Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" Sparks "10 Provocative Covers In Female Rap" List By HipHopWired

Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown and Trina are among the artists named in the list.

Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" release earlier this week sparked HipHopWired to create a list of "10 Provocative Covers In Female Rap."

Lil' Kim's self-titled album, Foxy Brown's China Doll, Trina's Da Baddest B***h and Remy Ma's Shesus Khryst are among the albums that made the list. 

"Anaconda's" cover art made headlines and caused people to comment on it since the artwork was unveiled. Minaj addressed the discussion surrounding "Anaconda" with a slew of Instagram posts about what is "acceptable" and "unacceptable" when it comes to modeling in underwear. She also reposted memes of her cover, including a Google logo with her posing in the center.

She also recently responded to several people on Twitter who commented on the artwork, including Katy Perry, who said she wanted to take "a nap on dat pillow." 

For the full list, visit HipHopWired.

For more on "Anaconda," view the DX Daily below.


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  • david

    well ANDRES RETARDIO even though you deleted my previous post of you somehow confusing rihanna with nikki minaj..glad to see you atleast corrected your mistake.The only other mistake made here was hiring you.P.S-Delete this one too

  • Flipper

    Funny no matter how good she raps she still has to be naked to get any attention. Do we like her for her music or more for the way she sluts herself...Sorry she will be remebered more for the pics she takes than the music she makes ijs

  • Anonymous

    niggas acting like she aint show her ass in everything she does. who cares. look up what she used to look like before she got booty shots. yuck.

  • papivodka

    mi nigga fix this shit it says Rihanna's ''Anaconda'' is Nicki's Anaconda go!

  • fgh

    Bitch really need does sales dat Iggy takin over she gettin desperate. No more Troll doll look.

    • k

      so you going to act like, this is the first time you seen Nicki do something like this. this have nothing to do with Iggy, just you trying to give iggy as much press as you can by bringing her up in every nicki article.

    • Sam Snead

      And one day in the near future she will make more money selling the g-string than selling records

  • ShortBusDriver

    Andres ... smh ... you're the dumbest cunt journalist in all of dx's history of cunt journalists

  • hush harding

    lol rihanna.. nice typo.. let me be an editor on this site ^_^

  • david

    Rihanna's "Anaconda" release earlier this week sparked HipHopWired to create a list of "10 Provocative Covers In Female Rap."....might want to change that ANDRES RETARDIO

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