Method Man & Redman Discuss "Blackout 3," "How High" Updates

Redman recalls when rappers had to be "nice" before they put out a record.

During an interview with King Ov Da Hillz TV, Method Man and Redman offered an update on their collaborative album, Blackout 3 and addressed the status of the sequel to their 2001 film, How High.

In regards to Blackout 3, Method Man revealed that the album will be released either late this year or early next year, and will consist of the usual Red and Meth and tunes.

“Well, we’re not sure when it’s gonna drop,” Method Man said. “Hopefully, it’ll be top of next year or bottom of this year. They can just expect more Meth and Red. You know? Red and Meth shit. Same shit we been doing. Smoking, drinking, stinking, the works.”

Redman spoke on the possibility of a How High 2 and confirmed that the pair did in fact have a meeting with Universal in California. He added that they’re “hoping for good things” in regards to the film.

“We had a meeting in California with Universal and it went good. So, we hoping for good things…It’s gonna be a good twist,” he said.

Redman Says Audiences Overseas “Appreciate Hip Hop More”

Prior to offering an update on the duo’s various projects, Redman was asked how the audiences at their shows in the U.K. compare to those in the United States. He stated that those outside of the United States tend to appreciate Hip Hop more.

The Newark, New Jersey lyricist then gave his thoughts on today’s Hip Hop when paired against the era of Hip Hop he came up in.

“Well, not just the U.K., but everywhere over here. International waters,” Redman said. “They appreciate Hip Hop more than—A little bit more than America, but the fans are still there in America...It just changed for the level of respect for the word ‘Hip Hop.’ You know, when we came in it was just more of a—We had to have a leverage of what we been going through as far as battles. And have to be nice to really come out with a record. Now anyone can just come out with a record and be the man. You know, without that respect. So, that’s whatever."

Lastly, the duo was asked to name their top three artists dead or alive. Method Man responded with “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan” while Redman named Prince, Chaka Khan, and Method Man as his favorites.

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  • Anonymous

    Method Man responded with Dylan, Dylan, Dylan Lmao @ that still being funny all these years later. Chappelle ethered what little career dude had left. Hilarious

  • PATHH88

    Any truth to the rumor that Redman is gay ?? Anyone else heard this ??

  • Anonymous

    Ok well you can't hate on red and meth man, I'm excited as shit about whatever the fuck they do, just sad about Meth man I feel he could easily have been a top 5 rapper of all time if he would just get better beats and production, you can't tell me all the Ticals were filled with quality good shit, there was a few on each disc and even that's stretching it and it was only cause Meth rips it even if I hated the best or production I'd feel awful not at least putting a few Songs off each disc on play in the car. But man he should still try and come hard with a couple new solo albums!!!

  • da Mayor of MN

    These guys are timeless

  • 1000W

    these two might be the greatest duo of all time. can't wait for it.

  • Anonymous

    I'll believe it when I see it. If Blackout 3 manages to come out the same day as Crystal Meth, then I'll eat my hat and piss my pants.

  • Anonymous

    That whole "america doesn't appreciate us" shit pisses me off, when was the last time meth and red came to philly? Fucking like 3-4 years ago, play at an actual venue not just rock the bells. Go on any of these dudes websites look at their tour dates, they play like 2 shows in america the rest is overseas i dont want hear that BS. "how high 2 on the way!" that shit is the detox of the movie world, been talking that shit for years now, nothing has happened.

    • recordpusher

      They play way more overseas becasue the fans come out. Trust me, I know. Promoters don't book them in US as much because the fans no longer support enough for the promoter to make a profit. I'm pretty sure Red & Meth would love to be booked multiple times a week in the US. But that doen't happen because the masses aren't real fans. They are only fans of an artist single when it's popular at the time...

    • 1000W

      I think you got it twisted. I've been overseas and he's right. The hip-hop has drastically changed from what it was when red and meth came on the scene. Over-seas these guys really appreciate the art of it all. They are into all the elements of the culture. They know the history. Music in general isn't appreciated like it use to be in the states. But to keep it 1000 they probably making more bread touring over-seas then in the states.

    • Ricardo

      You're a mug, you can drive 2-3 hours or get a cheap flight to see an artist play somewhere. Overseas? It used to be rare to even have them somewhere within travelling distance for most Europeans, no surprise they travel to countries that actually give them the vibe and feedback they are looking for when playing a live show. Most artists have said they prefer touring overseas: J5, Dilated Peoples, Cypress Hill, Hieroglyphics. The list goes on...



  • U

    How High was classic, Blackout albums are classic. These dudes straight droppin classics. Cant wait for How High 2

  • eastcoast hiphop is dead

    These old men just cant ecept the fact that its 2014 and not 1993 anymore. Retire> Some old ass men rapping about weed. Get a life.

    • PATHH88

      ecept ??? wtf does that mean ??? so you obviously in 1st grade or failed first grade, either way, you dont know wtf you are talking about...child

    • im from the east coast

      east coast rap is dead! East coast was alive during 86-88 and 1994-1997. Now they are pussies sounding like dirty south rappers

    • im from the westcoast

      I've had it with this niggas shit. Stop with the hate its not the eastcoast fault everyone else cant keep up with their rhyme skills. Saying eastcoast hip hop is dead is like french saying all lyrical rappers are broke its untrue and stupid and u make niggas from the west and south sound like haters. Do us a favor dont post anything on this site ever!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah..Like why can't it just be virgins? LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Why it always have to be a virgin teenager?

    • Anonymous

      You have to love the internet. The one place on earth where you can find a pimpled out anonymous 14 year old virgin telling two millionaires they need to get a life.

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