Raekwon Names Jay Z The Top Artist In Hip Hop Today

Raekwon says Snoop Dogg will be featured on his solo album, "Fly International Luxurious Art."

Wu-Tang Clan lyricist Raekwon was asked to name his list of Hip Hop favorites during a video interview at the GQ Barbershop in Barclays Center, which was published this week.

Rae was first asked to name his list of non-Wu-Tang Clan, top five rappers of all time. The artists he named, in no particular order, included Rakim, Slick Rick, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, and Chuck D.

The New York City emcee was then asked to name the top rapper right now, to which he responded with Jay Z.

Prior to naming his rap favorites, Raekwon spoke briefly on his upcoming solo album, Fly International Luxurious Art as well as Wu-Tang Clan’s multi-million dollar album. In regards to his solo album, he revealed that Snoop Dogg will serve as one of the artists featured on the project.

“This album right here I got to say this is one of my top works today, you know? I really don’t like to give out all the goods right away,” he said. “Yeah, I’ll give you one. I got the legendary Snoop on the album.

“You know how you go to an art gallery and you look at a bunch of art pictures,” he added, while speaking on the Wu-Tang album. “With this project right here is basically gonna be auctioned in a museum. Whoever comes with the highest bid is the winner of this classic album.”

Towards the end of Raekwon’s interview with GQ, the topic of conversation shifted to family. The rapper, who has two daughters and one son, was asked what the craziest thing about being a father is.

“Time, man,” he said when asked about being a father. “You gotta give kids time. Cause they don’t care about anything else, but being with you. Just when you’re not able to give them the time that they deserve and you just watching them grow from a distance it bothers you sometimes. But also you want to let them know that you out there making sure that they don’t need nothing from nobody.”

Raekwon’s interview with GQ can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    Mush mowf rap Precious OB4CL2 was ** TOTALLY ** overrated, only Ghostface came correct, Raekown is so goddamn fat now he can't walk, run, write or think properly. ICEWATER!!!!

  • OVO

    Drake is the greatest artist and has been for the past 5 years. Most #1's ever. He doesn't even have an album out and songs like Who Do U Love, Believe Me and 0 to 100 are tearing up the charts. OVO is unstoppable!

  • Anthony gomes

    All the rappers now are garbage but the best right now goes out to The Game

  • Anonymous

    Fat fuck made ONE great record (ya'll know what it is) and near garbage ever since; also sabotages Wu with his asswipe trend chasing. He actually rapped OK on "Immobilarity" but that was what, 20 years ago? Cellulite on the brain is as bad as dick cancer.

    • Anonymous

      STFU Hater. Rae dropped a classic just 5 years ago then released another good project just 2 years ago. GTFOH with that dumb shit talking down to a legend.

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon = Precious FILA is already dogshit, though Icewater 2 has potential.

  • BO Hackson

    Every time I see Raekwon I think of ordering a pizza

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait for FILA to drop! I been listening to all these TBT classics he puttin out and im gettin hype...he puts out real music!

  • Anonymous

    Chef is a real ass nigga!

  • Anonymous

    jay only relevant because he married beyonce and BIG died.

    • Jewelz

      Rae a legend and thats what he thinks so like youre weak ass unemployed opinion matter. Get a job get your moms off crack and shut it

    • yung grind mode

      Hov puts out a hand full of halfass sh*t. However cant neglect the " Nicca we made it" drake rmx joint. "Seen It All" Jezzy joint. Not to mention the MCHG is a solid piece of work... Who cant Jigga go toe2toe with in the industry? real talk!

  • Anonymous

    Damn phone. We didnt diss nas when new qb niggas dropped or diss jay when he brought in beans and beans was nicer than jay for a lil bit no. We bitched but than jay stepoed it up and gve us blueprint . But we didnt hop on a the next niggas dick and start saying hay weak or washed up. Same thing with nas he dropped a couple dissappointing albums you didnt hear us say fuck nas old ass bars and hooks the shit.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf is this diss 90s rappers. Little niggas face it the artist these days suck. Talking shit about dope rappers is no defense for your favorites lack of lyrical skill. Yall could hate on rae, meth, red and jada they'll still rip ya drakes and kendrick lamars and k.dots nice. And you trap head niggas dont even open ya mouth chief keef loving ass niggas. Dont hate the legenencouragthese fools to step their pen game up thats what the fuck we did. We didnt dissnas when new qv mniggas came out

  • MF

    Jay Z the best...does this dude really fucking truthfully believe that? jesus christ lmao. Jay Z has been TERRIBLE and lyrically lazy as all fuck since about 2002/3

  • Anonymous

    Except for Em, i'll give him that for sure

  • San Diego Negro

    What's up with all the hate? Salute that man for bringing in a whole era of hip hop and carving his own lane out. He shined on so much shit that you have to pardon any missteps. OB4CL alone is enough to build his whole career on. On top of that he never went the sucker route and always speaks his piece. My man stay clowning people's outfits.

    • Anonymous

      Lex Diamond versus Icewater: Who Will Win? Shaolin v. Wu Tang = Dogshit Wu Massacre = Dogshit Immobilarity = good rapping + musical Dogshit Raekwon is anti-social retard, the only person he 'clowns' is his fat fuck self when he pretends to speak 'nahmean'

  • Anonymous

    Rae hasn't delivered 'dope bars' in at least a decade; he's failed to evolve or grow in any way as an artist, though he's the first fat fuck to play bitchass about wanting to be 'contemporary,' i.e. chase what he 'thinks' (and I use the term loosely) are 'hot' sounds. Stop pimping Grand Report also you slobbering drunk fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Rae still delivery dope bars. For more entertaining videos Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good ones on there too

  • Anonymous

    SMH... Rae is human dogshit, worse than ebola in ** every ** relationship he enters, which is why Ghost tours with Sheek, not this mushmowf cornball. Do everyone a favor Rae and just QUIT... or fucking eat yourself to death already. UGOD >>>>>>

  • Anonymous

    Fat fuck asslicker nahmean ICEWATER you washed up bitter whore

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