Eminem Can't Be Beat In Battle Rap, Says Royce Da 5'9

Royce Da 5'9 says he doesn't know if Eminem wants to battle anyone.

Royce Da 5'9, who helped organize this year's Total Slaughter, says no one can defeat his Bad Meets Evil partner, Eminem. 

“I don’t know,” he said to VladTV when asked if Eminem will return to battling. “I haven’t had a conversation with him in depth about his ‘return.’ It sounds so far-fetched to me but you never know, I never speak for Marshall, that’s one thing I never do because he’s very spontaneous like I am.

"You never know, man," he continues. "If he wakes up one day and decides he wants to do it, it’s his platform [so] he can do it. Whoever it is is gonna lose. Nobody is gonna beat Em. I don’t care what anybody has to say it’s just my personal opinion. All of that shit that Dizaster does connecting the syllables, he’s like a fine mixture of a lot of great battle rappers and [Eminem] still has that. He can still freestyle and I think it would be great if he were to do that, definitely. But I don’t know if it’ll happen or not.”

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  • Anonymous

    "Eminem Can't Be Beat In Battle Rap, Says Royce Da 5'9" "Royce Da 5'9 says he doesn't know if Eminem wants to battle anyone." So you make a big claim, and then say there's no way to prove it...

  • Niga

    no one can beat em', respect my niga

  • Anonymous


    • a

      and that is the key to this discussion. an esteemed performer like eminem shouldnt step foot in a cage filled with clowns who will just undermine him and then act like they won

  • UnbiasedBlackGuy

    Rhymefest and Proof already have beaten Em in a battle. Em even talks about it himself.

  • dee cee washington

    Ask M if he remembers losing to my homie Otherwize


    Kirko Bangz would slaughter Em

  • The_Observer

    I swear this guy suck Eminem dick...in his eyes, nothing can beat Eminem. Damn Royce, the sucking up is disgusting bro...be your own man, and stop being Em's shadow as he never raves about you this much! GET A LIFE BRO!!!!

  • Tapeworm

    He's not the GOAT but i agree in battle rap aint no one beating em

  • Anonymous

    dont get me wrong I like Eminem but too many people suck his ass when Eminem did something with young money it kind destroy career he can rap but he has nothing talk about his tagets way too easy now I just don't listen hiphop no more its has no meaning its just sucks how Eminem turn out this way I hope we could got the Eminem say fuck young money rick ross like old slim but I guess not

    • You're Pregnant!

      You missed too many periods.

    • Nigga, u gay

      "an fuck the most popular guys out there" GTFO FAG

    • Anonymous

      you don't get it don't you? he was outta the game for bout 4-5 years so getting on a track with the "biggest rappers" at that time was a no brainer, why not get on a track an fuck the most popular guys out there, it was his way of showing off his skills



  • Anonymous

    Renegade Shmenegade

    • sam snead

      dialated peoples-searching for bobby fisher was one of the best diss tracks aimed at EM

    • Anonymous

      Em don't and never wanted any parts of canibus keep it real if so we would have been seen it and don't give me that bullshit attempt song he did that sounds like the beginning of a sponge bob cartoon or dumbo circus theme canibus called him several times but EM won't go head up record to record cause he knows BIS is to good and will eat him alive ask any real hip hop head how that will go and they all will tell you EM has no chance

    • Anonymous

      Air Strike was a good diss track. Em would've killed them if he replied, though.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ right he was called out then and nothing happen even with his daughter put in the line of fire and still nothing but we'll let the rest figure out what we're talking about until then someone need to tell EM to watch his head cause it might be a AIR STRIKE coming

  • Anonymous

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  • streets

    Royce should stop kissing ass ..ahahh old man suck when they do that...just overatin EM

  • liselle

    ur fit do i no u lol

  • Bayu Pratama

    Go speak to MC Juice, Ryan Montgomery.

  • AR

    Ummm... Big Daddy Kane Chino XL Canibus Kool G Rap KRS-One Nas Inspectah Deck RA The Rugged Man Reks Termanology I could go on and on. Em USED TO BE great but he's just a pop artist now.

    • Anonymous

      what does career accolades and popularity have to do with what will happen lyrically to him if challenged the point is has never that good to knock off anybody thats elite so people like J. dupri,benzino,ja rule,christina aguilera,brittany spears,N'SYNC,catch target but people make it seem like he so ill cause he did a movie scripted in his favor but won't go head up with real emcees PACE WON,K RINO,ETC called him out you hear silence hmmm i wonder why

    • Anonymous

      What would a person on that list say to Eminem to diss him?

    • Lol

      You really put someone on this list whose career has already been destroyed by shady?

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ this man speaks the truth

  • AsAsA

    Eminem just announced MMLP3 on twitter

  • Anonymous

    I think battling back in the day was to get recognition, don't profess to know much about how harsh or vicious the period was which em came up in, But these guy are battle legends, been around killing it repping in the under circuit taking the best in their cities, going up against different locations and sharpening their game for years on them open mics

  • Anonymous

    battle rap nowadays they give u 2 weeks to write about the other person so yea u cant give em time to write its like reynolds its a wrap

  • Anonymous

    It appears as though a puppet will always be speaking for his master.

  • Anon

    Are you retarded kid?

