Game Hosts Fan Art Contest For "Year Of The Wolf" Cover Art

Game says he's going to let his fans create his "Year Of The Wolf" album cover.

Game is hosting a contest for the cover art of his upcoming compilation project, Year Of The Wolf

The Compton, California emcee announced this contest on Instagram with the following caption: 

#FANAPPRECIATION : I'm doing a contest to let my fans design my @bloodmoneylafamilia #YearOfTheWolf album cover dropping September 16th..... The best one so far is @Jalani_'s posted in the pic above.... If you can beat this.. Get yo shit going & when done... Tag me, @bloodmoneylafamilia @kingspleasure as well as @jonathanmannion & hashtag #YearOfTheWolf & I will see it & go through them all until we find a WINNER.... No artist has ever let their fans design their album cover.. But I'm not them so let's fuckin go !!!!!!!! All entries must be in by next Thursday August 7th & the winner will be announced here on my page the following day on Friday !!! Good luck & I appreciate all of you taking your time to give this shit a shot !!!!! #BloodMoney #LaFamilia #YearOfTheWolf album in-stores September 16th !!!!!!

Earlier this month, Game confirmed the album title change from Blood Money La Familia to Year Of The Wolf. 

“It’s called Year Of The Wolf…People [are] pretty much terrified of wolves,” Game said at the time. “Wolves howl. They scream and do all of that. And I just feel like this year I got a lot to get off my chest. And with this album, man, I’m going in on a lot of people. A lot of issues. A lot of stuff. I got very angry artists that I’m signing…It’s a whole angry movement…This is Los Angeles, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s a lot of fuckery going on out here. And I’m tired of people walking around. Hitting the red carpets and feeling like, you know, feeling like they Madonna when you Ma-thot-a. Basically, what I’mma do is I’m exposing everything. Everything, everybody [can] get it. It’s like one of them tell-all books, but in music form.” 




  • Anonymous

    Broke nigga trying to make his fans design his artwork for free. This is almost as pathetic as when Meek Mill had a contest for his fans to give him their best bars and he was going to pick the best ones, and steal them for his own album LMAO.

  • Beek

    Didnt tech9 let his fans design his something else cover... Game was on the fukin thing..

  • Anonymous

    Stealing the idea from Joey Bada$$ but ok

  • Anonymous

    "Game is hosting a contest for the cover art of his upcoming compilation project, Year Of The Wolf. " About time they call a Game album a compilation project.

  • LOX

    good idea to do that. Sheek Louch already got a Year of the Wolf mixtape tho he went at g-unit crazy on that one


    Fact out of all niggaz that came out 2005 and after Besides Drake and Kendrick GAME and Jeezy and even C.O. ROZAY are the only niggaz puttin out quality music since. The internet Totally Fucked Music Up. Now a days any wack ass Chief Keef or Lil Durk Or soulja boy can get a fuckin record deal make videos with a 1080p camera phone and put fake money up in pics claimin its they shit. Niggaz makin songs bout new buggatis and only worth a total of 2 million dollars (future, Ace hood), there used to be a realness to hip hop or ur bitch ass got exposed, Im from ChiRaq and i will no longer even remotely pretend to like the fuckery ASS drill music scene!!! wack muthafucks who cant rap to save they life chief keef lil durk, Twista and them real dudes showed these half retarted little fucks nothing!!! Fuck Rap!!!!!! and I was only referring to niggaz who came out 2005 and after everyone know Eminem and Jay Pac and big are monsters,,, GAME should actually be included with them legends Cause Doctors Advocate, Documentary, and all games albums are Classics or damn near classics FACT: nobodys Dropped a hip hop album as hard as the documentary or doctors advocate besides eminem since 2005 Jeezy 102 Recession Dope Kanye west fell off when 808 came out that wack shit and that dark fantasy shit was not no fuckin classic by my standards! But ever kanye album before that classic wiz rollin papers was decent Jadakiss is just a dope ass nigga ID RATHER LISTEN TO GAME NAME DROP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE THAN TO LISTEN TO ANY NIGGA BELOW!!! RAPPERS THAT SHOULD BURN IN HELL BEFORE THEY FUCK UP ANYTHING THAT HIP-HOP HAS LEFT Chief Keef LIL DURK and i only know them niggaz cause im from chi raq GUCCI MANE... and GAME would beat the fuck out of this fat flabby jail bird LIL SCRAPPY MEMPHIS BLEEK MIGOS FREDO SANTANA lil B...itch OJ THE JUICE MAN SOULJA BOY WAKA FLAKA pretty much every nigga from the south cept... scarface bun b tre the truth outkast and the nigga above YOUNG JEEZY

  • Anonymous

    No point in having a contest. Clearly you have a winner, Game. Stop being lazy.

  • Anonymous

    The Game is the biggest biter in hiphop after Puff daddy. The game steals: - albumtitles wolf Hmm Tyler the creator/ Sheek had a mixtape called wolf. - flows - songconcepts Besides that he is a groupie and Always suckin other rappers dicks. In every rhyme he drops he is talkin about other rappers

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