Fredro Starr Addresses 50 Cent Altercation, Brandy Relationship Rumors

Sticky Fingaz clears up Aftermath rumors, Fredro Starr recalls Onyx signing a deal with Jam Master Jay.

After being questioned about an alleged feud with 50 Cent during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Onyx rapper Fredro Starr revealed that the two were involved in a physical altercation in the past. According to Fredro, the incident took place when 50 took a swing at him.

Additionally, the Onyx lyricist revealed that he hasn’t had any communication with 50 Cent since the altercation.

“The nigga tried to swing on me,” Fredro said. “You know what I’m saying? Some physical shit happened. So, we left it at that. I haven’t spoken to the nigga since and that’s what it is.”

Prior to speaking on 50 Cent, Fredro detailed Onyx’s early years. He says the group came together with help from Jam Master Jay who signed a deal with them two years after their first meeting.

When questioned about the group changing their sound at the start of their music career, the Onyx rapper attributed that change to those in the group changing as people.

“We met Jam Master Jay,” he said. “Rest in peace. The God. He put us on. We met him at a traffic jam. I think it was Jones Beach. And going from Jones Beach when you try to go home from Jones Beach it’s like a block party. Cause it’s like traffic. You can’t go nowhere. So, he was right next to us in a black van. I seen Jay smoking. I was like ‘Yo, can we smoke with you?’ He was like ‘Come in the van.’ When we came in the van we just vibed with him. And he’s like ‘Yo, take my number.’ Two years later we had a deal with him…We was into that House, Hip Hop. You know what I’m saying? So, when we first started—when we was 15 that’s how we transitioned from coming in the game. We was down with the Tribe Called Quest and the De La Soul. We was down with all that…Our style changed because we changed as people. We got harder.”

Fredro, who will soon battle fellow artist Keith Murray at MC War, also shared his thoughts on the recent Total Slaughter battle rap event.

“I thought it was Hollywood,” the rapper said. “You know, when you from Hollywood you know when something looks overproduced. You know, it looked overproduced. Dudes wearing makeup and all that…I think the grittiness is what I like. I like the—besides all the fighting and the violence in the battle cause I think battling, that’s what it’s for. So, you don’t have to fight. You know what I’m saying? So, it’s like it don’t make sense. But I like the grittiness of it.”

Fredro Starr Argues With Charlamagne Over Relationship With Brandy

Throughout the nearly 30-minute long video, Fredro exchanged heated words with The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne after the radio host brought up his past relations with singer Brandy. But towards the end of the interview, both Charlamagne and Fredro did settle their differences.

Also present during the interview was Sticky Fingaz who cleared up rumors that he was signed to the Dr. Dre-led Aftermath Entertainment.

“I was never on Aftermath. Nah, they didn’t have enough money for me. Universal paid more. But big up to Dre. That’s my nigga...But Universal bought my mom’s house. Fuck that,” Sticky Fingaz said.

The group’s interview this week comes months after they released their most recent studio album, Wakedafucup. The project received a 3.5 star rating from HipHopDX.

Onyx’s interview with The Breakfast Club can be found below.

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  • 514

    fredro is a weak ass nigga. LOL... gettin all soft over comments he said... BITCH ASS.

  • Anonymous

    Damn.....Sticky needs a full comeback. His first album was bangin!!!

  • Anonymous

    Onyx. same legit shit. Same 90's mentality. 100% johnny blaze ain't a damn thing changed.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is 40 something years old and is so emotional like a woman. Dude you are not twenty no more all you had to do was say next question or so but you went off the mouth like a bitch. That aint no grown man shit. All that gangster rap attitude is played out now. He is telling CTG he a real nigga, newsflash, a real nigga wouldn't yell out that he is real and keep shit like that on the quiet tip and not acting like a reality housewife.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously lost mad respect for charlamagne after this stunt. every move this nigga made come off like a pussy

  • Fredro Played Himself

    Niggas out here really sayin C tha God took the L??? Lol nigga hell no, Fredro came off as the bitch in here Charlamagne even asked "do we gotta do 5 mins?" he ain't backed down at all I respect him for that If Fredro Starr didn't get punched in the face by 50 then why was he so defensive about it? and why take off ur glasses if u aint gonna do nothing? All that screaming and shouting looks cute but it don't mean shit if there's no action involved,

    • Anonymous

      he got a real forced girlish laugh too. it sound like 10 women are cackling when he does his lil gay laughing act. yeah keep laughing joy boy

    • A

      Charlamagne is the pussy for not humbling this nigga. he constantly took verbal Ls and hits to his character and didnt defend himself. when he said "do we gotta do 5 minutes" he said it as a corny joke like a whiteboy. he kept laughing nonstop and Fredro didnt smirk or laugh once. you tell me who is the bitch.