  • CapitalP

    As someone else mentioned before, the battle environment is totally different and styles have changed as well. Em would be considered "old school" as far as styles. But he is still deadly with the words, so who knowns what would happen. But I definitely say he wouldn't get destroyed. He would be able to hang with the top 5.

    • ice

      Eminem can adapt. he's proven that throughout his career. he's not the same old school rapper that he used to be. even today, he'll be a monster. I would kill to see Eminem battling

  • FK


    • Emm da Don

      MURDA MOOK has been going to radio stations and saying openly to erryone that he wants to battle Eminem but ya muther fuckas weren't saying anything. Now it's time, set that up!! and lets put that on blast rather than running ya fucken mouths 4 no damn reason. Royce said it 2 y'all mutherfuckas that he can't speak 4 Emm so why y'all talking the fuck like y'all run y'all day 2 day activities with him. The man who does said Emm is spontaneous, so I will advice for y'all to go and petition on a website for a battle b/w Emm - Mook.#Krazyintellectualhustler...............

  • Anonymous

    Oh please Royce Da 5'8. Drake would lyrically murder the white boy.

    • Sam Snead

      LMAO, Drake freestyling with his Iphone and people still loved that shit. Another day that added to the slow death of what was once known as hip hop

    • Anonymous

      Big Smo would lyrically bury both of them, but Royce is good though he's just not Big Smo good

    • Emm

      I guess you were high off dat Reefa without the condenser while typing that Gay shit. How the fuck is Drake gone do dat!!!!. Shady is gonna eat him alive even though dem buddys!!!. Emm is a Mic Psycho, Ask Jay his impression when he heard Emm's verse off Renegade for his first time and you'll get that feel.

    • Anonymous

      u bumped ur head lol drake is doookie

    • Anon

      Are you retarded?

    • Anonymous

      Please. Drake can't even freestyle without his phone. Eminem would embarrass that Canadian Jew lyrically.

  • Dica dica

    Can't believe it when I saw my first check! All I had to do was jerk off into drakes mouth! Make money too @ www.squirtondrakesface.com!

  • fhhdxlolol

    Honestly, it's unfair to compare Em to these modern day battle rappers. He came up in the battle circuit, in a hostile ass Detroit environment against black people as a white boy. That alone is wild, with how many racist jokes can be made about a white boy which he can't reciprocate. Today, battle rappers spend months researching social media, break ups and monetary problems. When Em was battlin it was just round based "here I am facing this guy, let's torch em on what he's wearing, how he sounds and how he looks w/ a lil gangsta shit sprinkled in"... Today's battle rap is a far more personal endeavor which is what made Hollow "beating" Joe Budden sad. Joe's whole life is on the internet, and he's rapped about everything he's ever done that can be viewed as flaw. Hollow's rounds were all mentioning shit that Joe has done... The same way that anyone who battles Em would do. They'd mention his ex, his daughter, Dre, Fif... It'd all be stale, the only difference is Em wouldn't have their whole life on the internet to research.

  • da Mayor of MN

    Em would never do it he knows he would get bodid by any top battle rapper today

  • Top 5 White Rappers

    1. Big Smo 2. Eminem 3. Rittz 4. Yelawolf 5.Bubba Sparks

    • Top 5 White Rappers

      Big Smo has a lot of lyrical talent. You must not have listened to his songs. Working was one of the deepest, most lyrical songs I've heard in years.

    • This Fool above me is bat shit insane

      Big Smo....#1...tyron biggums put the pipe down bruh

  • Anonymous

    Canibus already bodied this dude mayne

    • Anonymous

      what does that have to do with what he can do in the booth you can can talk that shit all day but canibus will still murder your hero any day on the mic tell em to get his bars up

    • Anonymous

      hahahah canibus already tried to battle and dizaster killed him it was so bad canibus started rapping his old songs hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      em scared to go head up with canibus on wax so he hides behind slaughter house leaving them to get worked by one guy lol em just has popularity he can say the stupidest shit and the crowd will clap on some dumb shit and royce is a house nigga sucking masters dick smh get back in the kitchen and fix them biscuits BOY

  • fwjbjh

    Royce pisses me off now that he's reconciled with Em. He dickrides him every chance he gets whether it's in songs or in interviews Lets see Em vs Juice 2.. Heck, Em would get beat by Hollow at this point

    • Anonymous

      that group is wack any way EM just helped get worse than they were slaughterhouse was corny to begin with they just very poor attempt be 4HRSMN and can't pull it off cause non of them are elite or had career buddens is wack and garbage,royce spent 10yrs front about being mad at EM for not making him D13,crooked could get an album done to save his life,and joell is who? cause he need this exposure just to be something so slauterhouse is weak and they wanna do that pop shit nobody forced it on them

    • Sam Snead

      Yup, eminem ruined royce and slaughterhouse as well. They should have told Royce "No, you can be friends with eminem but we don't want him near the boards." They probably thought they were going to get better promotion than they did or that they might even get a song on the radio like that lame ass lighters song. Maybe thats why they had all those gay ass hooks on the album. With the hopes that it would be the next lighters song.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Two Chicago emcee's beat Emimen in battles... Ryhmefest and Juice

  • Anonymous

    Royce still playing slave, nice work drunk black man

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I would like to see Em in a battle. For more entertaining videos Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good ones on there too

  • BgV

    Battle rappers pray to Eminem shrines

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