Jay Z & Beyonce "On The Run" Stylists Speak About Stars' Involvement

Jay Z was reportedly heavily involved in the stylistic choices that were made on the tour, which also features his wife, Beyonce.

Jay Z and Beyonce have made headlines with On The Runa tour the couple embarked on this year. Recently, various stylists who worked with Jay and Bey spoke with Billboard about the fashion choices for the run. 

According to Mallory Passuite, BLK DNM's director, marketing and PR, Jay was heavily involved with the fashion side of the tour.

"Jay Z was very involved in the creative process," Passuite says, "from selecting the prints and color to choosing the exact lambskin we ended up using."

Ty Hunter, who's worked with Beyonce for years, says stylists for the tour had a vision they were focused on.

"The whole Bonnie and Clyde mobster love story was the overall approach," Hunter says.

In May 2014, the couple released a video that shares this vision with "Run."

For photos and a set list of an On The Run tour date, click here.

For more on Beyonce and Jay Z, view the DX Daily below. 




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