Eminem & Royce Da 5'9's Bad Meets Evil Can't Be Duplicated, Kid Vishis Says

Kid Vishis: "There will never be another Bad Meets Evil."

Kid Vishis, who is Royce Da 5'9's younger brother, was recently asked which emcee he'd select to be his partner-in-rhyme in his own version of Bad Meets Evil, the duo that includes Eminem and Royce. 

"There will never be another Bad Meets Evil," Vishis said in an interview with HotNewHipHop. "The chemistry and talent mix of Royce and Eminem can't be duplicated. I just want to make my own lane and have people asking about me with the great level of respect that people have for Royce and Eminem, but for different reasons other than them being family." 

Eminem remained a part of the conversation when Vishis was asked who he would like to collaborate with. 

"I want to collaborate with Eminem, Jay Z, and Nas before my career ends, [hopefully] over a Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Just Blaze, or Mr. Porter production," Vishis said. "I would feel on top of the world if I could pull any one of those off. Couldn't nobody tell me nothin'! Always been big fans of the undeniable rap legends and have always been influenced by them so it would be a true honor to work with the O.G's." 

Recently, Vishis spoke with HipHopDX about his debut album, Timing Is Everything and Eminem's involvement in Battle Rap.

"'Total Slaughter' is the new big thing in Battle Rap. It’s like a battle league on steroids [laughs]. I think it’s really elevating the battle scene and will continue much more as years go on...I’d love to see Arsonal versus Hollow. Arsonal is on a tear right now, so it would be a rematch from when they went at it at the Fight Klub event and Arsonal won. That would be the most disrespectful match of the century and I guarantee it [laughs]...Now Eminem versus Hollow da Don [laughs]? Yeah, right. Whoever said that was clearly making shit up. Em would destroy any battle rapper. If Joe Budden didn’t drop the mic, Joe would’ve won the battle against Hollow. But Hollow is the truth though, real talk. He just not on that level with those guys."

In 2011, Bad Meets Evil's Hell: The Sequel earned a 4 out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX.  

"They may have gone through Hell separately," DX said at the time, "but it's Hip-Hop Heaven when they're together." 

For more on Bad Meets Evil's Eminem, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Hamze

    Bad meets Evil was the last good thing Eminem put out I wasn't really feeling MMLP2 with the exception of 5 songs Bad guy, Rap god, evil twin, wicked ways, and rhyme or reason everything else on that album was half ass or garbage. However that white boy still the best lyrical rapper in the game and he 40 years old!!!!. I swear niggas on this website just love to hate on him just cause he is white and try to come up with some stupid excuses to try justify they hate like oh his voice sucks or that he ain't shady anymore. Like mothafucka nobody wants to hear an old white dude talk about killing his wife, or raping girls. That shit was dope when he was younger but it would be weird if he still rapped like that. With that be said this dude already legend and is definitely top 5 I mean even if he is white this dude loves hip hop and it's all he gots he has help expand this culture so much lots of Mc have been inspired be this MC with upcoming lyricist white MC or even battle rappers just face he would shit all over your favorite MC I am Jayz fan but I ain't gone front Em killed him on renegade . Instead wasting your time and hate on a legendary dope MC with an army of dick riding Stan's we should focus are hate on these wack ass turn up non lyrical faggots like Trinidad James, French Montana, and Migos

  • ReeferRenegade

    Dude set goals, good for him.. giving respect to those who walked before him is honor..not nut riding. I still think it's funny the number one complaint about eminem is is voice.. You have NOTHING else, you must like that Jay-Z's flow on his first album sound's like his last.. same for Nas, same for Biggie, same for 99% of the rappers out there. No one ever gives respect to a man who has shown he can rap in more flows and voices/accents than relevant rappers.. And now that he dropped the accents all he does is "scream".. you haven't listen to his latest album, remember you used to complain he was too corny and immature, now you say "he can never duplicate slim shady".. you probably think the top 5 involves 2chainz or ASOP.. Don't be mad at this kid or any fan for knowing hiphop beyond the current trend, ignorance is your choice.. In any profession the ability to evolve and change with times..the ability to mature..the ability to be more than a one trick pony ..would be the ultimate goal.. Eminem is my #1 and deserves to be in anyone's top 5.. and stop with the underground rappers.. they remain underground for a reason.. and I'd bet less than 1% do it to be "real"...who would rather rap for a career or have a 9-5 living the struggle while rapping on the side and never making 20% of the possible... if you have an ounce of common sense you would scratch your head at anyone who would rather the struggle, success suicide shouldn't be the dream.. If they claim they are about that hip hop life they would love the spot light and talent someone like eminem brings to it...trust me your favorite rappers would bust a nut for the chance for a guest appearance ... why would you want the same old, why not expect more for "Rap Legends".. now you can call me a "stan" it's your only come back... i understand.. BTW why are shit talkers always ANONYMOUS?

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here with that bullshit everyone got their own opinions i respect it but if you can't accept the fact that he fell off you're dickrider,nowadays almost everything he does is forced and corny jay-z is my favorite rapper i think he fell off too but both of them in their primes in my top 5 though

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Get off em nuts stans he looking stale out here right now and i still think he top 5 Just aint a groupie like you weirdos

  • DM

    For a second there I thought this one news on some BME material wtf. we ever gonna get more of that?

    • Anonymous

      nah no more sequels man i think he ain't got slim shady in him anymore just listened em's verse on calm down he tryna be slim shady but shit sounds corny his voice sounds like shit too i hope he just uses his normal voice on next project not that yelling shit and choppy flow

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I think it would be insane if Em ended his career with a full length BME album and an SSLP2.

    • Anonymous

      that would be dope

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