Meek Mill Says He Now Focuses On Rapping More Than Money

Meek Mill also says rappers don't get credit for helping their communities, especially in Philadelphia.

Meek Mill, who is often involved in charitable efforts, says he's always willing to help, if he's able. 

"If I’m in the position to help, I’m gonna help," the MMG star says in an interview with XXL. "In my city, you know, rappers never really get credit for anything they do, but they do a lot for the community. And I don’t even try to take credit for it. But I don’t like when I come home and you got certain people sitting around talking about my probation, like they're downplaying me, like I’m doing something wrong. First of all, you know, I got a job. I came from being in the streets being a young kid doing wild things and stuff. I changed my life around. I take care of my whole family. I got a child, take care of my son, and I give back to the community every chance I get.

"So when people try to downplay that and make you look a certain way, I just always try to just outdo them and make sure they know that I’m not who they're saying I am," Meek Mill adds. "I always did [things] not on camera, or call press and stuff like that, until I saw the that they were trying to make me look a certain way. [After that] I really put it in the press, 'cause I didn’t wanna make it seem like I was doing it for the look of it. I wanted to do it from the heart. I guess that’s the way life goes." 

Beyond helping others with his charitable endeavors and with his money, Meek says that he's come to realize there is more to this industry than wealth, a reference he makes on the title for his upcoming album Dreams Worth More Than Money.

"I wanted to go with the title because I just felt like when I first came into the game I was just hustling and trying to make a lot of money," he explains. "And now since I got on and made some money, I feel like rapping was always my dream, really. So I just really wanna pursue that over really being about money now. When I first came out, my concern was mainly about getting my family off the streets, changing my way of living so I wouldn’t have to do the things I used to have to do. Now that I’ve changed all that, now it’s just about the sport all over again. I feel like I’m on the corner battling the cyphers, [but] not for money, it's for the fun, it's for the competition." 

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  • Alanis Morrisette

    Isn't it ironic how Meek Mill's boss on the outside was a C.O. and now his boss in the inside is a C.O.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is a fraud who remembers when his old friend / producer who helped him come up with beats from flamerz asked him to borrow some money in a time of desperation and need? what did the ever charitable meek mill to do help out his old friend and producer? he put him on blast to his millions of social media followers with screen caps of private text messages. he could have just said no but the kind and generous meek mill decided it was best to humiliate a man basically begging for help. thats when i lost all respect for meek mill. fuck his charity to try and make him good in the public eye when he cant even help his friends and the people who helped him get where he is. dont even get me started on the louie v shit.

  • #FreeMeekMill

    I love meek music , people always going to hate all he can do is love those haters . keep up the good music , #freemeekmill

  • anon514

    who cares hes wack...

  • Anonymous

    I fucking hate Meek Mill's music, but I respect his grind

  • 845boi

    i respect meek for this.. hopefully he start puttin flamers type mixtapes out again

  • Anonymous

    Didn't even Know rapping was a job opportunity, where you get an opportunity make money to take care of your family and gain material wealth etc.. That shit should be reserved for the highly skilled and not promoted as a vacancy every year or two to fill in some crappy void in the commercial rap market

  • Anonymous

    Done before he went to jail presumably?

  • >_

    well... that makes sense. cause if im right.. i believe hes supposed to be a rapper. if he doesnt focus on rapping he gets no money correct? this hamster is retarded

  • anonymus

    Focusing on the product? What a concept who would've thought.


    Focusing on actual rapping? Praise the Lord

  • Boston hip hop fan

    That was some real grown man shit he said. I'm not a fan of his previous work but I'll check this out. Although this is bound to be another MMG flop

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