Ice Cube Explains Why Lil Eazy-E Isn't Acting In N.W.A Biopic

Ice Cube on Lil Eazy-E: "We gave him a shot. It just didn't work out."

Eazy-E's son, Lil Eazy-E, has said that he wishes he would have been chosen to play the role of his father in an upcoming N.W.A biopic. Ice Cube, whose son is set to play him in the film and who's executive producing the project, recently spoke about why Lil Eazy-E isn't going to act in the motion picture. 

"He’s an up-and-coming actor trying to do it," Cube said in an interview with Colorado radio station KS 107.5, according to AllHipHop, "but we needed somebody who was a little more polished to play Eazy, because he goes through a lot in his life. He goes from selling dope in Compton to fighting for his life in a hospital bed. So we needed to find an actor with a lot of range. And we just couldn’t use just anybody. We gave him a shot, and it just didn’t work out." 

Earlier this year, Lil Eazy spoke about the film

"I wish I could have got [the part]," he said. "I don't think anybody can do it better. It's what I've been doing for the past 10 years of my career. I came out on Hip Hop Honors years ago and performed in front of Cube and Russell Simmons and they told me I was a striking resemblance."

Nevertheless, Lil Eazy has said he's going to support the film and Jason Mitchell, the actor selected to play Eazy-E.

"Jason has come to my grandmother's house where I was born and raised, where my father was born and raised and where N.W.A started," Lil Eazy-E has said. "I reached out to him to give him the support and any advice he needs. He has a big burden on his shoulders to bring forth the character and legacy of my father and the legacy of N.W.A, period…I'm not upset about [the casting]. What Cube did was a great thing and a loving father, that you're supposed to do for your family and your legacy.”

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  • nay

    I think for easy e role being that he was so intense n he was a big part of n.w.a it would have took a well rounded actor to play his part especially for the part when he got sick it takes skill to pull of dramatic. cube son could play him because his wasn't tht intense

  • mc ren

    cube did the right thing man i want to see the part done right not half assed by a wannabe actor. lil eazy feels too entitled the reason why he never blew up because he never made his own lane! hes always been saying nwa this eazy e this... its all that comes out of his mouth!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Cube sound like he is making excuses man for not using lil Eazy, that a bunch of BS for not using lil Eazy

    • Sean

      How is it a bunch of bs? If he couldn't pull it off o well plus easy e wife played a part in the decision making too, I saw the movie it was an amazing job

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, but Cube is big in Hollywood and can't afford having the movie flop because of Lil Eazy E's lack of star power and natural ability to carry a film.

  • Anonymous

    this is only coming because it's what rap needs right now, that hardcore reality and rawness is the foundation of what it is.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he's not playing his dad cause he looks 50 Cent with braids, for real rapping & acting aren't heriditary, honestly they really should have gone with unknown but experienced actors. I don't think anyone is entitled to a role just because its portraying their father, it should go to the most qualified actor that will give the best performance. Unfortunately it does look like Cube is using this film as a vehicle to prop up his son.

  • Mortis

    When you first startAnnotate rhyming It started off slow and then you start climbing But it wasn't fast enough I guess So you gave your other style a test You was hardcore hip-hop Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped Giving our music away to the mainstream Don't you know they ain't down with the team They just sent they boss over Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over On MTV but they don't care They'll have a new nigga next year You out in the cold No more white fans and no more soul And you might have a heart attack When you find out the black folks don't want you back And you know what's worse? You was just like the nigga in the first verse Stop selling out your race And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face Niggas always gotta show they teeth Now I'm a be brief Be true to the game SELLOUT!!!

  • Edubb

    Long time Cube fan but he dropped the ball on this one. Lil-Eazy should have got the part hands down.

  • Jiu jitsu jerry

    Writer edit *DJ Chonz of Colorado station ks107.5.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck I hate biopics, way too hard to get all truth and factual shit, naw had the best chance of doing it I guess, Notorious was awful and I refuse to watch the tupac one, wayyyyy too many unanswered questions and you just know they will make up a story, fuck offff!

    • R.Pgh

      If you are relying on a movie for historically accurate facts, you should probably read a book sometime.

  • Boston hip hop fan

    I'm definitely going to see this. NWA is the most influential rap group of all time.

  • Mortis

    Screw Ice Cube. Tries to put his son over in movies. Puts out bullshit songs like Drop Girl. Fucking sellout.

    • Anonymous

      sold out is the stupidest phrase ever theres only so long you can be poppin just off of boom bap rappity rap you either expand or you die out like krs one, rakim, slick rick, etc

    • Mortis

      Wack is wack. Cube is 45. Scarface 43. Which song is better? Exit Plan or Drop Girl? Cube sold out a long time ago. His music sucks. And if you make bullshit, you get called out for it. Doesn't matter what your name is.

    • VizionMC

      Damn near 30 years in the game. See if you don't change none in 30 years. smh. He's an icon. Don't wanna taint what he's done don't cop his new shit. Plain and simple. AmeriKKKas Most, Kill at Will, Death Certificate, The Predator, NWA, and even Lethal Injection - these are undeniable. The Man's 40+ makin' movies and making money - mogul.

    • R.Pgh you want him to be a 50 year old acting like a gangster?

    • A

      if you have no talent to shape the world, hwat else yo ugon do but sell out

    • boom bap diggity dap

      yea bro fuck that sellout shit real hip hop only dude iggy azelia and rich homie quan are killin the underground right now n cool name bro

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