Drake, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj Among Those Topping Hip Hop Singles Sales This Week

Here's the roundup of the Hip Hop Singles Sales: Week Of 7/20/14 featuring Drake, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, and more.

Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” retains its #1 status this week on its twentieth week on the charts. Drake’s “0 To 100/The Catch Up” debuts on the list at #6 with just under 40,000 units sold. The newest single from the Toronto rapper carves out his seventh appearance on this week's list of Top 100 songs on the R&B/Hip-Hop.

Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” At #1 Again

After 20 weeks on the chart, Azalea’s Charli XCX featuring hit “Fancy” again claims the #1 spot for the twelfth consecutive week. With 154,541 copies sold this week alone, the latest numbers crack the 3 million sold mark for the Australian rapper’s summer single.

The rapper’s “Black Widow” single climbed three spots to #3 with a 42% spike in sales. After 13 weeks on the list and three weeks of sharp rises, Azalea and Rita Ora’s collaboration sold 58,753 this week.

Besides the two songs in the Top 3, Iggy Azalea’s “Work” dropped two rankings to #19 with 22,394 copies sold for a total of 478,253. Azalea’s “Change Your Life” featuring T.I. held on to a spot in the Top 100 but fell seven placements from last week.

Drake’s “0 To 100/The Catch Up” Debuts At #6

Even though the track was released in early June, Drake’s “O To 100/The Catch Up” wasn’t available on outlets like iTunes until the middle of this month. The song sold 38,996 copies in its first week on the list, enough to land it in the Top 10 at #6.

Drake also features on Lil Wayne’s still climbing “Believe Me,” a track that sold 34,152 in its eighth week on the chart. Drake’s newest song marks his seventh concurrent appearance in the Top 100 as tracks like “Trophies,” “Who Do You Love,” and “Started From The Bottom” hold on. Meanwhile, the rapper’s Nothing Was The Same release clung to a spot in the Top 100 albums sold at #98 (down from #96 last week and #83 the week before).

Wiz Khalifa In The Top 10 & Releases A New Single

Wiz Khalifa’sWe Dem Boyz” rose ten spots to #8 this week with a 66% increase in sales. Selling 37,654 singles this week, the track has sold a total of 366,646 copies in its 23 week run.

Meanwhile, the rapper occupies both the #20 and #21 rankings with a feature on Ty Dolla $ign’s “Or Nah” and his newest Project Pat featuring Blacc Hollywood single respectively. That second track, “KK,” debuted at #21 with 21,337 copies sold.

Hip Hop Singles Sales: Week Of 07/20/14

#1. Iggy Azalea f. Charli XCX - “Fancy” - 154,541 (3,012,086)

#2. Jason Derulo f. Snoop Dogg - “Wiggle” - 77,101 (1,345,599)

#3. Iggy Azalea f. Rita Ora - “Black Widow” 58,753 (191,938)

#4. John Legend - “All Of Me” - 58,522 (4,493,696)

#5. Pharrell Williams - “Happy” - 56,629 (5,921,362)

#6. Drake - “0 To 100/The Catch Up” - 38,996 (38,996)

#7. Pharrell Williams - “Come Get It Bae” - 38,796 (410,517)

#8. Wiz Khalifa - “We Dem Boyz” - 37,654 (366,646)

#9. Jeremih f. YG - “Don’t Tell ‘Em” - 34,552 (147,854)

#10. Lil Wayne f. Drake - “Believe Me” - 34,152 (440,144)

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  • drake GOAT

    drake is the GOAT

  • Anonymous

    r u telling me no one from MMG is selling anything at all?

  • Anonymous

    WHITE girl running hip hop!!! LMAO LOVE IT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Some dudes on reddit are saying that Drake has licked their buttholes & they have video

  • Anonymous

    you know shit is rough out here when aubrey is only selling 38k first week of his single

  • Anonymous

    "Wiz Khalifas We Dem Boyz rose ten spots to #8 this week with a 66% increase in sales. Selling 37,654 singles this week, the track has sold a total of 366,646 copies in its 23 week run." Rap game is fucked up when that weak ass song is gonna go gold.

    • Anonymous

      He right tho

    • ^

      It ain't just white people calling Wiz a sellout, lots of black people and other races are saying the same shit. Just accept that Wiz is a sellout making garbage music.

    • Real Talk

      ^ see this that white shit I'm talking about, u act like own wiz Khalifa, like u single handly helped him get where he's at. He's living life, making music for himself. Whites swear they got control on these rappers, y'all the ones selling out, I know mommy And daddy don't raise u to talk with a black accent, or dress black. Whose the sellout?

    • Anonymous

      Better get used to it, ALL of wiz's music is going downhill, dudes a fucking sellout who tries to act likes he is still humble gtfo, even when he makes a "rap" song now he barely raps, dude could have been one of the greats not anymore...same with kid cudi

    • wiz

      IDC what anybody says, the beat was dope!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow 3 songs that could almost be considered hip-hop this week.

  • drake runs rap

    It's officially an OVO takeover this month. Drake was officially named one of today's kings of rap alongside J. Cole at a concert in Cali. 0 to 100 is number 6 on the charts, partly due to the various remixes that everybody did off the instrumental, I'm sure. majiid jordan's album was released a few days ago and will most likely be at the top of the charts next week, PartyNextDoor's PartyNextDoor 2 is coming out next week, another future top ten album. It's looking like a great month for the OVO crew. First the charts, then the world. And that's why drake runs rap.

    • Hamze

      Who the fuck is Majid Jordan and kids next door them niggas hella flopping and drake definitely doesn't run hip hop he ain't even authentic

    • Anonymous

      Fool, not every song Drake is on is successful. Hell, most ain't even went gold. And OVO ain't taking over shit. Both Majid Jordan and Partynextdoor will flop hard and sell triple wood. Drake ain't king of shit and he don't run anything.

    • drake runs rap

      fool. if you look at all the songs featuring drake, you'll notice they went multiplatinum. it doesn't matter if you're associated with him or not, you'll be successful by default.

    • Anonymous

      that sold because of drake, not jordan. no one cares or knows who that is

    • drake runs rap

      By my calculations, if drake's single "hold on we're going home" which featured majiid jordan and eventually sold 2 million copies worldwide, then they should be able to do 200k in the first week.

    • Anonymous

      majiid jordan is going to flop worse than Common who is projected to sell 20k

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