Hip Hop Comic-Con 2014 Recap

Biz Markie makes a cameo to perform "Just a Friend" and TV Guide premieres a clip of Nicki Minaj on the Cartoon Network.

With Comic-Con 2014 coming to a close in San Diego this weekend, several Hip Hop artists appeared or premiered work at the event.

Biz Markie appeared in support of the upcoming 3D, computer-animated movie The Book of Life which is due out this October. With the song “Just A Friend” featured in the film, Biz made a cameo to perform the song at a release panel. The movie’s voice actors include Channing Tatum, Christina Applegate, and Ron Perlman. All three actors joined Biz in the performance but Channing Tatum helped the Goin Off’ emcee on the mic.

Yesterday (July 26), a clip of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming appearance on the Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” premiered at the convention on behalf of TV Guide. Minaj, who voices an animated character name Sugilite, is an amalgam of two characters on the show. The premiered clip is available below. 

Books from cartoonist Ed Piskor, the author behind the New York Times best-selling Hip Hop Family Tree series, were promoted in the form of a new release and box set. 

DMC of Run DMC appeared at the convention after several previous appearances in recent years.

Elsewhere, promotional panels and events included the premiere of footage from Warner Bros.’ upcoming film Batman vs. Superman and the next installment of the Mad Max series.

In past years, Hip Hop artists like RZA, Jean Grae, Dan The Automator, and Kid Koala have appeared at the annual event.  

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