World is my favorite album by Pac. There really wasn't anything on it that sounded like it was made for radio.

  • Anonymous

    Legend right here all you fuckboi young thug, French Montana, Rick Ross loving faggots.

    • Anonymous

      Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    • Anonymous

      Are these guys serious??? More like Tupac was changing French and Ricks diapers ha Dont you ever compare that whack ass fake ass wannabe "rappers" aka ricky rozay(what dumbass nicknames himself shit like that) and French montana to Tupac and Biggie. Go home and play your call of duty and listen to your whiz khalifa haha

    • ^

      Obvious trolls are trolling.

    • rozay odonnell

      that's right and ross is the second coming of biggie smalls. thats why montana and ross compliment each other when it comes to music. ross has the swagger, the charisma, and the lyrics to become one of raps poets.

    • french vanilla

      Yo fuck boy don't you ever call out French Montana's name in vain like that, and I mean EVER. Pac borrowed French's style back when he was a kid jumping around in leotards in New York. French is the greatest thing to happen to rap since Biggie and Pac died. Hell, judging by his gifted wordplay and extensive vocabulary, French IS Pac reincarnated.

  • Anonymous

    ALbum was very good. Agreed that Pac was a walking contradiction, but he said that himself. He never shied away from his flaws. I would argue that the album did have some filler(but it was a double album). Pac did crank out a ton of material, and most were just vocals, he even said famously that he wouldn't be around to finish the songs, add hooks, etc. He was simply the best, and I have love for plenty of artist, but his energy, audacity, spirit, and talent can't be matched.


    the album sold more than 10 mill a long long time ago but the company only paid to get the certification just now cuz there's a tupac movie coming out. it helps with promo


    I honestly think "Me Against The World" was more definitive and complete than "All Eyez On Me".

  • 6_I

    lol this shit is decent way to much filler. 2pac is overrated

  • Altidude

    one of the greatest albums in hip hop history by one of the culture's greatest artist! - @Altidude

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      @Cleo That "filler" is simply an opinion of yours. I think enough people disagree with you to consider it one of the greatest. Even if that's the case, there are a lot of GOAT albums with a sizable amount of filler. It's all a matter of opinion.

    • Cleo McDowell

      ehh, not exactly.. it is a good album by a great iconic rapper, but like all of his albums, has way too much filler to be considered one of the greatest albums in hip-hop history. i love Pac just as much as the next man but his work ethic of cranking out material, and idea of quantity over quality, is obvious when looking at his catalog.

  • Anonymous

    Tupac will be back in September, he's alive

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