Curren$y Discusses Lil Wayne's "Pilot Talk III" Appearance Potential

Curren$y also says he has a Baby collaboration and that Weezy just might land on "Pilot Talk III."

Lil Wayne just might land on Curren$y's Pilot Talk III. 

"Me and the homie work all the time," Curren$y says when I Got It For Free asks him about Wayne's Pilot Talk III appearance potential. "I got two or three in the clip right now that haven’t been released that we did, so maybe.” said Spitta about the likelihood Wayne will be featured on the project. “I got Baby on the ’10 Gs’ remix. I’m gonna put that out in a second too."

In July 2010, Curren$y spoke about his bond with Wayne.

"We chopped it up at a talent show and then I went down to Miami and put some records down and I did that for a few years," Curren$y said at the time, speaking of his work with Young Money. "Until I realized the same thing: that it wasn't a good fit."

Despite not being a part of YMCMB, Curren$y said things were still mutually respectful between the two acts. 

"I mean, I'm just chillin', and we both just doin' what we doin'," he said then. "Ain't no love lost, but for right now it's JET life."

For more on Curren$y, view the interview below.


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  • Anonymous

    Please no young thug.....

  • Anonymous

    Is Wayne taller than Spitta or is he standing on a stool?

  • puffmommy

    I hope so, I think wayne will sound good on a curren$y type beat

  • RGeezy

    Pilot Talk 3 with no Ski Beatz? GTFOH And LiL Wayne on it, yup this is going to be thrash.

  • Anonymous

    Curren$y is that nigga... he is on a different level and props to him, i always get that psychedelic west coast real hip-hop vibe from his music

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Curren$y fans do not want to hear Lil Wayne on a track with him and NO ONE wants to hear Birdman rapping on anyones tracks, not even his own. Maybe Wayne would be half decent on some of CurrenSys beats but I dunno.

    • 1

      ^ maybe but you also got to throw in 50's fav "The general public"

    • Anonymous

      yo is 50 cent commenting on here, the way that boy using his word Actually got me thinking its him

    • fuccya

      Actual Curren$y fans were probably hella glad he left young money.

    • Anonymous

      "Actual currency fans are typically actual hip hop fans which usually at least translates to some form of respect and admiration for Wayne " you lost me here when you said real hip-hop fans respect and admire lil fucking wayne. LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Actual currency fans are typically actual hip hop fans which usually at least translates to some form of respect and admiration for Wayne , fuck I've just been listening to old juvenile and hot boys during my workouts this past couple weeks and Wayne has always been killing it, even when he sounds like he's 16 lol, Wayne and currency made some good songs together and I would love to see them do more, I'd rather Wayne and currency over The New Wiz and currency anyday..

  • Anonymous

    Fuck yea these dudes made some good music together and separately love when artists like this come together, none of that fuck boy French Montana and Rick Ross combos...

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