ScHoolboy Q Discusses Recent Shooting Aftermath, Begins Next Album

ScHoolboy Q says he's in the beginning stages of creating his new album.

ScHoolboy Q has recently been touring off of his latest album release Oxymoron, however he may be in the beginning stages of creating his next studio release. 

Recently sitting down with ItsTheReal and Erika Ramirez of Billboard, Q said he's started recording his next album. 

"I just started recording but it's the beginning stages right now," ScHoolboy Q said when asked if he has been recording. "I just don't want to rush nothing 'cause I done did this before with Oxymoron and the flow of things and I finished my album a long time ago but it just wasn't ready to me."

The TDE emcee was also asked about a June Colorado shooting he was involved in

"I'm straight," he said of how he feels a month after the shooting. "My lawyers and them said don't talk about it. I don't have no problems with it. I don't have no problems with anybody, but I was informed not to talk about it... I'm straight. I went to Iceland the next day."

The four also talked about songs ScHoolboy Q could have been on, Mac Miller and touring. Q released his third studio album, Oxymoron on February 25. 

Listen to the full podcast below:

For more on ScHoolboy Q, view the DX Daily video below.


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