  • Anonymous

    50 is the only real nigga by the definition 'Real Nigga' whether u like him or not its the truth he keep handling these niggas one after the other

  • Anonymous

    lmao!!! Sticky is my duuudde!!!

  • Anonymous

    breakfast club...NIGGAA!!! charlamagne is a pussy

  • Anonymous

    FredRo...the dude!!

  • Anonymous

    broke bitter ass Pedro wishes he could lick Rhea Perlman in 2014... too bad he can't even afford an oxy ho

  • Anonymous

  • Eagling86

    Respect to Charlamagne for not being a pussy he was ready to go and ask any questions and do what he had to do.Its the lack of self control from onyx that shows the weakness.Charlamange didn't break a sweat.

  • Anonymous

    50 punched him at the VIBE awards and G unit robbed his friend stole his chain and watch.

  • Anonymous

    "You know the type, loud as a motorbike, but wouldn't bust a grape in a food fight" - Jay Z

  • Anonymous

    Fredro went all crazy, damn.

  • da Mayor of MN

    mann hip hop fans are too fickle. one part says officer ricky he fake he a co but the other side says oh fredro is immature hes too old for that .. i mean damn i just watched the interview and no matter how you feel about it it makes for a very entertaining interview and onyx have made quality music and deserve to be respected for they contributions to the culture

  • Anonymous

    Vibe Awards, 50 Cent did slap him....

  • Anonymous

    Fredro on your tales from the hood you said out of your mouth at the 6min mark that he swung and hit you then stomp the guy that you were with out. Now you saying he swung and miss then ran.

  • Anonymous

    good thing Pedro can act better than he can rap, smh... Rhea Perlman pussy eating scene was great, I admit, but that was all Rhea.

  • static

    after watching fredro starr i lost respect for him and onyx i liked the new track but he a fool and cant even hold a interview all hostile and shit and disgruntled.. smh fuck outta here still a onyx fan but you a idiot now...

  • youngkelzct

    this nigga said Dre didnt have enough money for him LMAO

  • Anonymous

    How that fuck you try to swing on someone, you eithr do or you dont. LOL Godfather 50 punched dis nigga out.

  • Anonymous

    never as sack of shit wishes he could eat Rhea Perlman's ass again

  • ElPrez

    Both them niggaz had a look on they face like they was scheemin on Charlamagne, like they planned starting some shit up to jump his ass. Too sad it didnt happen, Charlamagne been due for an ass whoopin

  • Ja

    Bit@ch a$$ niggas.. too funny

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    All these niggas posturing and shit, getting half way punked and then laughing together 30 seconds later. It's like an uncomfortable conversation between a bunch of high school kids. That dude Charlamagne is way past due for a beat down. There's nothing more unbecoming of a man than being a fuckin' gossip queen. I don't understand why rappers are unable to handle themselves when they go on his gay ass show. It's like they get pressured into talking about shit they don't want to talk about. How hard is it to say "I don't put my business in public like that, next question". Rappers are egomaniacs, so they can't resist talking about themselves, and these gossip queens take advantage of it.

  • >_

    lmao this is one butt hurt nigga. looks like a pissy little bitch having a temper tantrum.

  • Anonymous

    Great performance by these guys, no wonder they have had so much success in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    Fredo is straight ass, bitter cornball fuck. His ** ONE ** great moment is the sex scene with Rhea Perlman in "Sunset Park"; who knew, with a head of hair like that, she shaved it smooth below? Fredo ate pussy like a champ, I'll say that, but his rapping is garbage.

  • go

    50 tried to swing on ja rule too,but ja beat his ass 50 must be fucking useless

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like some hater shit 50 would do and get mad at Fredro for helping another rapper from Queens.

  • Anonymous

    this interview was hard to watch man, some 40 yo preteens in this video, smh

    • Anonymous

      excuse me for not being sicky wid a cruch talking the new corporate nutbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree very immature of these guys trying act like they still teens or in their early 20s a'int nobody checking for them now...go back and do movies and shit

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