Wiz Khalifa Says "Blacc Hollywood" Will "Further Prove The Consistency" Of His Music

Wiz Khalifa on "Blacc Hollywood": "It's just another addition to my catalog, my career, what I do to the game and what I do to these niggas."

Wiz Khalifa is slated to release his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood August 19.

A few weeks ago, he announced the albums cover art, tracklist, and confirmed the release date. Guest features include Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla $ign, and Juicy J, among others. In an interview with HotNewHipHop, Wiz Khalifa mentioned that Snoop Dogg will also appear on the album, which he says will solidify his position in the industry. 

"This is just gonna further prove the consistency and it's just another addition to my catalog, my career, what I do to the game and what I do to these niggas," Wiz Khalifa says regarding Blacc Hollywood.

Wiz Khalifa recently released his single "KK" featuring Memphis, Tennessee emcees Project Pat and Juicy J. "KK" will be one of the tracks on Blacc Hollywood.

The next single that he will be releasing is called "Stayin' Out All Night." It's also set to appear on the album. "The video is crazy 'cause I got a really crazy special guest in there," Wiz Khalifa adds. The guest is actress, model, singer Tia Carrere of Wayne's World fame.

Not only does "Stayin' Out All Night" have a special guest for the visual, but it is also slated to be an interactive video. "So basically, you're gonna be able to do so much different shit inside of this video to make it your own video, it's crazy," Wiz Khalifa explains. "So that's gonna be the next single and that's gonna be the next wave that's gonna catch people off guard. They're gonna have fun with that and they're gonna be like 'Wow, you know, Wiz did that and look at the boys'."

For more on Wiz, view the video below.


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  • yung niggy

    Wiz fell off. Once upon a time he could have developed into running the rap game but he's literally wasting his life smoking weed everyday and putting two-bit verses on pop tracks. Fair play he made his money, but why put out a new album? It won't sell shit

  • Anonymous

    yea consistently trash

  • Anonymous

    Last dope album this nigga did was kush and oj other than that not checking for wiz at all

  • Anonymous

    This guy like 3-4 years ago was pretty dope, ONIFC was the last album I could kinda fuck with it still had some good songs on there, but this dude makes straight trash these days no amount of juicy j or currency can even help this album wiz is gone over the edge and I don't think he's coming back, hoping dizzy wright kinda takes his spot as a dope humble positive rapper without selling out or turning into a legit fag wearing leggings

  • Stapelton

    Most boring mc ever his music went to shit and every interview weed talk money talk and more weed talk . His fuckin annoying ass laugh after every sentence and nigga wears LEGGINGS he might have sum dope tracks from his mixtapes but even taylor gang dickriders know he turned into a fuckin weirdo. LEGGINGS nigga really

  • Anonymous

    I hope that it won't be the shit hislast mixtape was because I couldn't listen to one single song of that mixtape without litteraly getting sick for real


    This dude has smoked himself retarded. Taylor Allderdice was his masterpiece. Everything since has been meh.

  • Anonymous

    We don't believe you.. Wiz is finished, he's mediocre anyways

  • Anonymous

    Dude's VERY consistent, give him that: STRAIGHT DOGSHIT, retard music for retard people. Amazing he's considered the same species-- let alone 'race'-- as Malcolm or Stevie Wonder.

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