Turk Details Rap-A-Lot Records Deal, Not Re-Signing With Cash Money Records

Turk says "true colors was revealed" after a personal tragedy and he had to "move forward" past a possible Hot Boys reunion.

Explaining the origins of his recent record deal with Rap-A-Lot Records after his time in jail, former Cash Money Records rapper Turk detailed his feeling the need to move past a possible Hot Boys reunion.

“We met up at the BMI awards,” he said of the group before addressing the possibility of an official deal with the label. “We all had the Cash Money reunion minus B.G. because he’s incarcerated. It was talks. Me and Baby was talking on the phone a few times. I came out here to Miami. He was busy. It never worked out. It always was, ‘I’mma do this. We gon’ do this. This what gon’ happen.’ But it never did. So, me being the man that I am—I have twins, a boy and a girl, I have a wife and a family—I can’t sit back and wait on no man to sell me no dream. 33 years old, I gotta stand on my own. I don’t blame anybody. It’s a part of growing up, being a man. My hat goes off to Baby, Slim, Wayne, everybody, but I moved on. I got my own situation now. Not saying I wouldn’t wanna do nothing with them because I wanna do anything with anybody. But, my main focus is my label, YNT Empire.”

Speaking on his new venture with J. Prince and Rap-A-Lot records, Turk said J. Prince is “a solid guy.”

“J. Prince really kept it real with me, quiet as kept, under the radar, when I was locked up,” he said. “A lot of people didn’t know that. J. Prince paid for attorney fees. He was trying to get me out when nobody was trying to get me out. People had forgotten about me, J. Prince was always solid. To be honest, I didn’t have a personal relationship with J. Prince...We connected on the phone. I met J. Prince probably once or twice when I was signed to Cash Money and we never had no conversation. But for him to be there for me when I needed people to help me the most, it means a lot. When I came home my father got killed. J. Prince actually called me on the night of my father’s funeral. Me and him had been talking. He didn’t sign me when I first came home out of respect for Cash Money, to see what I was going to do with Baby and Slim. J. Prince a solid guy. He wanted to see the whole situation work with the Hot Boys: me, Wayne, B.G., and Juvenile. Unfortunately B.G. was locked up and even though I came home and I did [a song] with all of us, it still wasn’t the same. Even after we did the BMI awards, it still wasn’t the same. That chemistry really wasn’t there.

“When the situation happened with my daddy, it was like, true colors was revealed,” Turk added. “I kind of like woke up. Okay, cool, it ain’t no beef, but I see I gotta move forward…J. Prince told me he didn’t wanna sign me as an artist, he wanted to do a partnership deal with me. He gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. We got distribution through Sony Red, Rap-A-Lot, YNT, which is my label, Young’n’Thuggin. I started that movement. Young & Thuggin is me all the way.”



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  • brollya

    i hope hes ready to get ass raped at rap a lot lke he did at cash money... j prince worst dem birdman.... nigga been jerking his artist since big mike and geto boys

  • U.S.A ok

    Big Turk is a good candy bar

  • IROC

    Good to see Turk being a man long gone are the days of Baby raping them young boys Turk want to see that money now ,Big ups to J Prince

  • Anonymous

    Real talk turk A shame you talking to a bunch of outsiders who have no idea what its about Success to you and your family, blessings

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see at least even a hot boys track on carter v... Or at least get juve and b.g I could live without Turk

  • Anonymous

    Baby is a snake and a liar.

    • anon

      lol nobody at young money knows you but u defending them like you getting paid. LMMFAO @ U

    • Anonymous

      Boy baby put them albums out with minimal money fuk is YOU talking about a flop Simple asses need 2 stop talking about the b i you aint neva there 2 know, they shows getting that bread yall downloading asses worrying about sales like anything not certified is a loss LMMFAO @ U

    • Anonymous

      them last 2 ymcmb comps flopped pretty hard, weren't those basically birdman albums?

    • Anonymous

      Turk bombing while Boardman successful.

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