50 Cent's "Power" Influence Detailed By Series Creator Courtney Kemp Agboh

"Power" show runner Agboh explains how 50 Cent helped build Ghost's character on the program.

50 Cent's work on Power has been detailed by the program's actors, but Courtney Kemp Agboh, the series creator and show runner, recently opened up about how 50 Cent influenced the show's foundation. 

“He really helped me build Ghost,” Agboh says in an interview with the New York Times. “Because I am not actually a superrich, urban human. I’m kind of middle of the road.”

Power isn't the only thing Agboh and 50 Cent bonded over.

“50 Cent and I really started to bond over our love for music,” Agboh says. “The first conversations we had were about Curtis Mayfield.”

50's involvement with Power was recently praised by Omari Hardwick, the show's star.

"It was pretty amazing," Hardwick said of 50's dedication to the show. "He's tried... and proven in other parts of his life, as a mogul, as a Rap artist. It was really interesting for me to see him take on the executive producer hat of a show like this. He had done producing before...but to see him be active and take my phone call on the dime...If I'd call and go, 'We really need you on the set today.' We have an incredible cast, so it wasn't just me, it would be me speaking for the cast and going, 'Folks need your energy today.' And he'd be down in like 30 minutes. He was really active...He's great to work with." 

Recently, Starz announced that Power earned a second season. 

For more on 50 Cent, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous

    damn son i knew it was fiddys character hitting up ghost and tommy. hired that latino bitch to ice them and lied to ghost so he would kill his lil nigga off and have no team left

  • Anonymous

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  • traaciwinz

    nice show. my only problem with the show is they spend far too much time with ghost and angela talking about their feelings. It gets boring when they revert to that 3 and 4 times in an episode. Pretty easy to figure out 50 was behind it once he told his son to start telling him what was going on. In true Starz fashion, I wouldnt be surprised if 50 gets bumped off in finale. Starz, except for Spartacus, usually comes up short. They need 50 for next season. Can't just be ghost and angela talking about their feelings again.

    • jumbo380

      You can tell that the writer is spending alot of time on that so it can be super dramatic when she has to bring down his empire. The shit with Tommy and the red head is what I'm not getting.its like how they get this far if they simp with bitches to this degree?

    • Anonymous

      black sails is a good starz show too. that angela bitch needs to gtfo. how you a kingpin but you fallin for a fed bitch. and tommy telling redhair all his secrets and lying for that thieving bitch taking from his family... 50 the only real nigga on that show that aint simpin these hoes.

  • Anonymous

    HHDX has gone down the toilet.

    • Anonymous

      more like hes just questioning why you're still here if it's so bad. look you even came back to read the comments LOL. thats like me going to mcdonalds for lunch and complaining the whole time about how gross mcdonalds is.

    • Anonymous

      hahHa some little kid got butthurt because I said his favorite site was going down the toilets.

    • Anonymous

      yet you're still here whining about it. go start your own website and see if anyone cares.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    seems like they're setting 50's character up to have a big role next season once he gets out of prison

  • Anonymous

    Im Loving POWER CN'T LIE

  • Anonymous

    cool show. i suggest checking it out since there isnt much else happening in tv during the summer months.

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