Wiz Khalifa Says Tyga Had "Wack Excuse" For Tour Withdrawal

Wiz Khalifa says Tyga didn't personally let him know he would be absent from the "Under The Influence Of Music Tour." The rapper says it was disappointing, but adds that they're "cool."

The "Under The Influence Of Music Tour" is slated to be one of the biggest in rap this summer, however it was recently announced that one of the lineup's members would be absent.

A few weeks ago Tyga informed tour organizers that he would not be joining them for the tour that began Thursday. Wiz Khalifa, the tour's headliner, recently sat down with Philadelphia's Power 99 and said he was disappointed by the Young Money artist's withdraw and said he was "wack" for doing so.

"Very [disappointing], he didn't tell me at all," Wiz Khalifa said when asked about Tyga's absence from the tour. "His people was just like, 'Nah, we ain't going to be on the tour.'" When asked if there was any reason Tyga decided not to participate on the tour, Wiz told the show hosts about the excuses he used but believed they weren't good enough to not participate.

"He said he was filming a movie and finishing up his album but that's a wack excuse," he said. "He's still cool, I'll [still] talk to him. I'm sure he'll probably hear interviews of me saying that I thought it was wack and stuff like that and he didn't reach out. I'm the type of person like I talk to people when I want to. He know what it is with me–we cool, that's the homie and that was just a wack move but you know, we cool... I felt like [him not calling personally] was just corny man. We're better than that 'cause at the end of the day you're going to say album and a movie just to sound like you got something to do. I did my album before my tour and I'm shooting a movie as soon as I get home off the tour and I got a son too so it's like at the end of the day what do you want to do with your life."

Wiz was also asked about the chemistry between the acts who are participating in the "Under The Influence Of Music Tour." He replied that everyone gets along and is a fan of one another.

"The chemistry is good, it just started last night," he said. "Everybody was outside and in the back skating around, smoking, chillin,' it was tight man we all watched each other's shows and it's going to be good, it's going to be fun 'cause nobody's bougie. And we've all hung out together before."

The "Under The Influence Of Music Tour" began on July 24 and will continue until August 24. Aside from Wiz, Young Jeezy, Ty Dolla $ign, Sage The Gemini, Rich Homie Quan, Mack Wilds, Iamsu! and DJ Drama are all slated to perform at each stop.

Watch the full interview segment below: 

For more on Wiz Khalifa, view the DX Daily below.



  • Brad F

    simple solution... add the homie PROBLEM, like whaaaaat. DLMG

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy the only real nigga on that tour. The rest of them niggas lame as fuck

  • Yuck man

    Thats a horrible concert line up with or without tyga

  • Tyga

    Im just a bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    Both of them are wack and corny. Fucking Tyga doesn't know how to rhyme, and Wiz doesn't know how to rap about anything else but weed. Lames.

  • Anonymous

    A movie for BET.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like an old lady with that hair and sunglasses. if it wasnt for the ridiculous tats he could pass for one.

  • Z

    looking like Macy Gray and shit

  • steve dmarco

    wiz reminds me of a white lady lol look at his body language ..


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    Wiz Khalifa Where do you really start wit this nigga yo? The list is so vast n endless that he probably gon commit at least 100 fuckboyish acts before I finish typin this paragraph b. Sons life is like a whole galaxy of adolescent female emotions n Demi Lovato lyrics clustered into one organism n brought to life by a stoner praying mantis/parody of a rapper who was sent to Earth by the Gungans of planet Naboo to detonate some kinda male dignity transmission override all over the planet n keep niggas from wearin pants that aint 7 sizes too small. He got little niggas dressin on some wild ambiguous shit yo. Son must got stipulations in his record contract that say he gotta flat out dress like a broad nahmean. Nigga got hers n hers matchin attire to go wit whatever Amber Rose wearin n shit. Son jus be slippin into some faded jeans that got a 18 waist n 26 length n throw a trasluscent half top n some straw sandals on n tie a chiffon scarf round his neck n step out the house ready to blossom another flower bed of theme songs for dignity deficient new niggas n hoes that got Ariana Grande quotes in they twitter bios. I fuck wit summa this fool Camerons music but son jus be goin too far outta his way to test the boundaries of masculinity while at the same time actin like he on some boss shit too. You aint a bossyou jussa thot Wiz. Find ya father b.

  • Anonymous

    If you come to HHDX not expecting proper grammar and spelling congratulations you're at the right site. This site is run by complete morons.

  • cmon

    "wiz khalifa calls tyga had" ...... are yall for real??????? what are we in 1st grade? "wiz khalifa SAYS tyga had".... fam this is elementary

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Yup pretty sad...anyone know of any RAP news sites? Not rap radar either that's a shitty layout. I'm hoping RAP news might be different than HIP HOP news considering we hear about Iggy azalea, Michael children molester Jackson, trey songs, or tiny and TI's relationshit ...this is fucking comparable to perezhiltion.com

  • Anonymous

    Nice headline by the way... Where can we hand in resumes? I'm Canadian but fuck I'd do better than this shit...Ehhh

  • Anonymous

    Pfft not trying to say Tyga is one of the best but he's too good to be on your lousy ass auto tune filled trash tour with Auto tune wiz featuring Ty dolla sign, snitch homie quan and jeezy who is also rocking some auto tune lately... Fuck I'm actually kinda proud of Tyga for not doing that, although he has a song with young thug so he welcomes some trash for sure....

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