Migos Hope For OutKast, Jay Z Collaborations, Detail Meek Mill Advice

Migos say they have no beef with 2 Chainz or Three 6 Mafia.

Following their interactions with those in the music industry, Atlanta trio Migos revealed that the best piece of advice they received from an artist was from fellow rapper, Meek Mill.

Migos member Offset shared that the Maybach Music Group lyricist encouraged them to first take over their city. He then offered a “Free Meek Mill” to the currently incarcerated rapper.

“I ain’t gon’ lie,” Offset said during an interview with Hot 107.9. “First time we met Meek Mill he told us just take over our city. Free Meek Mill. That’s the first thing he told us.”

In a separate interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Offset spoke on the alleged beef between Migos and both Three 6 Mafia and 2 Chainz, an artist the group previously revealed they felt disrespected by. The rapper revealed that they have no beef with either and added that although the group has received comparisons to Three 6 Mafia he feels that Migos have come up with their “own situation” separate from that of the Memphis, Tennessee rappers.

“I was five-years-old when Three 6 Mafia was out,” Offset said. “You know what I’m saying? Or six or something like that. But it ain’t no issue on that. It’s no issue on that. We salute Three 6 Mafia. They still great artists, but I feel like we came up with our own situation. And then I feel like sometimes people try to put somebody else on you. That could have been controversy through us. Us and Three 6 Mafia by that statement, but shout out to 2 Chainz. And shout out to Three 6 Mafia.”

The Migos member then spoke on the group changing the game, before fellow Migos artist Takeoff offered his own thoughts on the group breaking into the music industry.

“It’s good to see that we came in and we popped up out of nowhere,” Offset said. “Then we changed the game. And it’s a blessing that we actually did that, but know that it’s a Migos [stamp].”

“Let you know what we doing. Everybody like what we doing,” Takeoff added. “How we working. Evidently everybody trying to bite it.”

In addition to speaking on 2 Chainz, Three 6 Mafia, and Meek Mill, Migos also spoke on receiving cosigns from Drake and R. Kelly and revealed their hopes for collabs with OutKast and Jay Z.


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  • Anonymous

    i would never take advice from a rapper who's locked up and got outsold by kendrick 5x over

  • Anonymous

    Migos, lol Lords of the underground>>>>migos Sunz of man>>>>>migos Onyx>>>>>>migos Yall better take whatever money lyor and kevin let yall get and go back to school

  • CAL Boss

    They aint my type of shit, but I don't hate on them either. But I wouldn't even associate myself with a weak ass nigga like Meek Mill. If nigga told me the best advice in the world and gave me winning lotto numbers, I still wouldn't admit it. And I'd feel disrespected if a bitch like R Kelly cosigned me. Fuck that flaky nigga!

  • Anonymous

    "Migos interview with Jenny Boom Boom and Hot 107.9 can be found below." LMFAO @ this chunky white broad calling herself Jenny Boom Boom. what a retarded name. almost as bad as calling yourself Charlamagne Tha God.

  • Anonymous

    im suprised these midget homo thugs even know who Outkast is, even being from ATL. And Jay-Z will never work with these clown ass niggas.

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