Game Hosts Charity Bowling Event; Chris Brown, Tyga Attend

Game's charity bowling event is held in Los Angeles, California.

Game held a charity bowling event in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 24).

"Once again it's on !!!!! @quincy vs. @bloodmoneylafamilia is officially underway !!!! #bloodmoney #lafamilia #charitybowling," he said via instagram.

The event featured several celebrity attendees, including Tyga, Chris Brown, Cortez Bryant, Diddy's son Christian Combs, as well asKendall and Kylie Jenner.

Game recently hosted a similar celebrity softball game, which featured Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled and Chris Brown.

Game has been active in charitable efforts for years, including his work with hisThe Robin Hood Project."The Robin Hood Project is a charity set up by me to give back to the people," Game said in February. "See I figured once you have everything, as a celebrity, once you have money, once you have cars, once you have family, once you have fans, once you(TM)ve been around the world, what else is there to do besides start giving back?

Images from the charity bowling event are as follows:

For more on Game, view the DX Daily below.


  • Anonymous

    Drake was invited but declined cause 1. He doesn't bowl and 2. He doesn't associate with bitch niggaz.

  • The real Me again


  • Anonymous

    Swear if someone that's hot in the industry kuts they nuts off..this unoriginal follower ass nigga would do the same. Nigga can't let no one just do what they do with out forcing himself on the same type of wave...niggas a lame!!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • we dont belive you, you need more people

    This is nothing but a publicity stunt because Game's career is goin nowhere.

  • Anonymous

    "Game recently hosted a similar celebrity softball game, which featured Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled and Chris Brown." Didn't Chris Brown host that?

  • Anonymous

    Lol game prolly invited 50 and g unit and lil dirk that bipolar motherfucker

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