UW Battle League's "Annihilation" Recap

BattleRap.com breaks down the event as K-Shine is applauded for having what appears to be the performance of the night.

UW Battle League held its Annihalation event yesterday (July 27) and BattleRap.com broke down the evening's action with a report on the match-ups. 

"From what we could tell, K-Shine had the performance of the night, and the battles ranged from mediocre to excellent," BattleRap.com reports. 

K-Shine let his followers know that he felt he won clearly. 

"I just caught a 3-0," K-Shine said via Twitter. "I told y'all niggaz!" 

For more on Annihalation, check out the full story on BattleRap


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