50 Cent Reportedly Blasts Instagram User Who Questioned His Parenting

50 Cent reportedly exchanges words with a person who made an Instagram comment about his parenting.

50 Cent has reportedly lashed out against an Instagram user who commented on the rapper's parenting recently, according to XXL

After 50 posted an image of his young son on the social media platform, the publication reports that someone questioned his parenting and another person questioned the emcee's relationship with Marcus, his oldest son. 

50 then reportedly posted the following as a reply: "B*tch don’t talk to me like you know me. The boy 18 years old if he wanted to talk to me we would speak. Go suck a d*ck if you ain’t nothing to do." 

The comment has since been deleted, the site says. 

In May, the rapper spoke on his family when reports surfaced about his missing Marcus' high school graduation

“I don’t need an explanation,” he said at the time. “I don’t really. I think that my personal life, portions of it are actually supposed to be personal. The actual life as an entertainer is a whole other portion of your life. My son—I haven’t received an invitation. When he graduated I was in Budapest on a movie with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. I think at some points the reason why it actually comes out is because his mom is going to TMZ. I wish she’d find someone so she could leave me alone.”

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  • Anonymous

    Jeezy beat the shit out of his teenage and no one ever says anything bout that. LOL Dr Dre's grown son OD'd on heroin because his dad neglected him all his life to spend time working on Detox which he died before hearing.

  • Bacardi Bents


  • Anonymous

    50 Cent's 18 year old son lives a better life then probably 98% of the adults that comment on ther relationship...Like he said son or not sometimes people develop a sense of entitlement like just because you have it you SHOULD give it to me.....Jeezy/Mike Epps went through the same thing with there kids at 18 years old and your mother getting $25,000 a month....please

    • Anonymous

      sorry Dre's son overdosed on fucking heroin where the hell was Dre I guess he forgot about his son like they forgot about D.R.E. At least Marquise is gonna go to school on 50s dime.

    • Anonymous

      Dr Dre's song OD'd on some drugs didnt he?

    • Anonymous

      Sly Stallone's kid killed himself by OD'ing cause his father was never around. He too had everything handed to him: Movie roles. A house. Car. Money. A lot good that did him. Being a presence in your kids life is worth more than most realize.

  • Anonymous

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    HAHAHAHAH Only Curtis can tell a bitch to go suck a dick and still continuously make million dollar deals and power moves. You would never catch Jay or Diddy keepin it this real... their white owners wouldn't allow it. 50 is the Charlie Sheen of this rap shit,.

  • CAL Boss

    Who gives a fuck about 50? Even more, who gives a rat's motherfuckin ass about his bitch ass son?! Why couldn't niggas who shot him have finished the job like competent niggas? Fuckin pissed at that!

  • Anonymous

    Who will want that ugly bitch


    50 is a real live female, how the fuck is he getting emotinal and upset and all he does is speak on and give an opinion on everybody in the industry, always speaking on other rappers about shit that aint one of his buisness and that he knows nothing about, 50 is pussy

  • Anonymous

    "I'd rather be a Sugar Daddy than a Dead-Beat Dad."~Apathy 50 is always dishing crap out, but he's not man enough to take it in return. 50 just worships money.

  • milehighkid303

    SO SAD, that this guy is hated to the point now that people JUDGE THIS MAN on his PERSONAL life. I'm a die hard 50 fan, and i don't care for his money, don't care for his success, i love his music. Do i always agree with what he's done, no. BUT I don't TROLL on boards of people I dislike to sneak diss here and there to make myself feel better. Bottom line with this guy is HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN WHAT HE SAID HE WAS and never wavered from that. THAT is why I like him, he is the VERY last of a DEAD breed in hip hop and in all honesty folks should appreciate his music and business acumen. The guy LITERALLY came from the bottom and made it where few black men in America let alone ANY American will make it in 10 lifetimes. STOP THE HATE. OUT!

    • HEAT

      ^^^ all 50 does is troll other people and make fun of them, what about the Floyd Mayweather videos and you catching feelings cause someone said he needs to be a father to his kid, fuck 50 cent and yo stan ass too!

  • Anonymous

    "What truth?" That his son hates him, and he's a horrible father obsessed with money which he won't be able to take with him anyway.

  • Anonymous

    snippets of the comment and i'll believe u. 50 ain't post shit

  • 50

    B*tch dont talk to me like you actually know me. The boy 18 years old if he actually wanted to talk to me we would actually speak. Go suck a d*ck if you actually aint got nothing to do."

  • A


    • Anonymous

      Burger King didn't kill Pun. He couldn't even get through the doors to allow BK to help kill him. Get your facts straight.

    • MANY MEN

      50 took more shots than all those niggas combined but it just wasnt meant to be. nigga got tha heart of a lion yo.

  • Anonymous

    "I mean who the fuck are you people to dare judge his actions towards his son" And who the fuck are you to dick ride a guy who can't even sell 100K?

    • Tony Montana

      You're all a bunch of fuckin assholes you need people like 50 so you can point you're fuckin fingers and say that guys a bad dad what that make you good? No you just know how to hide

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Curtis got emotional lol Truth hurts, huh Fif?

  • Curtis

    He dishes it out all the time...but this lets me know he can't take it (harsh criticsm)

    • Anonymous

      this lets me know he keeps it real as fuck. how many rappers reply to ig comments and will tell a bitch to sucka dick

  • GossipDX

    Lol it looks like Floyd Mayweather is sending out his internet goons on 50.

  • Anonymous

    Last of the real.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is so immature and desperate his career is over, he can only diss other people, this fucking monkey

    • Anonymous

      Rick rozay? Is that youuuuu? ^

    • Anonymous

      I'm not a fan but still the guy is right. I mean who the fuck are you people to dare judge his actions towards his son, we all know the guy is 18 smh at 14 I could make my own judgements on things. The suckers that has things to say are probably the deadbeat that have a steet worth of children all around the country acting like they the shit online. Eat a dick!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People should just mind their own business you think he's the FIRST dude to not have anything to do with a son LOLLLL who knows what his mama is like and 50 gave the kid money anyway the kids got no worries and doesn't talk to him, to each his own but I'd be talking to for if that was my dad lol fuck.

    • Anonymous

      if the kid wanted love and guidance he wouldnt be a spoiled ass sucka mommas boy

    • Anonymous

      Money don't mean shit to a kid who just wants love and guidance. You stupid motherfuckers obsessed with Fif's money that you give his ass a pass when CPS should have swooped in years ago and snatched this lil nigga up to put him in a real home with love, support and nurturing.

  • Anonymous

    Lol He deleted it like the emotionally damaged pussy he is.

  • jimjim

    don't know what the fuck happen to fif hope he gets his shit together as far as social media

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