Wiz Khalifa Discusses Forbes List Placement, 21 Weed Related Arrests

Wiz Khalifa also explains how he handles his business dealings.

Wiz Khalifa, who has appeared on the Forbes "30 Under 30" list alongside Drake and other stars, recently spoke about what he felt when he saw his placement.

"It’s cool as hell," Khalifa says to VladTV. "It’s awesome. It just makes people look at me like I’m rich."

Wiz also explains how managed to make the most of his earnings.

"A lot of it comes from taking the right opportunities and making the best of them," he says. "I just break my businesses down and put them in the right areas to where it makes sense."

While Wiz is known for his wealth, due to lyrics on track like "Work Hard, Play Hard," in which he boasts about diamonds, gold watches, and $100,000 champagne, Khalifa is also known for his appreciation for weed. That affinity has also landed the rapper in some legal trouble as he says he's been arrested many times on marijuana related issues.

"The number is 21 right now," he says. "Yep, 21 arrests."


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For more on Wiz Khalifa and his recent legal troubles, view the DX Daily below.


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  • but hes rich?!?!? FOH

    probally the most boring one dimensional rapper around every interview is just weed talk maybe sumthing bout money then he just gives that annoying laugh after everything he says n more weed talk

  • Anonymous

    At least he's not going broke anytime soon..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it's easy to make Forbes list for wiz, you just have to sell out and make some awful music after starting your career off actual talent and lyrical ability...it's pretty easy, yet 50 is still say ahead of wiz on the forbes list and is still one of the most gangster rappers ever

    • CAL Boss

      Y'all niggas must be rich! Growing up a dead broke nigga, I'd sell out for money like that. If Jew niggas told me to sing country and do Katy Perry covers all day long to get the fuck outta the hood, you betta believe I'ma do that shit.

    • Anonymous

      Actually Wiz was ahead of 50 on the forbes list last year, Ross and Jeezy too. Not the overall list but for 2013 earnings he topped em all.

    • wiazrd of oz

      I hate the term sell out. Artists' music don't belong to a particular demographic, you know. It's music, it universally appeals to each and every one of us.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Auto-Tune crap definitely appeals to the masses. Wiz sold the fuck out.

    • wizard of oz

      I guess you anonymous fuckboys never heard of something called appealing to the masses. If you want to build a bigger and better brand, sometimes you got to make music that is for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      word wiz old shit before kush and oj was fuckin lyrically ill

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