Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” cover art may have sparked memes, criticism and praise, but the music behind the artwork is also “crazy,” according to the track’s co-producer Eric Bellinger.

“She went crazy,” Bellinger, who worked with Polow Da Don to co-produce the track, says in an interview with MTV News.

The producer also says fans should expect the following from Minaj’s “Anaconda”: “Turn up. That’s it. Just turn up. The realest turn up possible.”

Bellinger says he was enlisted to help finish the song, adding that he “kinda played a Quincy Jones in the situation, almost.” He says that he anticipated this would be a single from the jump.

“She knew that she wanted it to be her single, so it was a super big advantage for us when we were in there working,” he said. “We were like, ‘Well, we’re not leaving until it gets right.’ I didn’t get home until the next day, until it was daylight. And I think everybody that was involved was super open to, ‘Whatever we have to do for the sake of the song; whatever’s the best look for the song, let’s do that.’ And everybody put egos aside…For this one, it was like it was already a hit single and it was already #1 when we were in the studio. It was a crazy feeling.”

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