Common Explains G.O.O.D. Music Departure, Kanye West's Focus Being Elsewhere

Common on Kanye West: "We friends, but if we ain't gonna create together, it's all good."

Common, who is no longer on G.O.O.D. Music after years of working with Kanye West's imprint, recently explained why he left the label.

"Kanye didn't produce on the album," Common says in an interview with MTV. "I think he probably just gettin' to hear the album 'cause I sent it to him just the other day."

Given that Kanye West's production was absent from the album, Common was asked to clarify his label situation and the story behind his G.O.O.D. Music departure.

"I'm on Artium," Common says, speaking of No I.D.'s imprint through Def Jam. "G.O.O.D. Music, that's still my family, 'Ye is my brother. Point-blank, business-wise, it wasn't like...'Ye wasn't really like 'Okay, let's go do this. Let's go do this album.' It was like, 'I'm 'bout to go do this album, 'Ye. We friends, but if you ain't really trying to...but if we ain't gonna create together, it's all good. We still brothers.' I think his focus was somewhere else...Marriage, life, good places...I cherish our friendship more than music. I'm grateful for the music we did 'causeBeandFinding Foreverwas...them joints took me to another level. We grew. We got a relationship that's stronger than that. So, if we never make music together again, as long as we bros, I'm good."

Common'sNobody's Smilingis out now.

Earlier this year, in February, Common praised West's contributions to music.

"You really can't think about Hip Hop without thinking about Kanye at this point," Common said at the time. "Since he's been in the art form and the culture, he's had an impact like"man, it's unprecedented, really, as an emcee and as a producer to do what he's done in 10 years."

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  • GranMasterZee

    Com music aint the same without Ye beatz/producxion. Its missing that final ingredient. that just my opinion.

  • Youngindy21

    GOOD Music lost 2 of their BEST artists in Kid Cudi and Common. Dunno what Kanye is doing but he is losing really great artists and GOOD music is going downhill fast.

  • Anonymous

    MMG offered Common a deal and he declined. Ross just shook his head and cashed another check, while Common left another voice message on Serena's phone.

  • Anonymous

    Kid Cudi left, Common left... time for CyHi and Q-Tip to get the hell out so they can release some music.

    • Anonymous

      cyhi, kid cudi, and common were all in complete different situations. Cyhi hasn't truly launched yet, he's just coming out of artist development. Big sean is more in the position to leave.

  • Ruvunja

    Album is aight, nothing to write home about. ALBUM OF THE YEAR THUS FAR GOES TO PHAROAHE MONCH:PTSD hands down IN MY OPINION

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Kanye kardashian

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West fucking up his label like he's fucking up DONDA: just expecting people to praise him cause he started something, then disappearing and hoping it just runs itself.

  • Anonymous

    HipHopTMZ at it again, trying to pull people in with a misleading title. Trying to make it sound negative, when Common only said positive things, when he said the focus was elsewhere.

  • D'Villan

    Com didn't need all that distractions that Ye brings when trying to work. Listen to the results and you see how focused he sounds. And besides, No ID's production is bringing Common back to his essence

  • Anonymous

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