Loaded Lux's Former Manager Says Rapper Owes Him Money

Sutek, a former manager of Loaded Lux, says the emcee owes him money he depended on.

Loaded Lux's former manager Sutek says the rapper owes him money.

“I’m pissed off at how he treated me financially because my family depended on that money,” Sutek says to Forbez DVD, as reported by BattleRap. “I depended on that money. Now I got to go through all the shenanigans to get what I worked for and earned. That’s a problem.

"He’s full of shit," he adds. "The brother really needs to do some introspection. He really needs to look inside … Until you see the dark side, all you see is the bright light. But then once you see the dark side, that overshadows all of that." 

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